Saturday, May 20, 2017


If you’ve been reading my musings for any amount of time, you already know I don’t fit into the “average person” mold. And if you didn’t realize that already, this post will wipe away any shadow of a doubt.

Many people close to me have been aware for some time now that I had been homesick. Immediately this concept would conjure up many “normal” ideas considering my unique circumstances. However, unless you know me more intimately, you wouldn’t realize the place or state I longed for was not even on this beautiful Planet. For decades of this human experience, I have caught glimpses – snippets of places I was before this lifetime. While some of those experiences were in physical places, many reflected a state of Be-ing….connectedness to All that Is. Often, as I noticed so many things “here” that weren’t to my particular liking, I’d long for the pure bliss of Home.

The closest physical feeling of Home in this world was back in 2005. It was my first time stepping foot on Casey Key in Florida. Suddenly I was in this vortex of energy……same place different time. I don’t know if I was a Native American Indian living there prior or such. But, in that moment, I knew what the rest of the Key looked like even though, as my current self, I’d not been there before. There was only pristine land undiminished by houses and humans dominating great areas as today. I don’t even know what it was called then but definitely not Casey Key. It felt so comfortable, so right and even an exhilarating sense of, “I’m Back!” No wonder the magnetic pull over and over all these years since.

This past April brought another breakthrough, an a-ha moment…..Satori. I’ll rewind a bit to convey the bigger picture. For years, I have been living mostly by trade and have been part of a quickly growing wave across the globe of exchanging goods and services again instead of money. While money may be a more convenient medium of exchange for most folks, many are now experiencing the benefits of a more personal exchange.

As time goes on, I make more and more friends who also wish to live increasingly by trade or giving freely. One of these friends stands out as a great pioneer in this movement, Colin Turner. He has authored 2 books in promotion of such. F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man is a fictional portrayal of how Iceland took the lead in a free world way of community living and giving. His second is Into The Open Economy: How Everything You Know About The World Is About To Change The description: A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY? No longer a futurist utopian dream, a money-free world of true abundance, peace and fulfilment is attainable today. Find out why we need it, how it will work, why it will work, and how we get there. This book is your bite-size guide to the Open Economy. Colin has further walked his talk by laying the groundwork for a virtual community where goods and services can be exchanged FREELY! It will be functional and ready to use this summer. In the meantime, you can register today to be part of this kinship FREEWORLDER

While being a part of heralding the exciting Freeworlder campaign, I was introduced to
another trade community, SIMBI. The main difference between the two is that Freeworlder is just that, where folks give freely what they have and wish to share. Simbi is people trading in a symbiotic relationship. The unit of exchange is called a simbi which is whatever each individual deems it is worth. In addition, there is the opportunity to directly trade for goods/services as opposed to paying or being paid in simbi. Occasionally you can also find people “paying it forward”. Since this group was already active, I opted to join back in February. For the most part, I’ve have excellent dealings and exchanges with individuals there and encourage you to check it out if you find this concept intriguing.

It was due to one of these bright interactions this blog post came to be. A sweet gal, Windi Braden, took me up on my “service” as I invite people to travel virtually with me via my blog. So I decided to check out her profile. No surprise we have quite a bit in common from a spiritual and idealistic standpoint. Among her various other services, Windi offered “Ask An Intuitive”. Over the past few decades I have had a number of varied “readings”. These ran the gamut of being totally off from my reality, to information I was already completely aware of, to obviously bogus, to being so general they could apply to anyone. At that point, I didn’t have much faith in “readings” for me although I knew numerous individuals could intuit things….and quite well. Since the message came to me so many times to get a reading from Windi, I finally allowed myself to go for it. At worst, it would be entertaining. When I received her written reading, tears and goosebumps (aka truthbumps) punctuated the information over and over as I resonated deeply with so many aspects of the message. It wasn’t just one powerful part but many different portions that rang intensely true.

