Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Northern Exposure and Rainbows

As you can read in my previous post Aloha Land, I arrived in an area that wasn’t my “first pick”. Serendipitously, it was indeed exactly the place I was “supposed” to be at precisely the right time. I actually became keenly aware of this within an hour of my arrival. The nature of the details is too personal for those involved to share so I’m highlighting the clear knowing. We don’t always get that in life which made this situation more of a gift on many counts.

A little over a month I lived in Kapa’au on the Northern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii. This gave me a fresh new personal meaning of the phrase “up North”. I quickly fell in love with the dear family I stayed with including their precious boy a little over a year old. He was simply a little bit of Heaven. Fairylike (or perhaps Menehune-like) jungle surrounded the house with a river flowing through the property – their own Fern Gully. Complete with wild pigs, mongeese (or is that mongooses?) and geckos, there was no shortage of critters. Nature provided all sorts of fruits - mango, coconut, guava, passion fruit, banana, papaya, avocado and more (not listed as I don’t remember their names). A garden produced a variety of veggie nutritiousness too.

For my ocean “fix”, I’d run at a healthy clip 25 minutes…and that was just to my entrance of the cliffs of North Kohala. The trek was mostly canopied by lush vegetation reminding me just how far down the rabbit hole I’ve traveled. Wandering along the edge of the winding sea cliffs, I’d look for signs, appreciating the beauty of the day. Visibility would reveal varying degrees of the sunrise depending on the clouds. On rare occasions, I was even treated with a view of Maui across the water. Although I clearly knew I had powerful work there, one morning I was slightly bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t be near the beach. I really got the downhill spiral going thinking the water there was probably even too rough for dolphins. This, of course, is ridiculous as dolphins love to surf too ðŸ˜Š
In that instant, emerging from the ocean was the largest pod of dolphins I have ever seen in person! Leaping and diving, they moved like a magnificent unit fin to fin. There appeared to be 3 solid waves of my magical friends almost teasing me for my thoughts….as if any waters were too rough for them! It was the only time they appeared for me although my consolation is they “told” me why. That lone visitation was enough to etch that ecstatic feeling forever in my being.
Of note: I often don’t have my own pictures to share as I rarely carry a camera on my adventures. Hunting on the internet, I couldn’t find a picture even close of the dolphin formation I saw – it was out of this world!!

On 888 (8/8/17), a day of infinite possibilities, I got to go to a delightful little beach near Waimea Bay. Accompanying the mama and baby I stayed with, we met up with another sweet mom and her baby. Babies and the beach – two of my loves! Finally, I “bathed in the Mother’s Waters” as I had been guided by my April reading of which I alluded to in I AM Home.

The much-heralded solar eclipse was experienced in the manner most appropriate for me. Suffice it to say it was indeed an entrancing event with much physical and spiritual significance. Personally, the feeling was as if I had gone through an enchanted portal. Life will never be the same! Perhaps you got to enjoy the magic somehow too? .....or felt its unique energies?

Radiant crystalline rainbows were a treat I was blessed with somewhat regularly – not as much as Florida – then again, I was right near the beach more often in Florida. But I digress. Magic and miracles are aspects I always associate with rainbows – whether bits and pieces or a double rainbow in all its splendor. (You can read another super significant rainbow story of mine in California Gold vs Peace.)  What is a rainbow? It’s a divine promise. It’s a wish granted. It’s captivating eye candy. It’s a beautiful reminder to notice and appreciate the abundant treasures laid at my feet….and never blame the rainbows for the rain!

Each person reading about my experiences will have a different understanding of them based on how they know me and the particular filters with which they view the world in general. If you are a new reader or “still reading”, please feel my deep gratitude for gracing my life with your “presence”. Special mahalo also to those who have contributed on the physical plane enabling me to continue my mission. Feel free to contact me privately to share your ahas, successes and life.  May the Spirit of Aloha shine brightly within you today!

