Saturday, May 9, 2020

We Are Guests

Mother Nature doesn’t need us although we obviously need Her. Entire civilizations have destroyed themselves or been wiped out yet Planet Earth still spins. Perhaps when we realize we are the guests, we will treat our Host with greater reverence.

Worldwide, complaints abound with regard to pesky pigeons,
marauding raccoons and garden pillaging deer. Yet one can only imagine 90% of Gaia’s beautiful creatures’ impression of humanity. I don’t need to prove to you how nature thrives without humans around.
You can’t be on social media without, at least, catching a glimpse of animals having a field day without the usual human activities. Or, perhaps, you have respectfully ventured out in nature and personally experienced the flourishing. Bluer skies, clearer waters, animals, who haven’t seen a humanless space in generations, now frequenting roads and paths. Dolphins joyfully venturing into waters hitherto avoided due to human pollution.

In order to be vibrantly well, humans need to get out in nature, soak up some sun and put their bare feet on the earth. Many people know this first-hand, including indigenous tribes. Even science is finally confirming this now. But can people peacefully coexist with the rest of nature? Thus far the behavior of many is less than stellar in this regard. However, recent global changes have contributed to facilitating a much-needed shift. Many humans are examining their actions and re-evaluating the impact they have on their environment. More are beginning to understand the need for
respect of the earth and responsible human
behavior. This is a glorious time of new beginnings. Imagine how it could look for you and your loved ones. What can you do differently to decrease the residue of past actions harmful to nature? How can you BE in nature more with both You and Gaia better for the interaction? How can you live your life more harmoniously with Great Mother and all her creatures….including humans? You may think this post is a little late for Earth Day. But just imagine – like the Love of Valentine’s Day and Mother's Day – living every day as Earth Day!

With your other new practices, growing your own food could enhance your health along with the well-being of our Host Planet. If you are interested in information about growing at home in your own Tower Garden, I’d be delighted to help facilitate. Other practices could include simply going through your daily life more consciously. This gives you an opportunity to not only to treat the world around you with appreciation, but to give yourself the love and respect you so deserve!

Here’s to a renewed honoring of Gaia and honoring You!

Monday, April 13, 2020



It is humanly impossible to stay closely in touch with my ever-growing number of beautiful friends all over the planet. These include friendships with neighborhood kids as a child - especially my next door neighbor who was like another sister to me. Decades have gone by since the last time I’ve spoken with some of them. Thankfully, true friends transcend time and space. While the

reality of that expands infinitely deep, on this earth plane and in this dimension, true friends are just as lovingly connected no matter how many miles or years separate them. True friends also understand and respect if the other needs to travel a path unique to
them - cherishing what they had and tucking it safely away in their forever hearts.

Facebook has made “friends” an interesting concept. It is another human tool I am quite ambivalent with. For some, it is a contest of how many “friends” they can acquire. Can’t say how many have requested “friendship” of me simply because fb deemed they should.
Some “friends” only use that status to invite me to their events and classes or to like their various pages. These are people who never interact on my page and haven’t even responded to my messages to them. (And I don't send out generic messages to my whole contact list!) Sometimes, after I’ve checked out their requested page or group, I try to invite them to like a page of mine. What do you know? Their settings are such that they cannot receive such invitations – the kind they just sent to me. Interesting. Certain people claiming friendship actually turned out to be not. Found this out the hard way when I could use some help in Costa Rica and in Hawaii by their response or utter lack thereof. Slowly, I have been decreasing the number of my FB friends and focusing more on the quality thereof.

On the bright side, I’ve had perfect strangers kindly take me in. Strangers who have evolved into wonderful friends. Since they are all around the world, in places I don’t know if I will ever re-visit, we may not meet in person again. But that matters not as far as our connection. We are now also permanently in each other’s hearts. Of course, there are many perfect not strangers who have graciously taken me in as well as more generous standing offers than I can count. I am so blessed!

Like many in this cyber age, I have a number of friends I’ve never actually met in person. However, one very special one stands out. We started out very young (same age, same grade) as pen pals. In the era of hand-written letters, paper photos, and cassettes, we exchanged many treasures across the years and miles. I feel like I know her and am closer to her than thousands of people I’ve actually met and physically hugged.

A few of my friends are unique in that we can
sense our energetic connection bordering telepathy. It is so refreshing knowing no words are necessary to relate.

I also feel that people come into our lives (and we theirs) for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Whatever kinds of friendships we share are all to be appreciated. They all exist to bless us. Here is a shout out to anyone who has ever been a friend to me from the time I entered this world…..including furred, feathered, scaled, finned and leafy ones….
Thank You All for being in my life. Thank you for the unique light you bring. Thank you for being the best “you” possible assisting me in being the highest version of myself. I request that any of my friends reading this, whether we use human words to communicate or not, join forces – forces in consciousness. In joining our lights we are a bright beacon assisting each other and others in moving forward at this auspicious time. We are the ones creating….a whole new world!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Selling My Soul

From a young age I despised selling. It conjured up images of swindling, unscrupulous salesmen
Anoush Stanboulian Art
taking unfair advantage of trusting people interested in making their lives better. As I got older, I realized it wasn’t only the door to door variety of salesmen that were manipulating people – or the ones in the stores. There were actually people selling ideas and beliefs with the same manipulative “selling” tools – basically brainwashing. My disdain for selling increased. Then, was in the position of selling. Selling myself, my skills and products in my business. Oh, I loved how I helped people but never really got comfortable with the selling aspect.

