Thursday, January 7, 2021

Celebrate Everything!

Was contemplating, while composing this post, there is no one holiday I celebrate that is shared by everyone I know in this world. Even New Year is celebrated at different times in different cultures.

But January does mark the beginning of the New calendar Year (as acknowledged by most humans), and hence, widely associated with new beginnings. Yet really, every breath we take can be a new beginning. All that is necessary for a new beginning is a conscious choice. A determination that, from this breath or moment on, things will be different. That difference depends on your desires and the degree to which you wish them to manifest. What old thoughts, beliefs, do you need to release in order to make room for new possibilities? What kind of person do you need to recreate yourself to be to allow what you wish for? What shifts can you make in your own personal environment that will help facilitate your new world?

Celebrate everything! This definitely helps bring about wonderful shift. I feel that celebration is another flavor of Gratitude. The celebratory aspect is like Joy infused Gratitude. Joy lends to being light-hearted. With all the interesting things going on in this world, a sense of light-heartedness sure helps navigate each day. Not only are our lives happier but it rubs off on everyone we touch, in any manner, as we go along our merry way. 

So celebrate – the sunrise, the sunset, the bird
that stops by to sing you a song, a flower blooming, a child’s smile, a puppy, whatever day of the week it is, national chocolate day – whatever brings your heart delight. Thankfully, I have a personal little pixie that reminds me regularly of celebrating the magic in each day. If you don’t, I suggest you find your own personal pixie or angel to remind you too! 


With new starts, one can always don fresh ways of enhancing their health and wellness. If you’ve ever considered a nutritional support system, I invite you to investigate my offering of Juice Plus. While I am generally not a pulpit preacher, I highly recommend this product to most for a myriad of reasons. Thanking you, in advance, for supporting me if you choose to look into this wellness booster for yourself!

And, to wrap up with a little sparkle, here is one of my latest beach creations for you to acquire or simply enjoy looking at. Two lovely pearl and barnacle encrusted sand dollars, outlined in actual sand and set in a beautiful varnished shadow box. Teal blue glittery sides remind of the ocean from whence they came. A bevel edged glass cover protects it all. Please contact if you are interested.

As always, thank you for your love and support on whatever level you have and are providing. You are, as well, in my bright intentions. I hold you and yours in powerful energy for well-being in all aspects of your life……and Celebrate You Too all the year through!


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Season of Selflessness?

Tis the Season of Selflessness – or so one might think with all we’ve been taught. How many times have you heard, “It is better to give than to receive”? Think about that for a moment. Without someone to receive, one cannot have the satisfaction of giving. Is not the receiver giving a warm fuzzy gift to the giver by accepting? And, you don’t know – but the receiver may be doing a grander service than meets the eye of placing themselves in the position of “receiver”. But that could be an entirely stand-alone discourse. To give you an idea, have you ever seen the paw outline accompanied by the words, "Who Rescued Who? 
It is a delightful balanced circle of dance of the highest order. In each of our individual lives, that balance must flow for us to be well. If one is constantly giving – getting nothing in return – they become depleted….drained…incapable of giving any more. We can no longer give if we have nothing left to give. 

Consider a shift in thinking this holiday season. Begin imagining a higher level of Selfishness/Self-Fullness. Remember, there is a Part of us that is “like God”. The more we can embody that, the greater the degree of good we can elevate the entire planet with. A truly selfish person – in this elevated sense – can help the most others from their place of power. When one’s own immediate needs are taken care of, when someone is coming from a place of Being whole and complete, their natural default is to serve others.

I believe it was Wayne Dyer who said something like - when an orange is squeezed, you always get orange juice. When a lemon is squeezed you get lemon juice. When squeezed by life’s challenges, you will ooze whatever you are made of. If you are happy, you will exude happiness. If you are healthy, you will ooze good health and vitality. If you are angry, stressed and overwhelmed, then that’s what you will produce more of. If love and joy are what you want to give and receive, change your life by changing what's inside first.

What are you made of? What are you radiating out to the rest of the world? What radical new self-care approach might help you shine you light brighter to the rest of the world? What is the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now?