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Moana - the movie – floated in my awareness before it came out due to previews at least six months prior. However, seeing/hearing/feeling this precious little princess singing How Far I’ll Go is what really fired me up to just have to see it. Like the line where the sky meets the sea……it called me 😉Alas, a crazy series of events prevented me for a while - like many situations in my life! On the waiting list for weeks of the library in Florida, it finally became available two days before my departure. This could have been fine except when I stopped by the library to check if there was anything waiting for me they said no. A call came close to closing time that the DVD had been there but then I was too far away. Debated the various ways I could possibly see it the next day. A bit disappointed, I realized it wouldn’t be peaceful with my planned driving time of 4:00am the following morning. Finally got to watch it for the first time in California with my “perfect daughter”. My senses stirred as I profoundly related on many levels! Later I shared this video with my parents. The result? They wanted to see Moana so we rented and watched together. In Washington, I showed my sis the video during my surprise visit for her birthday so ended up viewing the movie with her and my nephew. Eventually it came out on Netflix and something told me to experience it again. Found out later my sister had re-watched it the same day. Once I see a movie, I generally don’t like to view it again so this was a significant exception.

Meanwhile, in April I got Windi's reading I shared in post I AM HOME which guided me to look for a work exchange in the Hawaiian Islands. Reaching out to my Hawaii connections – about fifty or so, I hoped for a personal need or introduction. Mahalo to all who encouraged with ideas, introductions and bright energy. Nothing viable came to fruition via that avenue so I went the route of social media and craigslist. A number of back and forth communications ensued, yet nothing blossomed. Reluctantly I resorted to a resource I wasn’t thrilled about as you may recall from WORKAWAY – Not So Ethical? Workaway performed with its usual majority of hosts not getting back to me and those that did saying they didn’t need help now even though their profile page indicated they were actively looking at the time. So often I was tempted to make the “wrong” situation work just to make something happen. I’m very thankful I didn’t.

After investing hours on workaway reading through hundreds of host profiles – making notes, I sent a few dozen inquiries. True to prior experience, no one even responded save one who right away politely said he had enough help through January. I sent a second request to 5 who really had positive looking situations. Again, these didn’t pan out. After waiting a while, I spent more hours looking at secondary possibilities and sending more inquiries. One of these resulted in a very strange interaction that could be a whole blog story in itself about a place on Big Island previously known as Whalesong Sanctuary…..but I will Let It Go.

June was puzzling and full of wonder literally and figuratively. Among other activities, there was much puzzle-making with my parents…many colorful, interesting puzzles. There were more birthdays, including Yours Truly, and celebrations. As we know, everything happens for a positive reason. We may not be privy to that reason at the time or ever. I really thought I was going to be in Hawaii by the end of June. As July rolled in I was blessed with three powerful situations which clearly identified themselves as part of the reason I was still in California and not Hawaii. While challenging for those involved, I am grateful and honored for the part I was able to play in assisting.

Back at the Workaway Saga….I sent out a third round of queries. Since these were now not my first choices, I was prepared to be a little flexible with some of my wants. I asked a host(ess) if their place was walking distance to the beach as I was desiring to get back to my morning beach run ritual. Naomi replied promptly indicating it was a 40 minute walk but that beach was rocky although the water could be good for swimming. The are several beaches within a 10 minute drive as well. She left her phone number asking if I’d like to talk. Incidentally, her number included a combination of 4 of my magical numbers see ALOHA  A sign? Of course I wanted to talk! Babycare, midwifery, massage, yoga, meditation, fruit and vegetable garden, nestled in nature? Oh yeah! We seemed to click right away as we spoke although, at the time, neither of us completely realized the wealth we had to offer each other. So many amazing pieces fell perfectly into place one right after another. When I booked my flight there were only 2 seats left – one more than enough for me. From the time of our call to when my travel arrangements were all lined up was about an hour. Total synchronicity!

So July finally found me in Aloha Land. Of course, there will be more to share down the road. Where has Life found you? I am still in range for Telephone Wellness Coaching for those readers in the United States. Whether you live where you are or a traveler like myself, perhaps my gifts can enhance your journey? If wellness guidance seems appropriate for you, our biggest puzzle will probably be coordinating time zones. Swirling much Aloha your way. Mahalo nui loa for all your love and support as we all continue to evolve into Higher Versions of Ourselves!