So back to the title of this post, “I AM HOME”. Remember all the homesickness? Almost instantaneously as I absorbed Windi’s wisdom a transformation occurred….or rather, a deep remembering. My peace intensified with the knowing, I AM HOME. Not I am in a location that is home but it is a state of Be-ing that I AM - akin to saying I AM LOVE. Some of you reading this are ready for that feeling to dawn upon YOU Now. No words can adequately express this realization, the Knowing, the Peace. It would be a great honor for me to help trigger even the slightest stirrings of this awareness for you now. If you care to pursue this more, feel free to email me

I must share with you that Windi, from a human
standpoint, knew very little about me and had only read a fraction of my blog at that time. Among other revelations, she stated that I am being called to the Hawaiian Islands and it would behoove me to look for a work trade there. I am to be refueled by Pele and immerse myself in the Mother’s waters…with the dolphins too of course! And, after that, possibly the South Pacific. I've visited Hawaii about six times. Although I experienced magnificent splendor, I thought I was complete with Hawaii/Lemuria. However, as I took in her words, this directive rang true for me. So I sent a message to about 40 of my Hawaii connections. A few warm leads are bubbling but nothing certain yet.
If you have any ideas/suggestions for me regarding finding a work exchange, I’d love to hear. I’m open to any island that would be a win win for all involved. Preferably I am interested in a place where I can walk/bike to a beach. There are numerous ways I can assist including fitness consulting, spiritual guidance, hospitality and more.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Beach Breakthrough & Ongoing Gratitude

You are probably aware how important it is to pay attention to the thoughts you allow to float around or take up residence in your mind. What we focus on contributes to creating our reality – our experience in this world. Since I’ve been coaching people, I have encouraged them to speak about “negative” things only if it is beneficial to someone - including one’s self. Idle talking about things for drama, attention or gossip generally is a sure way of getting more of those things in your life whether you label them bad or good. Please keep this in mind as you take in certain aspects of my blog stories.

Florida was not on my list last summer of places I wanted to go. In fact, if I had a list of places I did NOT want to go, Florida would have been high on it. There were people and situations there I just didn’t care to see or deal with again. So why in the world would a trip to Mexico, from which I expected to be traveling to Belize, Panama, Costa Rica and beyond take me back to Florida?? I will not, in this lifetime, know all the reasons thing happen. However, I came up with 15 clear reasons for this Florida stay during one of my moving meditations aka cardio sessions. I saw beautiful encounters and ways I was able to be of assistance that I couldn’t have possibly anticipated. Personally, I was the recipient of some powerful gifts as well. But one of my most potent reasons for returning was unfinished business….that I didn’t even realize was unfinished business. 

The most fantastic examples of wrapping up loose ends takes place, no surprise, on my beach. I have a super strong ability that can be a gift or a curse. It is my sense of association. Songs, places, phrases, and other circumstances can trigger me into remembering past situations. Obviously many people do that. However, for me, it is like physically reliving these happenings. Depending on the experience, it can be exquisitely delightful….or extremely unpleasant. The latter was the case with regard to a certain tree on the beach which I associated with something deeply disturbing. No, the tree didn’t do anything unkind to me, it was just something I related to the situation.
Generally, I’d run north on Casey Key for miles. As I ran, I’d focus more on my workout enjoying the air and night wondrously transitioning into day.
At my turnaround point, I’d stop and face the ever-changing sea communing with it as well as all the magnificent creatures above and below. Then I’d enjoy my walk back noticing more of my enchanting surroundings often picking up sea treasures that caught my eye. Intentionally, I’d stop my run short of “the tree” as I didn’t want to think of certain experiences. Finally, weeks later, I managed to run to the tree.
Sitting under it, I allowed the tears to fall freely and whatever feelings that bubbled up to be acknowledged. The tree became....The Healing Tree. Over the months, I’d run to the tree experiencing varying levels of healing and release. On my final day at my beloved beach, a totally unanticipated breakthrough magically unfolded. As on numerous previous occasions, I was running to The Healing Tree. About a quarter mile shy of the tree I came to an abrupt stop. This was actually not that unusual either as the reason for the interruption was a stranded crab that needed a little assistance getting back to the water. Gently I assisted him/her as I had thousands of various critters before. Since I was pretty close to the tree and kinda lost my momentum, I was about to walk the rest of the way. Instantly something inexplicably propelled me to run to the tree. It was as if I were suddenly possessed by a strange power. I fairly flew effortlessly. Incredulously, at the same time, a song started playing in my head that I closely related to that time I’d rather forget. On top of it all, I noticed a great big smile spread across my face. There were no traces of sadness, regret, tears. I realized the grand towering friend of mine was no longer The Healing Tree. It was The Healed Tree! How freeing it felt! That situation no longer has any charge for me. It 
was also a humbling reminder of how much I don’t know that I still don’t know. I thought I was “past all that stuff from the past” yet there were still deep layers to deal with. Profound gratitude, release, and clarity swirled around and within me as I realized this huge purpose for returning to Florida.