These are simply thoughts for you to ponder. Realize the incredible power you possess to shift your own world and, in turn, the whole world around you. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!

Perhaps you’d like to treat yourself with some Holiday Gifts From The Sea? Or, in your wholeness, share them with others? 

There is the richly meaningful Sand Dollar with its Star Satellite Companions. They are encased in a vintage gold plated frame with beveled glass outlined in real sand. 

You can always go right with a versatile Multi-Shell Ornament. Not only will it enhance your holidays, you can enjoy it all year round!

The first Shell Ornament pictured is still available (as of this writing) while the rest have found their way to their new homes. More may be available if there is a demand also.

You can buy directly from our etsy shop or message if you are interested in something not offered there.

Wishing you all may manifest wonderful holidays no matter how you choose to celebrate. I see you whole and complete – healthy and happy! Thank you for the gift of your presents/presence in my life!

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Waiting or Living?

Are you waiting on something or living your life now? Some people are so desperate for things to stay the same – to stay or be “normal”. Others are waiting for things to change. Are you waiting for the perfect job to feel fulfilled? Perhaps when the perfect person shows up in your life – then you’ll be happy? Are you in a holding pattern waiting for the world to change? We don’t know what’s around the corner and it’s certainly natural to hope and dream. In fact, dreaming is definitely encouraged! However, there are infinite things in your life at this very moment to enjoy and be grateful for! It’s simply a matter of where you put your focus. Note that simple isn’t always easy, especially when in the popular habit of being caught up in the drama of the world. Remember you get to choose which mask you put on – which filter you choose to view life through. 

While we obviously don’t need a holiday to come around to notice and be thankful for our blessings, sometimes a special day serves as a good reminder if we get in a rut and forget.

My “thankful for” list is endless regarding past, present and future! My many times in Hawaii have helped enhance my aloha and mahalo spirit. So many encounters with people and nature, including dolphins, have been beyond magical. Some of my most cherished times were with Lokelani as my gracious host. She and her

precious daughters remain forever in my heart. Lokelani’s beauty and talents are endless. To support her, while encouraging you to enhance your own health, I share that Loke (among other things) is a distributor of essential oils – doTERRA. If you aren’t already devoted to a distributor or are new to doTERRA, read what Lokelani has to say:

 “I’ve done my research and find that doTERRA has the highest quality and standards of any other company. We can guarantee the purity of our oils because of our strict and lengthy testing. CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. Every doTERRA oil is held to the highest possible level of purity.  We run 54 different tests before our oils are bottled, so only the purest essential oils get into your homes. 

doTERRA empowers farmers and their communities. Through industry-leading, responsible sourcing practices, doTERRA maintains the highest levels of quality, purity, and sustainability in partnerships with local growers around the globe through Co-Impact Sourcing®. The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, offers resources and tools to sourcing communities and charitable organizations to raise self-reliance, increase access to healthcare, promote education, advance sanitation, and fight against human trafficking. 

doTERRA- Gift of the Earth
Who we are: An essential oil company changing the world one drop at a time. 
What we do: Provide the purest, highest quality essential oils and products. 
Why we do it: To empower you and your loved ones with health and wellness.” 

To learn more you can contact Loke at:
IG lokelani_massage 

I personally love a number of doTerra’s oils and blends. For those who have challenges in being highly attractive to certain miniscule flying vampires I highly recommend TerraShield - doTerra’s repellent blend!

With holidays ahead that often involve gifting to others, I’d like to remind you of many lovingly, hand-crafted beachy Gifts From The Sea available.

Will wrap up continuing to focus on an Attitude of Gratitude …. Some of my readers have been friends since childhood. A number have known me through business as I raised my children. Some have known me since I began my wanderings as a gypsy. Then, there are those of you are reading my writing for the first time here. Whether we have known each other for decades or just recently connected, you all hold an important part in my life and, hence, in my heart. Words cannot express my gratitude for you joining me on this journey and the unique part each and every one of you play. Wishing you much joy, peace and delight as you continue to manifest your own magical journey unfolding before you each and every blessed moment.