P.S. Just wanted to remind folks that Freeworlder.com is now live and functional! It is a worldwide “place” of energetic flow. Join today to start giving and receiving….FREELY!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Surprises and Celebrations

My daughter knew of my plans as I prepared for the drive almost coast to coast. My son did not. Intentionally I’d kept the info from him intending to surprise him for his birthday in April. I made the Florida to California trek in 36 hours only to sit for another 5 in stop and crawl California traffic. Managed to keep my being in the same state (sometimes in the same city) a secret from him for a few days. Jeff’s big day came. My daughter, Natasha, arrived on his doorstep for his celebration. Standing off to the side, just out of view, the presence of another person could be detected by the colorful balloon bouquet I carried. Jeff opened the door enthusiastically greeting Natasha. Giving me a preliminary glance, he then turned back to Natasha. Me being there just didn’t quite compute in his brain for a second. Then his face changed as he looked back. Incredulously, he said, “Mom! You’re supposed to be in Florida!” He wrapped me in one of the warmest, heartfelt hugs ever. We will both definitely remember that happy birthday forever.

Many angels facilitated the possibility for me to pull off yet another extremely unlikely surprise. It wasn’t unlikely that I’d want to help my sister (aka Lue, Seal, Lucy, Sis…..) celebrate her big 60th birthday. The unexpected part, for those who know me a bit more, is that I would brave visiting the state she resides, Washington. There are quite a few reasons it is on my least desirable places to travel in the world list - which will remain unstated here. My niece Annie, unbeknownst to my sister, picked me up at the airport and harbored me overnight. The next day I accompanied her family on the drive to the Olympic Peninsula where my sis lives. The rest of the extended family were already there, Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister-in-Law, and various Nieces and Nephews. I jumped out of the minivan to the side of the house. All came out to greet the newcomers as everyone knew what was up except my sister. As she came out, Annie grabbed her in a bear hug turning Lucy’s back to me. I hurried up behind putting my hands over her eyes. She felt my hands guessing my great-niece, Kaeli. Knowing she’d never figure it was me, I removed my hands and she turned around. The look on her face was priceless as she started screaming in disbelief. I was actually a bit concerned for a few moments that I’d have to catch her as she appeared to be in shock. The surprise was a super success as well as the weeks after I got to enjoy with her and my sweet nephew. Big thank you again to all who helped facilitate this memorable event!

Back in California in time for my enchanted birthday 6/4/64 6:46, I was showered with an abundance of surprises, gifts, love and well wishes. Read about prior Birthday Magic in ALOHA Everyone couldn’t get together at the same time so I've just had an ongoing stream of celebration. Got to spend a full day with Natasha getting pampered and having fun. Enjoyed heart-warming time with Jeffrey which included seeing a movie on my wish list, Wonder Woman. He even had chocolate molten lava cake with French vanilla ice cream delivered to me during the movie. More happiness was had with my parents who treated me to a delicious dinner and a napolean pastry “cake”. So many friends and family honored me with cheerful calls, texts, emails, cards and more. I am always awed by the fact that you even remember knowing how busy and full your lives are too. Huge thank you all!! Of course, as is tradition in our family, I’m still celebrating as we do as long as we can 😉