Now on a lighter topic ~ As I do frequently, here’s a shout out to all the Angels who
have assisted me in any way along my incredible journey. Starbucks is a company of which I have mixed feelings. While not keen on all their practices, they have provided me for many years….an office of sorts all over the world. It has been a meeting place hundreds of times. I can sit comfortably getting computer stuff done thanks to their free wi-fi and charge my various electronics. Many Angels have facilitated countless CafĂ© Mochas (extra whip) via gift cards.
Generally the baristas are friendly but often they are just too busy to connect much. The weeks I frequented a Starbucks in West Palm Beach back in 2013, the crew was the best at getting to know me even vying to take care of me. Although they will always have a special place in my heart, I have to say a Team in Sarasota, Target of all places, one upped them. These gals knew my weird ordering quirks and could anticipate which of my varied drinks I’d want in advance. Sometimes they’d already have my drink ready before I even got to the register. They had an uncanny way of making everyone feel they were uniquely special. Michaela, Kellsy, and Brittany were the best! I know there are a couple more outstanding ladies but they weren’t there as often and my name recall has something to be desired. Thanks and keep shining my Starbucks Sirens. You are amazing!

My journey has taken a few more interesting turns so stay tuned for the next update. Your presence is felt and appreciated wherever I in the world I am. Likewise, I send you infinite love and support in all your endeavors!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Claircognizant? Clairvoyant? Clairsentient?

Last month I had a conversation with a lady regarding a situation about which I was aware of much. She asked what I “did”. Most folks talking about these specific topics would call themselves Intuitives, Reiki Masters, Readers, Clairvoyant etc. I replied I didn’t have a label for my abilities and what I know. She asked how long I’d been doing “this”?  Since I was born….. It was obvious the woman was having difficulty putting me in a familiar classification box by my answers.

While I’m not big on labels, recently someone “identified” me with one. I guess it’s more useful for me to view them as characteristics or attributes rather than who I AM. So I was, a little jokingly, complaining about my abilities or, more accurately, my lack thereof. Why is it that I know so much information but can’t remember how to use my telepathy (See ANASTASIA and Amazon)? Why can’t I see auras or energy? Why can’t I see a dearly departed over another’s shoulder. Why don’t I “hear” answers to questions I ask? There are numerous individuals who don’t have a fraction of the information I do yet they can “see” and “hear”. (By “information” here, I am referring to things that are not common knowledge or acquired by book learning or school indoctrination.) The whole scenario just made no sense to me.

Pamela Aaralyn is my newly (re)acquainted friend who I met at the in5d conference back in October as I shared in Warm Holidays. Her website reads, “Pamela was born extra-sensory but an encounter with an archangel at age five really opened up her gifts and confirmed to her the path that her life would take. As a clear conduit channel Pamela has direct access beyond the veil. Color and sound play important roles in expanding upon the information she receives.” Putting forth my complaint/query to Pamela, she responded without hesitation, “It is because you are Claircognizant. You just KNOW things.”

