Sunday, September 8, 2019

Angels and Villains

So many significant, moving and wonderful things are occurring in life. It is difficult to decide which would be most helpful to share and uplift. At the same time, remembering it must be kept short and sweet for folks even to have the time and energy to take it in.

A very special Lady in my life went HOME at the end of August. It felt a bit magical that I was just thinking about her strongly hours before. Even fb posted something on death with her in my mind before I heard the news. The stories of other joyful synchronicities surrounding her passing comforted and warmed my heart as it did for others close to her. Fly free Dear Angel. Thank you for your love and happiness that surrounds us......until we meet again 💜

More furbabies brightened my life that I was privileged to care for while their people traveled. They don’t warm up to everyone so I was super grateful as we got closer with each passing day…to the point they didn’t want me to leave. Notice tails a-blur in the last pic anticipating treats 😊 So blessed!

Are you the kind of person that decorates to the hilt for every holiday and special occasion? I was until I unexpectedly began my gypsea journey. If you are, Spirits of the Sea are the perfect unique trim to add to your Halloween collection. Or possibly your celebration of Dia de los Muertos. As you can see, these Ghosts of the Sea shells are each one of a kind. $2 each or 10 for a mere $10. Add a phantom presence by illuminating them from behind with tiny white lights or tea candles or display as you choose.  

While admittedly partial to Dolphins, I am not thrilled with the bad rap Sharks get. Other natural predators aren’t vilified for the way they live, so why these sea beauties? But even “villains” aren’t all evil - although it sometimes takes a master to realize such. For example, Ursula, the Sea Witch. She is self-assured and comfortable in her own skin. Although someone else played a great part in putting this hellion in her sad position, she isn’t satisfied just to stay there but takes action toward her goals. A sense of humor. outstanding voice and doing things different from the crowd also add to her admirable qualities. With Ursula in mind, we offer the Sea Witch Tiara – a thing of dark beauty.

And now, the moment you have awaited with bated breath has arrived. The Winner of the Shark Tooth Contest is (drum roll please)….Kelli Mathisen! Thank you Kelli for all your support of Gifts From the Sea and Other Treasures. We hope you enjoy your impressive fossilized shark tooth prize. Thanks also going out to everyone who participated in our contest and help us spread the word about Gifts From the Sea and Other Treasures!

Opposite of the mega sized tooth, we have a shark toothy tiny frame art. Occasionally, when trying something new, it doesn’t always turn out as planned. Since we feel this is slightly imperfect, here is your opportunity to snatch this treasure up at a sharp discount. Usually our tiny frame art singles are surprisingly only $15. Get this tiny framed tooth shark for a mere $10 plus s+h.

Thank you, dear reader, for being one of the bright angels in my life. It is an incredible journey of ups and downs made more joyful by the energy you impart. Let’s overcome the villains in our lives by noticing the angels around us including the ones we ourselves ARE!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

House-sitting and Craftiness ~ 100th Blog Post!

Many inquire about how I “get on” living my Gypsea journey. While more ways than I can relate here, house-sitting has been one interesting means. Often that involves pet-sitting too as was the case with my recent “assignment”. My sweet, playful charge was purrrfect and accepted me right away. Kids and animals generally do as they sense where I’m coming from – adults sometimes not so much 😁 I am deeply honored when peoples leave their cherished homes in my care. That honor is magnified when they confidently entrust me with their precious furbabies. Not leaving anything to chance, my gracious hosts meticulously ensured I had resources for every possible scenario. It’s truly magnificent when both sides feel they got the perfect end of the deal.

Though I never met a furry friend who was unpleasant, some are more fun than others. Such was the case with this fluffy, frisky feline. LuLu had attitude, tricks and games while being just too cute all the time. If you know anyone who wants the peace of mind of a reliable house-sitter with or without pets in a warm, beach area, please let me know! It’s more comfortable when the parties know each other in advance or have a referral from someone they know. My desire is for folks to enjoy their trip completely carefree with regards to the homefront. 