In my past life in California (as a semi-normal person), I used to be quite organized and always remembered birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions of family, friends and clients. It was typical to have 3-5 greeting cards going out, on any given day, in my mailbox in acknowledgement of such. I loved the opportunity to be a small part of each loved one’s celebration. Over the years my life changed drastically. I got to the point that I could no longer send cards due to my gypsy life. I did my best via email but many folks didn’t have email or the email addresses I had became obsolete. Over time, with so many computer issues, my database was compromised (do you hear that Sage ACT?) and I’ve never been able to restore it to its former functionality. Additionally, the fact that I keep making hundreds of more friends over time makes it pretty impossible to remember special occasions as I’d might like. Facebook helps me a little and my memory serves me a tad. I’ve resigned myself to the reality that I’ll never be able to keep in touch as I used to again. While this could be disappointing for me, I am reassured with the knowing that I make all the perfect connections in the perfect time. This allows me to let go of the feelings of disappointment or regret. It is delightful when I happen to be with someone to celebrate a happy occasion in their life. I also appreciate all the people who are serendipitously with me for the wonderful events I wish to celebrate in mine. Since I may not be able to remember or greet you on your birthday personally, please consider yourself blessed and showered upon with festive energies. And, unless your birthday happens to fall on this day (the day you happen to be reading now), here’s wishing a Very Merry Unbirthday to YOU!!
Remember, every day is a new day and brings infinite causes for celebration….

As you may know from previous writings, I prefer to live via trade other than money. However, there are still areas where money is needed occasionally such as phone bills and airfares. Trade is an energetic exchange and similar to Karma at times. In other words, there isn’t always an even exchange between two parties.

More often than not, we put good out into the world via our words, thoughts and actions and that’s what swirls back to us. If you've ever been inspired, motivated, intrigued or entertained by my messages and wish to assist in them continuing, I gratefully welcome any financial contributions you would like to gift. This can be done in a variety of ways. Please ask for an address if you wish to mail a check or money order the old fashion way. If we know each other well, a bank deposit could work too. Otherwise, you can use my paypal account. The down side is not all you give gets to me. The bonus for you with this method is that you can use your credit card and earn rewards or miles for your own adventures. Whether you feel inclined to contribute financially or not, your loving presence on my journey is an ever-constant source of joy.

Here's to Surprises and Celebrations! And many more,,,,,

Saturday, May 20, 2017


If you’ve been reading my musings for any amount of time, you already know I don’t fit into the “average person” mold. And if you didn’t realize that already, this post will wipe away any shadow of a doubt.

Many people close to me have been aware for some time now that I had been homesick. Immediately this concept would conjure up many “normal” ideas considering my unique circumstances. However, unless you know me more intimately, you wouldn’t realize the place or state I longed for was not even on this beautiful Planet. For decades of this human experience, I have caught glimpses – snippets of places I was before this lifetime. While some of those experiences were in physical places, many reflected a state of Be-ing….connectedness to All that Is. Often, as I noticed so many things “here” that weren’t to my particular liking, I’d long for the pure bliss of Home.

The closest physical feeling of Home in this world was back in 2005. It was my first time stepping foot on Casey Key in Florida. Suddenly I was in this vortex of energy……same place different time. I don’t know if I was a Native American Indian living there prior or such. But, in that moment, I knew what the rest of the Key looked like even though, as my current self, I’d not been there before. There was only pristine land undiminished by houses and humans dominating great areas as today. I don’t even know what it was called then but definitely not Casey Key. It felt so comfortable, so right and even an exhilarating sense of, “I’m Back!” No wonder the magnetic pull over and over all these years since.

This past April brought another breakthrough, an a-ha moment…..Satori. I’ll rewind a bit to convey the bigger picture. For years, I have been living mostly by trade and have been part of a quickly growing wave across the globe of exchanging goods and services again instead of money. While money may be a more convenient medium of exchange for most folks, many are now experiencing the benefits of a more personal exchange.

As time goes on, I make more and more friends who also wish to live increasingly by trade or giving freely. One of these friends stands out as a great pioneer in this movement, Colin Turner. He has authored 2 books in promotion of such. F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man is a fictional portrayal of how Iceland took the lead in a free world way of community living and giving. His second is Into The Open Economy: How Everything You Know About The World Is About To Change The description: A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY? No longer a futurist utopian dream, a money-free world of true abundance, peace and fulfilment is attainable today. Find out why we need it, how it will work, why it will work, and how we get there. This book is your bite-size guide to the Open Economy. Colin has further walked his talk by laying the groundwork for a virtual community where goods and services can be exchanged FREELY! It will be functional and ready to use this summer. In the meantime, you can register today to be part of this kinship FREEWORLDER