Not book learning much of what I “know”, I wasn’t even aware of this word so had to look it up. Claircognizance is “clear knowing”. People who are claircognizant may psychically know a great deal of information all at once, receiving it in a sort of “download” from God(dess), their Spirit Guides, Angels, and/or Higher Self. Claircognizant information may also come in the form of little insights that happen in the moment, or as inspired ideas that pop up just at the right time. Information received claircognizant is most often mentally, accompanied by the strong knowing sense that it is true… despite the lack of any logical or physical evidence. That definitely explains a lot. So many times I just knew things without knowing why or having a good reason to provide someone questioning. This was particularly difficult for me with certain individuals I’d previously attracted into my life who wanted proof for everything….. something I could never provide. It also sheds light on why I was so “successful” coaching a particular clientele. These clients came to me ready, willing and open to learn from the information I was able to impart with them. They pretty much took it and ran with it on their own. Yet with other folks, who I personally really wanted to share certain things, it was a practice in futility. Since much of my information didn’t make sense in traditional thinking, it was cast aside for lack of proof. A few people believed me after something I said took place, but it generally was too late then. Still others treated things that I predicted as just a “coincidence”. After much frustration, I learned mostly to keep what I know to myself. There are a few exceptions. When someone genuinely wants answers and is open to entertaining the ones I have to share I do. The other is a bit more challenging for my ego but I am getting better at it. When I am guided to specifically give someone a certain message I do. I used to brush off this one as it was potentially embarrassing, particularly if it was for a perfect stranger. But once I started there was no going back. One of the first times was in an airport. As guided, I told a lady that (Name) told me to tell her (Message). Tears welled up in her eyes as, unbeknownst to me, (Name) was her recently passed sister and the message, which meant absolutely nothing to me, was significant to her. I don’t always get this kind of confirmation when I share a message or am inspired to take an action. However, it has happened enough times that now I pretty much always comply.

Knowing all that, pun intended, I still don’t feel it’s appropriate to say I’m A Claircognizant. Then lots of people expect you to know everything all the time. It’s not like that for me. I don’t get my information “on demand” much. I must have touches of other psychic senses as well. One might conclude the “download” I received many years ago regarding the Tropical Spa Retreat was a claircognizant message. However in the “vision” of my Tropical Beach Home that began as a sleeping dream, I vividly “see” my lush surroundings. I can “feel” the ocean breeze and the sand beneath my feet. I can “smell” the plumeria and the salt air. Apparently, these are bits of clairvoyance and clairsentience too. You can find both temperate “places” are described in Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream.

Now that you know a little more about my unique abilities, you can imagine how they may assist via my Wellness Coaching by Phone. Do you want to live more fully? Perhaps you have some spiritual abilities yourself you’d like to enhance? With the world going through so many drastic changes, you can’t continue “business as usual” even if you wanted. Perhaps you’d like some assistance in making positive shifts in your own life? Please visit to see if you feel called to some transformational “hand holding”….by phone of course. I wonder how many of the “Clairs” are involved in that?! :-)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

About That Tropical Spa Retreat…….

Those who know me or have been “following” me for years are also aware of my pursuit of a Tropical Spa Retreat. It’s concept and details were “downloaded” to me years ago (maybe 15) while still living in California. Since that time I have contacted thousands of people, researched extensively, traveled to many countries, considered numerous offers/possibilities and, so far, still not manifested this tropical sanctuary.

Obviously, we have many possible futures. Every action we take, every word we speak and every thought we think has the ability to shift the path we are on. Perhaps that Tropical Spa Retreat was one potential future and I took some action that changed it. This is not a conclusive fact as there is always the chance for it yet to materialize sometime in the future. I am still open to the possibilities and taking inspired action. Curiously, I cannot say I am passionate about the idea any longer – at least the way it was presented to me all those years ago. What has my attention more profoundly is my tropical home that first started to appear as a recurring night dream described in my blog post Baring My Soul and Planting A Dream Although I did not first conjure up the vision in my waking imagination, the more details I am provided and the more I contemplate it, the more intensely I desire it which brings me to my next observation.