Nowadays, a good number of house-sitters collect as many testimonials and certifications as possible to list on places they “advertise”. Not only in this occupation, but other lines of work as well; people get on a soapbox trying to convince the masses of the importance of their certification(s) and to beware of people who do not have the proper pieces of paper (credentials). Admittedly, once upon a time, I too racked up certifications to prove to prospects my expertise and my worthiness of their consideration. I respect others' desires and preferences regarding this. However, too often it is just a huge amount of time, energy and money given to certifying organizations (who wouldn’t even be in business without inventing this “need”). That is why I discontinued my numerous certifications in the fitness field many years ago. It doesn’t mean I stopped learning, it just means I don’t pay someone else anymore to convince you I am worthy. As far as certifications go, look how well it works with driver’s licenses. And I won’t even start on the significance of a birth certificate! As far as I am concerned, the best “advertising” is someone knowing you, word of mouth from others you trust or “meeting” people through online means and making your own decisions based on information exchanged and your gut feeling about them. But that’s just me.

Other means that help me get life essentials (like food and travel) involve selling things including Juice Plus NutritionalSupport, Tower Garden Products – Vertical Aeroponic Growing System and Shell Creations. Usually, moving place to place, with limited future knowledge and space, I am not able to engage in my shell crafting. Happily, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy creating custom pieces for a number of individuals. Tiny Frame Beach Art, Mermaid Trinket

Trays and Ceremonial/Decorative Feather Arrangements are exquisite items offered to all. Perfect for every space and budget ($1.11, $3.33 and $4.44), explore the dozens of unique Hearts of the Sea. If you want pricing and paying simple and clear cut, visit GiftsFromTheSeaShop. Various angels are helping with other art pieces so the shipping depends on the item as well as where it is being shipped from and to. You will find these one of a kind treasures in the previous few blog posts and the fb page Gifts From the Sea and Other Treasures. Let me know what you are interested in an I will let you know if still available and how to acquire.

Want a fossilized shark tooth? You still have time to get in on the contest for your chance to win. Look for details on the fb Gifts From the Sea and Other Treasures page. You may have to scroll through a few treasures to view (obviously the idea behind the contest besides fun) and share our gifts with more viewers. Winner will be chosen August 31.

Magically, I have managed to present this, my 100th blog post! I definitely didn’t imagine how far this would go! Once again, deep heart-felt thanks for accompanying me on this incredible journey! I am richly blessed and wouldn’t be the same without your presence/presents!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Working - Marketing - Living….Time for New Paradigms?

Those who know me also know that, if I had my druthers, it would be possible to live in a freely giving and receiving society. Colin Turner describes how this could work via his book, IntoThe Open Economy: How Everything You Know About The World Is About To Change. The Kindle version of which is currently free on amazon. When undamaged people have their basic needs met, their natural default is to serve others. More of Colin’s work and ideals can be found in my previous post I am Home.

After a freely giving and receiving society, it would be delightful to barter. Granted, sometimes it’s more convenient to just pay for things with money. But bartering more widely accepted, would be highly freeing for millions too. Then there is also that way of life I personally desire, living off the grid in semi-seclusion. I don’t mean passing the nights in a sleeping bag under the stars – although for some that would be heaven. Any supplies brought in would normally cost money but I’d prefer a trade or gifting exchange. If my fruit trees produced abundantly more than I could ever use, I’d want people to be able to come by and enjoy the bounty too. Not something I’d measure, “I gave this neighbor X amount of fruit, now I can ask them for some help with my pump”. Although even the latter would be better than needing money from my perspective.  To reiterate, money isn’t evil and works great in many peoples’ preference. It’s simply that there are so many for whom money doesn’t work so great. It only makes an added distraction from being able to truly savor life and live to their full potential. Masses spend the majority of their lives in jobs they wouldn’t be doing if they didn’t need money. Many don’t even have time or energy to enjoy their income. For some, it barely covers basic necessities. I personally know many who have more than one job to make ends meet totally compounding this dilemma. Some proudly wear their overworking life imbalance like a badge of honor. Overheard at the gym, “I haven’t taken time off since my youngest was born 4 and ½ years ago.” Why are Fridays celebrated and Mondays so dreaded? Of course that doesn’t even apply anymore to the countless folks who work weekends. “Weekend”, hmmmm, I wonder where that concept came from? That jubilant celebration of ending work and dreading the start actually speaks of grave dysfunctionality in the current accepted societal ways. Especially when the “working” time is most of their waking lifespan!
Fortunately, there seems to be a bit of an awakening – a realization that powerful change is not only possible but crucial to our health and well-being. From the olden days of tailors, blacksmiths, woodworkers, artists and bakers, there has been a resurgence of entrepreneurs and small businesses over the past few decades. Trading,
or bartering, is now seeing new life too from large cooperatives like International Bartering Exchange to online platforms such as Simbi. One can even find goods and services for free on craigslist, freecycle and the fledgling free giving website Freeworlder. Of course, there have always been generous people through the ages who have charitably given but not as a 2 way street – not as a way of life. Many people give freely but cannot freely receive – perhaps a topic for another day. The point, for the moment, indicates many good-hearted people are willing to give.