While being a part of heralding the exciting Freeworlder campaign, I was introduced to
another trade community, SIMBI. The main difference between the two is that Freeworlder is just that, where folks give freely what they have and wish to share. Simbi is people trading in a symbiotic relationship. The unit of exchange is called a simbi which is whatever each individual deems it is worth. In addition, there is the opportunity to directly trade for goods/services as opposed to paying or being paid in simbi. Occasionally you can also find people “paying it forward”. Since this group was already active, I opted to join back in February. For the most part, I’ve have excellent dealings and exchanges with individuals there and encourage you to check it out if you find this concept intriguing.

It was due to one of these bright interactions this blog post came to be. A sweet gal, Windi Braden, took me up on my “service” as I invite people to travel virtually with me via my blog. So I decided to check out her profile. No surprise we have quite a bit in common from a spiritual and idealistic standpoint. Among her various other services, Windi offered “Ask An Intuitive”. Over the past few decades I have had a number of varied “readings”. These ran the gamut of being totally off from my reality, to information I was already completely aware of, to obviously bogus, to being so general they could apply to anyone. At that point, I didn’t have much faith in “readings” for me although I knew numerous individuals could intuit things….and quite well. Since the message came to me so many times to get a reading from Windi, I finally allowed myself to go for it. At worst, it would be entertaining. When I received her written reading, tears and goosebumps (aka truthbumps) punctuated the information over and over as I resonated deeply with so many aspects of the message. It wasn’t just one powerful part but many different portions that rang intensely true.

So back to the title of this post, “I AM HOME”. Remember all the homesickness? Almost instantaneously as I absorbed Windi’s wisdom a transformation occurred….or rather, a deep remembering. My peace intensified with the knowing, I AM HOME. Not I am in a location that is home but it is a state of Be-ing that I AM - akin to saying I AM LOVE. Some of you reading this are ready for that feeling to dawn upon YOU Now. No words can adequately express this realization, the Knowing, the Peace. It would be a great honor for me to help trigger even the slightest stirrings of this awareness for you now. If you care to pursue this more, feel free to email me

I must share with you that Windi, from a human
standpoint, knew very little about me and had only read a fraction of my blog at that time. Among other revelations, she stated that I am being called to the Hawaiian Islands and it would behoove me to look for a work trade there. I am to be refueled by Pele and immerse myself in the Mother’s waters…with the dolphins too of course! And, after that, possibly the South Pacific. I've visited Hawaii about six times. Although I experienced magnificent splendor, I thought I was complete with Hawaii/Lemuria. However, as I took in her words, this directive rang true for me. So I sent a message to about 40 of my Hawaii connections. A few warm leads are bubbling but nothing certain yet.
If you have any ideas/suggestions for me regarding finding a work exchange, I’d love to hear. I’m open to any island that would be a win win for all involved. Preferably I am interested in a place where I can walk/bike to a beach. There are numerous ways I can assist including fitness consulting, spiritual guidance, pregnant/new mama helper, childcare, hospitality and more.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Beach Breakthrough & Ongoing Gratitude

You are probably aware how important it is to pay attention to the thoughts you allow to float around or take up residence in your mind. What we focus on contributes to creating our reality – our experience in this world. Since I’ve been coaching people, I have encouraged them to speak about “negative” things only if it is beneficial to someone - including one’s self. Idle talking about things for drama, attention or gossip generally is a sure way of getting more of those things in your life whether you label them bad or good. Please keep this in mind as you take in certain aspects of my blog stories.

Florida was not on my list last summer of places I wanted to go. In fact, if I had a list of places I did NOT want to go, Florida would have been high on it. There were people and situations there I just didn’t care to see or deal with again. So why in the world would a trip to Mexico, from which I expected to be traveling to Belize, Panama, Costa Rica and beyond take me back to Florida?? I will not, in this lifetime, know all the reasons thing happen. However, I came up with 15 clear reasons for this Florida stay during one of my moving meditations aka cardio sessions. I saw beautiful encounters and ways I was able to be of assistance that I couldn’t have possibly anticipated. Personally, I was the recipient of some powerful gifts as well. But one of my most potent reasons for returning was unfinished business….that I didn’t even realize was unfinished business. 