Often I reference the term “past lives”. The reason for such is, whether folks believe in reincarnation or not, they understand the concept. However, my understanding is that time and space are creations for humans as most can’t compute everything going on simultaneously. Personally I believe in my living other lives, for one reason, I remember snippets of many of them. An excellent example is My Pirate Story So if everything is going on at the same time, and if I sense so many intense details of my tropical beach home repeatedly, perhaps there is some kind of “bleed-through” from another dimension or timeline. So vivid are the sensations, at times, I really feel I am living it! Just in case it is on this beautiful planet in this present lifetime, I continue to search for doors that may lead me there.

Jumping back to the more current “NOW”…..I thought I was headed to California in January. Even had my trusty Triptik all lined up. Just days before I would have left, a couple Earth Angels generously put a quite comfortable roof over my head in Florida. It was a good thing. The next day my daughter called saying she was coming to Florida to spend time with me for her birthday. My original idea was to just drive to California and surprise my family there. Heaven shifted my plans so I wasn’t heading to California as Natasha was heading to Florida! With only 3 full days together, we had a whirlwind of fun. Beach, working out, pampering, yummy food, introducing to friends, museums, a painting party and, of course, shopping…. Happy Birthday BabyGirl! So thrilled for our precious time together!

As usual, every year after Natasha’s birthday comes another celebration I cherish, Valentine’s Day. Over the decades I have experienced some very heavy reasons to warrant an intense distaste for the day. Yet, I am happy to report, it remains my favorite “holiday”. Of course I don’t need an actual day specifically in honor of Love. Just like one needn’t wait for New Year’s Day to make a fresh start. For me, every day is Valentine’s Day when I remember to see and act through the eyes of Love…..unconditional Love, that is!

My next big steps still elude me. Madagascar and surrounding islands off the east coast of Africa are presenting quite a bit. Research on the internet is a given but the Universe hasn’t shown me a way to physically explore yet. Anyone want to take me on a trip there with them? Might be just the ticket for getting out of an old groove OR enjoying some delightful weather OR living an adventure OR possibly being a part of something grand J

At present, I continue taking baby steps walking my talk:
Letting Go of the old that no longer serves me.
Not beating down doors or forcing things.
Listening to my inner guidance.
Making choices that bring most peace.
Living in the NOW.
Going with the flow.
Perhaps you are too?

Some of you Beautiful Beings have been sharing my journey and supporting me for years - maybe lifetimes. Thank you for staying by my side. Others have recently jumped onboard. Whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime, I am grateful for you all. Sending bright energy your way. Happy LOVE Day!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

And all that is gold does not glitter. Sit back and relax while I regale you with the ongoing tale of a Gypsy Wanderer from an intimate perspective.

Most people living “normal” lives cannot fathom the life I have been living since 2009. Personally, I don’t know how many years previous were preparing me for such either – perhaps since birth. Normal people, in this context, are those who subscribe to beliefs such as: You have to work hard at a job to have the things you want. Hard work is necessary to achieve or be deserving of just about anything. You have to have a secure job to ensure you will have enough for retirement. One must have savings, provisions, insurance etc. for a “rainy day”.

Not a typical being, I have lived outside the “normal” paradigm for quite a while now…..time pretty much blending one year to the next. This has led to extraordinarily amazing happenings and some, not so thrilling, quite interesting situations. People have chided me for soliciting contributions. This was in regard to my general open request via my blog, not even asking them personally. Some individuals, who I considered close friends and thought we understood each other, have even asked me to stop communicating with them. On a kinder note, people have offered me regular jobs as well as assistance in getting a “JOB”.

