Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Total Recall

“I wish I could remember how to bi-locate. I long for the time I could communicate telepathically.” People think I’m joking or have a screw loose when I let things like that slip. Admittedly, I have more than a few screws loose or I
would be able to access all my abilities. And it’s not that I have any more abilities than others. We all have the capacity for such. I am simply one of the many who have remembered doing these things while others think it a flight of fantasy. I also know it is possibly to reacquire, or remember, those innate abilities. It is as if a spell falls upon us when we are born - albeit Children of God - sending our infinite knowledge into oblivion. The challenge, should we choose to accept it, is to find our way past the veil back into remembrance. There have been a number of masters on this planet who have not only done this but dedicated their lives to showing the rest of us how we can too.

Have you ever had a dream of flying? Or playing with fire? Or some other seemingly impossible skill? Is playing a specific instrument as natural as walking to you? Have you seen small children extremely gifted in music, dance or science beyond belief? While there are other possible explanations, one possibility for all these situations is that you, or they, have engaged in these activities in another lifetime or dimension.

On the topic of other dimensions, recently a very dear Aunt returned

Home – to a reality many call Heaven. While sad for those left behind, I celebrate her beautiful life with gratitude and smiles. She was so loving, caring and kind….and fun to be around. I was privileged to get a peek at her welcoming Home party including many relatives awaiting her with “open arms”. Another awesome gift is that I can still communicate with her now, even better in some ways, than before. A massive, towering cloud shaped like an angel appeared at the sunset I experienced just after her passing. It brought me such joy and deeper feeling of my Aunt’s presence with me even now. No doubt, many of you reading this have had a sense of a Loved One who is on the Other Side. Perhaps seeing a bird, a butterfly or a dragonfly is significant with regard to that person. Maybe you catch a certain familiar scent in in the air.  Maybe you hear a phrase particular to your Dear One that brings their presence to you in a very visceral manner. These are instances you have made a connection inside to access information not commonly known or accepted. And this is just the magical tip of the proverbial iceberg! I invite you to join with me in uniting, in spirit, to our Loved Ones in the Great Beyond. In connecting to our ancestors, we are able to remember more our own aspects of Divinity. We strengthen our recognition to the part of us that is the image and likeness of God. And when that happens, the remembrance of our divine abilities gradually returns and we exponentially make this world a better place.
I love this memory of my Aunt interacting with 
one of the newest members of the family at the time.

Much of the masters’ teachings were by example and metaphor. When he was performing his “wonders”, Jesus said, “This you shall do and more”! With our senses dulled due to programming, disuse and disbelief….it’s difficult to contemplate the truth of our limitless abilities. Limitless, that is, unless we somehow put those limits on ourselves! Let us acknowledge the God-seed within us. While we may yet be “walk on water and move through walls” masters, there is master enough within us to be shining examples to others. There is master enough within us to lift our fellow brothers and sisters. There is master enough within us to the BE the Change we want to see in this world.

For decades, one of my mottos has been, “Memor Valde vel Egressus in Pacis”. And no, don’t go trying to find the author, I composed it for myself. That worn card has traveled with me everywhere I’ve roamed since I made it. Evidently, I still have more work to do here. I am filled with gratitude for the powerful remembrance I have gained and continue to daily. It definitely puts a different twist on this life than the majority of humanity perceives. Most of us will not experience “total recall” of who we really are and the fullness of our abilities until we cross to the other side of the veil. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we could master at least some of that while still in this existence?

Shifting topics, Megalodon sharks are giants we remember now thanks (among other things) to their teeth that continue to be found to this day. I’ve been amazed by the many different ones I’ve found (in the thousands by now) and shared with more people than I can count. Please enjoy some of the crafty ways I have used them and contact if you’d like to acquire. Other handcrafted, one of a kind, treasures are also available on etsy

As always, infinite gratitude for continuing on this journey with me. You are a very important part of this lifetime. You have affected this planet greatly and have great potential in the next wave that is coming. Choose wisely how you are going to use your God spark. Remember powerfully.

Namaste ~