The most fantastic examples of wrapping up loose ends takes place, no surprise, on my beach. I have a super strong ability that can be a gift or a curse. It is my sense of association. Songs, places, phrases, and other circumstances can trigger me into remembering past situations. Obviously many people do that. However, for me, it is like physically reliving these happenings. Depending on the experience, it can be exquisitely delightful….or extremely unpleasant. The latter was the case with regard to a certain tree on the beach which I associated with something deeply disturbing. No, the tree didn’t do anything unkind to me, it was just something I related to the situation.
Generally, I’d run north on Casey Key for miles. As I ran, I’d focus more on my workout enjoying the air and night wondrously transitioning into day.
At my turnaround point, I’d stop and face the ever-changing sea communing with it as well as all the magnificent creatures above and below. Then I’d enjoy my walk back noticing more of my enchanting surroundings often picking up sea treasures that caught my eye. Intentionally, I’d stop my run short of “the tree” as I didn’t want to think of certain experiences. Finally, weeks later, I managed to run to the tree.
Sitting under it, I allowed the tears to fall freely and whatever feelings that bubbled up to be acknowledged. The tree became....The Healing Tree. Over the months, I’d run to the tree experiencing varying levels of healing and release. On my final day at my beloved beach, a totally unanticipated breakthrough magically unfolded. As on numerous previous occasions, I was running to The Healing Tree. About a quarter mile shy of the tree I came to an abrupt stop. This was actually not that unusual either as the reason for the interruption was a stranded crab that needed a little assistance getting back to the water. Gently I assisted him/her as I had thousands of various critters before. Since I was pretty close to the tree and kinda lost my momentum, I was about to walk the rest of the way. Instantly something inexplicably propelled me to run to the tree. It was as if I were suddenly possessed by a strange power. I fairly flew effortlessly. Incredulously, at the same time, a song started playing in my head that I closely related to that time I’d rather forget. On top of it all, I noticed a great big smile spread across my face. There were no traces of sadness, regret, tears. I realized the grand towering friend of mine was no longer The Healing Tree. It was The Healed Tree! How freeing it felt! That situation no longer has any charge for me. It 
was also a humbling reminder of how much I don’t know that I still don’t know. I thought I was “past all that stuff from the past” yet there were still deep layers to deal with. Profound gratitude, release, and clarity swirled around and within me as I realized this huge purpose for returning to Florida.

Now on a lighter topic ~ As I do frequently, here’s a shout out to all the Angels who
have assisted me in any way along my incredible journey. Starbucks is a company of which I have mixed feelings. While not keen on all their practices, they have provided me for many years….an office of sorts all over the world. It has been a meeting place hundreds of times. I can sit comfortably getting computer stuff done thanks to their free wi-fi and charge my various electronics. Many Angels have facilitated countless Café Mochas (extra whip) via gift cards.
Generally the baristas are friendly but often they are just too busy to connect much. The weeks I frequented a Starbucks in West Palm Beach back in 2013, the crew was the best at getting to know me even vying to take care of me. Although they will always have a special place in my heart, I have to say a Team in Sarasota, Target of all places, one upped them. These gals knew my weird ordering quirks and could anticipate which of my varied drinks I’d want in advance. Sometimes they’d already have my drink ready before I even got to the register. They had an uncanny way of making everyone feel they were uniquely special. Michaela, Kellsy, and Brittany were the best! I know there are a couple more outstanding ladies but they weren’t there as often and my name recall has something to be desired. Thanks and keep shining my Starbucks Sirens. You are amazing!

My journey has taken a few more interesting turns so stay tuned for the next update. Your presence is felt and appreciated wherever I in the world I am. Likewise, I send you infinite love and support in all your endeavors!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Claircognizant? Clairvoyant? Clairsentient?