These wonderful, well-meaning humans, have no comprehension of my journey and mission right now. Heck, I have difficulty understanding it myself periodically. As far as those people go, I bless them for their thoughtful intentions. If they wish to hold to those age old beliefs, far be it from me to try to shift their opinions. It is their prerogative to believe what they want and feel is appropriate for them. Although they might want to watch The Matrix! (Sorry, couldn’t resist throwing that in.) 

For those who have a clue, you may or may not know what an infinite blessing you are in my life! I cannot thank you enough for all your support via your love, your words, food, money, housing, services and positive energies. In fact, there are times when some of you believe in me more than I do. Yes, I DO have my “moments”. You are all Earth Angels both to me and all you touch by way of your far reaching ripple effect. You are, indeed, part of the Heaven on Earth Construction Team!

As far as my wanderings, it is true I don’t know much about my future and where it may take me. However, I regularly follow the signs indicating which direction to go or, often, which road not to travel. It is my joy and delight to share the gifts only I can impart to those open to receive along the way. Whilst involved in those bright endeavors, I feel so magically in my element! It is a high only known by those following their true path (not necessarily the one others say they “should” be on). Much continues to be a mystery for me but I always know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, my very next appropriate step. This is due to a conscious choice, made many years ago, to live in the present moment. Although not always easy, it is a very empowering place to live in/from.

There’s a saying many align with, “Everything Happens for a Reason!” I used to be extremely pessimistic so that saying then was for me along the lines that everything happens for a reason and that is to mess with me. Having since done a complete 180, when I use the phrase, I always add quietly inside….and is for my highest good and the highest good of all! On occasion I am gifted with the knowing of some of those “reasons” but much of the time not. This is where faith and trust come in! An amazing, wise friend of mine, Annalene Hart wrote a brilliant blog post that describes another place I find myself once in a blue moon….. The Surprising Gift Of Confusion  Can you relate?? However, even a temporary state of confusion does not equate to being “lost”. Numerous are the purposes for my journey that I know but human language fails me in my desire to convey such. Perhaps in the future, I will discover a way…..if it is for the highest good of all.

For now I encourage you to think about your personal journey in this very moment. Are you living your truth, whether or not you can clearly explain it to another? Are you allowing others’ opinions to influence your journey in ways that aren’t in alignment with your own heart? Are you doing things a certain way solely because that’s the way they’ve always been done? Is there some small step you can take today that would put you more in unity with your heart’s purpose?

I am not suggesting anyone live logistically as I am at all. Different strokes for different folks. I simply wish to be a mirror for you living your truth. There are many ways of living outside the mainstream “automatic” – Check out Money - Not the Only Currency & Freeworlder. Whether you choose to live more “normal” or off the beaten path, please remember to always live in integrity…..always be true to yourself! Namaste ~

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Warm Holidays

One of the memorable gifts I am infinitely grateful for this season is warmth! 80 some degree days? Oh yeah! It makes such a tremendous difference in my life when I am in a climate that supports and revitalizes me. At the same time, it thrills me to hear about others enjoying their snowy and more “winter appropriate” weather. Different strokes for different folks or we’d all be crowded in the exact same place at the same time. I wish for everyone to have the lives of their brightest desires as the energy of their joy emanates around the planet.

You may recall from my post Hola and Adios, August found me in Mexico as a Travel Companion. I anticipated that trip to extend possibly to Mexico, Belize, Panama and Costa Rica for weeks, possibly even months. Just a day prior to departure for that trip, a friend in Florida called requesting my assistance with house/pet-sitting. Appreciative I was asked, I had to turn the opportunity down having already made the Travel Companion commitment. When things started going south in Mexico, pun intended, I emailed to see if there was still a need in Florida. The response was affirmative. Thankfully, the gentleman I was accompanying in Mexico kept his agreement of flying me back to my airport of origin - in this case LAX. Spent a couple days embracing family, unpacking and repacking for the next adventure. 42 hours after departure from California, I arrived at my Florida destination (huge thanks, in part, to my generous car angels – my Parents!)