What kinds of value do people have to offer?
Dolphin and Whale Encounter Retreats
Life Coaching
Yield from their Garden
Intuitive Messages/Guidance
Healing Touch
Crafts/Handiwork Creations
Architect and Creative Design
Sweat Lodge Leader/Facilitator
Healthy Meal Preparation
Tiny House Builders
Personalized Travel Guide
Assistance with Off Grid Set-up
Travel Companion
As you can see, the list could go to infinity and beyond  – especially when people are encouraged to do and be what they are passionate about instead of what they can be most profitable engaging in.

I have noticed numerous individuals, with unique and valuable gifts, struggling to share their talents and make “a living” too. Some of these gifts are incredible, bordering on miraculous, and clearly something they are passionate about. What they are not passionate about, even though they may be capable, is marketing, sales and promotion - myself included. Generally, “successful” individuals and companies have already done the start-up and have a marketing department or company they pay that promotes them.

While indeed time for grand transformation, we are not going to go from the current money-based society to a free giving and receiving society overnight, if ever. But new paradigms are emerging. Visualize this: Marketing Magicians are out there who absolutely love what they do. Passionate and highly successful, they have an intuitive way of being able to connect offerer with seeker (vender with buyer) and vice versa. These Marketing Magicians look for and welcome people with a wide variety of proficiencies or they specialize in certain niches. They actively desire to be agents for these highly skilled individuals and love facilitating respectful matches. Connections are made with integrity and they get paid from the deals they broker. Now I realize there are currently marketing professionals that people pay to engage their services. Usually, it’s not someone who is out there looking for people that could benefit from a product or service because they truly believe in it; but simply because they are paid to represent a business. Traditionally, marketers are paid upfront, hourly or by the job.  Imagine they are just so good and believe in the value of the folks they represent, that they would operate strictly on the basis of getting paid for the connections/exchanges they generate? And I’m not talking about some of the senseless commission percentages out there but something that is truly a win-win-win (service provider, client and marketer). Now take it further. What if these Marketing Magicians would not just accept money but also trade for things they wanted or needed? The same scenario would be viable with people who like numbers, records and bookkeeping. This leaves the practitioners to create, care for, and serve in the manner they are most passionate with the resources to do so and live life!

Yes, this would be greatly complicated in the current money/tax system. Yet the current system doesn’t promote joyful, healthy living! “The System” was never set up with your health and well-being in mind! Brave change agents are needed to make this a better world for all. Radical transformers come in varied forms and affect shift in countless ways. Many are quite vocal on the streets or via social media. Some affect change simply by quietly living their own way, brilliantly shining in the process.
I can hear the arguments and concerns as people point out options already available. There is also only so much I can cover and keep this reasonably short enough for most of my readers to have the time to digest. Additionally, my challenge with human language makes it more complex for me to express this message with any kind of clarity. Heck, I wish I could get someone, who is eloquent with words and understands what I am sharing, to rewrite this whole thing! Since I have been drawn to put it out there, my reassurance is, that someone reading with an open mind and heart, with the intention of understanding and enhancing their experience, will find something of value here.
Being of service can be fun as you can see from these pictures of volunteering I "performed". Perhaps down the road I’ll share a little more about that.

Thanks to the contributions of many Earth Angels, I have had the happy opportunity to play with my shell crafts again!

If interested in this Tiny Beachy Trio, please contact me. They are $15 each or $35 for all 3 + shipping.

Sharing a dreamy gift for a friend. The The Fiery Sea Dream Catcher is available for $25 plus shipping. Please contact to order or more pics or information.

Here are a few custom pieces. Hanging ornament may be customized for a limited amount of time. Mermaid Trinket Trays are available in etsy Gifts from the Sea and Other Treasures shop now for $35 with free shipping.

Thank you for sharing your precious time with me here. Perhaps some day I’ll see you in that Paradise where it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is 💖