Last month I had a conversation with a lady regarding a situation about which I was aware of much. She asked what I “did”. Most folks talking about these specific topics would call themselves Intuitives, Reiki Masters, Readers, Clairvoyant etc. I replied I didn’t have a label for my abilities and what I know. She asked how long I’d been doing “this”?  Since I was born….. It was obvious the woman was having difficulty putting me in a familiar classification box by my answers.

While I’m not big on labels, recently someone “identified” me with one. I guess it’s more useful for me to view them as characteristics or attributes rather than who I AM. So I was, a little jokingly, complaining about my abilities or, more accurately, my lack thereof. Why is it that I know so much information but can’t remember how to use my telepathy (See ANASTASIA and Amazon)? Why can’t I see auras or energy? Why can’t I see a dearly departed over another’s shoulder. Why don’t I “hear” answers to questions I ask? There are numerous individuals who don’t have a fraction of the information I do yet they can “see” and “hear”. (By “information” here, I am referring to things that are not common knowledge or acquired by book learning or school indoctrination.) The whole scenario just made no sense to me.

Pamela Aaralyn is my newly (re)acquainted friend who I met at the in5d conference back in October as I shared in Warm Holidays. Her website reads, “Pamela was born extra-sensory but an encounter with an archangel at age five really opened up her gifts and confirmed to her the path that her life would take. As a clear conduit channel Pamela has direct access beyond the veil. Color and sound play important roles in expanding upon the information she receives.” Putting forth my complaint/query to Pamela, she responded without hesitation, “It is because you are Claircognizant. You just KNOW things.”

Not book learning much of what I “know”, I wasn’t even aware of this word so had to look it up. Claircognizance is “clear knowing”. People who are claircognizant may psychically know a great deal of information all at once, receiving it in a sort of “download” from God(dess), their Spirit Guides, Angels, and/or Higher Self. Claircognizant information may also come in the form of little insights that happen in the moment, or as inspired ideas that pop up just at the right time. Information received claircognizant is most often mentally, accompanied by the strong knowing sense that it is true… despite the lack of any logical or physical evidence. That definitely explains a lot. So many times I just knew things without knowing why or having a good reason to provide someone questioning. This was particularly difficult for me with certain individuals I’d previously attracted into my life who wanted proof for everything….. something I could never provide. It also sheds light on why I was so “successful” coaching a particular clientele. These clients came to me ready, willing and open to learn from the information I was able to impart with them. They pretty much took it and ran with it on their own. Yet with other folks, who I personally really wanted to share certain things, it was a practice in futility. Since much of my information didn’t make sense in traditional thinking, it was cast aside for lack of proof. A few people believed me after something I said took place, but it generally was too late then. Still others treated things that I predicted as just a “coincidence”. After much frustration, I learned mostly to keep what I know to myself. There are a few exceptions. When someone genuinely wants answers and is open to entertaining the ones I have to share I do. The other is a bit more challenging for my ego but I am getting better at it. When I am guided to specifically give someone a certain message I do. I used to brush off this one as it was potentially embarrassing, particularly if it was for a perfect stranger. But once I started there was no going back. One of the first times was in an airport. As guided, I told a lady that (Name) told me to tell her (Message). Tears welled up in her eyes as, unbeknownst to me, (Name) was her recently passed sister and the message, which meant absolutely nothing to me, was significant to her. I don’t always get this kind of confirmation when I share a message or am inspired to take an action. However, it has happened enough times that now I pretty much always comply.

Knowing all that, pun intended, I still don’t feel it’s appropriate to say I’m A Claircognizant. Then lots of people expect you to know everything all the time. It’s not like that for me. I don’t get my information “on demand” much. I must have touches of other psychic senses as well. One might conclude the “download” I received many years ago regarding the Tropical Spa Retreat was a claircognizant message. However in the “vision” of my Tropical Beach Home that began as a sleeping dream, I vividly “see” my lush surroundings. I can “feel” the ocean breeze and the sand beneath my feet. I can “smell” the plumeria and the salt air. Apparently, these are bits of clairvoyance and clairsentience too. You can find both temperate “places” are described in Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream.

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