Since then, besides my business Universal Wellness, I’ve had experience selling in a plethora of arenas. Selling houses, land, cars, boats, and a hotel. I’ve sold motorcycles, bicycles, treadmills and other exercise equipment. My experience spanned dozens of selling platforms for real estate and more including Craigslist and venues social media has to offer. Even got myself kicked out of one for selling banned items – visualize stiletto heeled shoes triggering a weapon alert. I could write a book about selling and the entertaining aspects thereof including prospects’ behavior. “Oh, I didn’t actually read the ad.”  “No, I didn’t look at the pictures.” “This WILL fit in the back of my SUV!”  Don’t look for it though, as it would bring me no pleasure reliving all that.

Beauty I’ve had difficulty selling has been my Gifts From the Sea. I have always been artistic - blossoming via a variety of mediums. Combining my love of the beach and creativity was only natural. Over the years, I joyfully hand-crafted numerous sea treasures – always with the loved ones in mind who would delightfully receive them. Needs arose making money (in my  as little money as possible world) necessary. At first, it was difficult to even create my masterpieces without a specific person in mind. I overcame that imagining mystery recipient being excited to have it. Envisioning the loving energy with which it was infused enhancing their life also helped. But then there was that thing about charging money. It was like charging money for love. Then again, if everything we do is with love, the money we get for anything is for love. Thankfully, there are some people who understand that and pay….with love 💖

One of the things I’ve had varying degrees of success selling – depending on how you measure – is of a concept. I thought I’d be starting a tropical spa retreat many moons back. Hundreds of people were interested in participating in one manner or another. Years have flown by yet the perfect retreat location remains elusive. However a surprising number of supporters continue to fuel the flame with their belief. Periodically I get a reminder asking about “progress” or confirming their faith in me. I still don’t know whether this place will be manifested or not. Still have no substantial news to share about it. To all you wonderful Loved Ones, I swirl my continued gratitude. You mean so much to me! What I do know is I am still selling a concept.
The vision is of a brighter way of living. Imagine entering another level of consciousness in which we are powerful, beyond our current imagination, and can create our own worlds. And no, I am not selling by manipulation or force. I am not seeking only personal gain – although the more people living in joy benefit everyone else. I am selling by my example – giving people a glimpse of other possibilities. If they are interested, they can proceed on their own without obligation. Their innate - inner guidance will take over, if allowed, with the best path for each individual. I have basically bared / sold my soul for this endeavor. I am not here to show you The Way. I am selling/showing/shining you A Way. Now it’s up to you if you want to use any of my ideas or example in helping you forge a new, blissful, loving path for yourself!

Now I ask you….. What are you selling?

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Valentine’s Day Forever

My favorite holiday ~ Valentine’s Day ~
approaches. Yet again, its spirit being one I embody all year through. Having a special holiday for Love💟, the collective Love Quotient of humanity energetically spikes around this time - similar to when disaster hits and people rally around to assist with love and support. The delightful bonus Valentine beauty is that this love beam radiates more intensely as result of positive prompting.

Although the general interpretation is a romantic connection 💞between two people, that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what Love fully encompasses. Unconditional love💗 is a concept most humans have yet to grasp. Some think you loving them unconditionally means you will be physically there for them no matter how disrespectfully they treat you. That’s far from the truth as, if you did that, you wouldn’t be honoring and loving yourself. The closest example I can think of humans feeling unconditional love is when a mother holds and gazes upon her newborn baby for the first time. Words just can’t express the emotion and Love 💛enveloping the two of them as time stands still. And (I know this is controversial) even if you aren’t a mother now, everyone in some lifetime has been a mother, unless you are a "newbie" but that's a topic for another day. Everyone can conjure up a semblance of that sublime feeling. Just imagine how it will be when everyone shares unconditional love with all other beings on the planet! “Imagine all the people…” Our thoughts/emotions are mighty and this is an extremely potent time for positive shift.
Art by Daniel Holeman

As you can surmise, as humanity is only starting to awaken, it isn’t always prudent to look deeply into another’s eyes and say, “I love you” when reflecting unconditional love.💜 I am still paying the price for that – one of the reasons I remain vague about my current location. However, there are no mistakes, only cause and effect, and love will prevail 💖

Art by Daniel Holeman
Here’s a warm fuzzy idea. Consider, this Valentine’s Season, romancing yourself. Fall in love💘, again or for the first time, with who you are – just the way you are. I don’t mean in a narcissistic way in which you simply use others for your personal gain. If you truly love and honor the extension of God that you are, you will respect all around you. The more you love yourself on this higher plane, the more powerful you become and capable of bringing more joy and light to others. Unless your cup is full, ye overflowing, you cannot abundantly fill the cups of others.

Lovingly hand-crafted Hearts of the Sea 💙can help fuel Amor in a unique manner - $8 plus $2 shipping. Free shipping for orders of 5 or more going to the same address. Of course, there is no rush to get these amorous sea treasures in time to give for Valentine’s Day. Surprise someone any day in a heartfelt way.

A celebration of Love 💚would not be complete without an over sprinkling of gratitude. 🙏Ongoing thanks to all who have assisted and encouraged me both recently and over the years/lifetimes. Donations, food, shelter, leads, purchasing my offerings, sending a few kind words and energetic support are all so deeply appreciated. And most of all….your Love!

Happy Love Day! 💕Happy Love Month!
Remember to BE your own Valentine! May every aspect of your life be infused with the glorious enchantment of Love!