With my furry charge, I enjoyed numerous walks in nature. Saw snakes, bunnies, squirrels, hawks, turtles, alligators……many of them pretty up close and personal. An ever-changing canvas, the sky always presented clouds in infinite expressions that brought me delight. Greenery everywhere was punctuated by varieties of colorful flowers, fruit and trees draped in enchanting Spanish Moss.

In Florida, I was invited to teach classes at Beyond Wishes, a wellness and rejuvenation oasis right near my beach in Nokomis. Abby Krause, co-owner of the center with her artist husband Tom Krause, is an upbeat vivacious fairy-like being with an infectious smile. It was an honor and joy to accept. Moving Meditation delivered an eclectic blend of yoga, Pilates, Alexander, Feldenkrais and my own intuitive flair. Like a chameleon, this class morphed into whatever was needed for my unique students present each day. If you are ever in the area, treat yourself to a visit to Beyond Wishes. Get pampered with one of their numerous offerings….a facial, reiki treatment, massage or a breath enhancing experience in the salt bed.  At the very least, browse their collection of wellness care products….skin care, essential oils, candles, jewelry, books and more. Enjoy the marine life art of Tom Krause….of course the dolphin and turtle ones are my favs.

I’ve wanted to attend Michelle Walling and Greg Prescott’s In5d conference for the past 5 years or so. Either I wasn’t in the right physical location or I didn’t have the money to attend. This year I was in the “right” place. While I still didn’t have the money, I had a credit card and trusted this was the appropriate choice. It was a pleasure finally meeting and hugging them in person as all previous communication had been electronic. Through a series of synchronistic signs, I also made a powerful connection with  PamelaAaralyn. This Spiritual Alchemist began seeing auras, energy and visions at the age of 5. Miraculously, I ended up on a pontoon boat day trip with her and a few other bright people on the gorgeous nearby intercoastal. After a lovely lunch at Dry Dock, I experienced an insightful private reading with Pamela onboard the boat in that idyllic setting…..

Due to life happening as it does, I am not able to keep up with my networking or being aware of all the opportunities/happenings around me. I simply trust I will meet those I am “supposed” to connect with and get whatever info is appropriate for me. Such clearly happens frequently for me. Of note was a fb friend posting about his company, Dragonfly Expeditions. I am guessing I originally connected with Charles in my previous research for the Bahamas. Knowing he is also affiliated with other travel enterprises, Tropic Moon Media, Margaritaville Adventures and Windjammer Sailing Adventures, I was guided to contact him to see if there was any way we might be able to benefit each other in the future. He responded quickly to my message saying they could always use “guides” and to call him after Thanksgiving. Calling the day after, I was amazed that he actually answered the phone. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I shared with him my quest for a tropical place that I “see” in my dreams and visions – a place I am not even sure if exists on this planet (Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream). Continuing I told him any endeavor that brings me closer in my search, and that also honors all involved, interests me which is why I contacted him. Instead of blowing my story off, Charles asked me for details of this place. A well-traveled man himself, he started coming up with a few location possibilities.  Long story short, my arriving in Coral Gables to meet with him was full of wild synchronicities….perhaps a story for another day if it ends up going further. Not only did my adventure include meeting him at the Biltmore Hotel, I was invited to participate in a tour he was giving that day on Key Biscayne. I experienced so many incredible sights and learnings in a few short hours as Charles is somewhat of a charming walking encyclopedia.

I was privileged to have opportunities to attend numerous Holiday Celebrations. Again, thanks flowing to all who helped facilitate... The spirit of peace and joy warmed my heart and body this season helping to prepare for a bright New Year!

My commission over, the journey continues…….Thanks for accompanying me!!

P.S. Here are a couple funnies I shared on fb to provide a smile or two: