Friday, April 27, 2018

Treasure Hunt

My Quest continues, as perhaps does yours. Mine to possibly find my Tropical Paradise -  Yours….well fill that part in yourself. Of course, getting to or being something or having is not the be all end all. It is the joy of the Journey, the thrill of the chase, the fun of the hunt! I delight multiple times a day in finding the clues or Winks from Heaven as I call them.

On a local neighborhood walk, I noticed a collection of yard sale leftovers by the curb for the taking, or the trash. Not having a house, didn’t need the desk or the carpet cleaner. Even though ribbon was provided, I’m past typewriters too. Nice couple of tennis rackets yet not in the market. But that little cardboard box…..with the pencil writing…. Could it really be DOLPHIN MERMAID inside?! YES!! Another sign I am in exactly the right place at the right time no matter how crazy my life may seem.

Blissfully on the beach morning and night, I had the opportunity for infinite surprises.  Although not big on them, I have an eye for shark teeth. I have found and given away more than I can count. However, if you think about it, shark teeth are shaped a lot like hearts and I see hundreds of hearts on the beach daily. Brings to mind one Master's wisdom, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Now for the Key Miracle: It was a gorgeous morning prompting my long sleeve shirt off as I was flying over the sand about one and a half miles out. After running what I deemed enough, I broke into a comfortable walk. I was feeling light noticing more beauty each moment.  The vibrant pinks and purples of the sky as the sun rose were particularly awe-striking. “Move On” by ABBA looped in my head. It was probably initially prompted by the larger than usual crashing waves, thanks to the 20-25mph winds, ….like a roller in the ocean….  On my return trip, I’d picked up shells, shark teeth and bits of sea glass but was curious about what I saw next. A purple coil key bracelet peeked out from under a piece of seaweed freshly tossed up by the previous wave. "It looks just like mine", I mused as I nudged it with my toe revealing the attached key, only to realize it WAS mine! Incredulously I retrieved it. Up to that point, I wasn’t even aware that it was missing from my wrist! It was an absolute miracle considering so many factors: It had to have come off when I removed my shirt in the darkness about one and a half miles out of the five to six miles north I'd traveled. It was hours since I’d lost it and returned to that vicinity. I don’t walk a straight line on the beach rather up to the grasses then down into the water curious puppy fashion. By that time, many other folks would have passed that spot. I guess the Universe wanted me to be in a state of Wonder and Appreciation sans the worry that might have occurred had I noticed it was gone.

Pastry Artist Jovana Uneitis Boksen is the Magician behind The Artistic Whisk in St. Pete’s Florida. The most delicious and glorious creations are conjured by her and her amazing team. Recently I had the pleasure of being an honorary team member for a day. While not what I am usually referring to as “my shell crafts”, this was a sweet, fun experience for me. Jovana surprised me later with a photo of the gorgeous cake my handiwork was used to decorate. Love all those little shells and starfish! Thank you Jovana for this memorable treat! A new retail bakery in St. Petersburg, Florida is in the works for Jovana. If you have any leads for a large space for a production bakery, please get in touch with her. And, if you are anywhere in the area needing to supply a celebration or special event with extraordinary confections to delight your guests, contact The Artistic Whisk 

While I’m never sure what the future holds – until it is the Present – if you feel you’ve wanted to try Wellness Coaching by Phone, NOW is the time. I’m pretty sure I can complete a six week program with you if you contact me soon. Remember, our journey starts with a complimentary consultation to make sure it will be appropriate and successful!

Thank you so much for all your support and love on this Treasure Hunt called Life. May your personal signs, clues, and discoveries bring you abundant treasures each and every day!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Continuing Through the Labyrinth

When coaching clients, I suggest it unwise to discuss things perceived as negative or unwanted unless it helps the person telling or helps the person hearing. Someone sharing a challenge with another can be positive if it results in that other person assisting with the solution or healing. Sometimes I relate tales of difficulties personally encountered along with things that helped me through to inspire others on their journeys. It is my belief that sharing from fear, gossip or simply to get attention just makes the problem bigger and attracts more of the unwanted into our lives.

That being established, I share things that could be perceived as less than desirable in this message. Yet, as pointed out in my previous post Happy Love Month, who is to say what is positive or negative but our very perceptions! Besides, there is always observation – in which one notices things without making judgment of them.

For about six weeks I was without my computer. This was a huge game changer for me as so many aspects of my life, humanly speaking, are on that piece of technology. Unlike others, I don’t use a smartphone although I have been offered one by a number of generous friends. And dang technology! My antique phone as well as my usually awesome camera were playing shenanigans of their own. On top of that, the place I stayed for a month didn’t have cell reception or wi-fi……something I didn’t discover until after committing to stay for a month! For me this was a perfect storm of inability to communicate on a human level. If I was self-sufficient in my secluded tropical Paradise Island of my dreams, this lack of communication would be just fine with me. But operating in the manner I have been, gypsy style, it certainly made life interesting to say the least. 

Also noted previously, both Costco and Dell fell short big time with regard to my computer and customer service. I will only go into more detail on an individual basis if it is helpful to someone making decisions involving either in the future. At the same time, I would like to shout from the rooftops the praises of AXICOM. They not only ran the extra mile on my behalf, they ran a technology marathon for me! They have the most amazing IT team and I encourage you to look into their offerings. Whether you have imminent needs for IT support, service or products, or just have them in your resources for the future, you’ll be glad you found them!!

Staying at the beach close location was originally anticipated for six months. Two days in, for various reasons, it was clear I’d only be staying for the month I was already obligated. This significantly changed my hopes and affected many of my activities not knowing how long I’d be in the area. As usual, it is simply one day at a time (or often one minute at a time) as I continue to navigate the labyrinth of life as peacefully as possible.

One of the most amazing gifts the month of February did present was the opportunity to experience beach magic every morning and evening. For me there is nothing like the exhilaration of running barefoot in the sand with occasional kisses splashed by the warm waves. Most of my mornings started under a magical celestial canopy of ever-changing moon, twinkling stars and familiar planets. Being my church, the beach would witness my gratitude, my questions, my hopes and ideas as each new day dawned. Evenings found me, yet again, in my happy place. While happiness in an inside job, there are certain locations that make it flow more easily and naturally. Everyone is different regarding the spaces that help them recharge. For me, the “right” beach can make all my challenges, doubts and wishes simply dissolve into wonder. Dolphin friends appeared on a number of occasions to lift my mood even more as they distinctly played with me. And the sunsets….Majestic!

I do have a funny Green Flash story. For over a decade I’ve heard the stories of others seeing this spectacular flash of green light the second the sun went down. Hundreds of sunset performances later – especially watching intently at that last second – I saw nothing resembling the reports. I began to think it was just an optical illusion caused by one staring at the sun so long. Researching youtube videos didn’t help my perception much. I’m thinking, that tiny hint of green they videoed with much hullabaloo is “The” Green Flash? While reviewing my photos (after I got my computer back) of the oodles of beach photos I took, one captured my attention. My camera obviously caught something I hadn’t seen. The Green Flash! So here it is for you to enjoy and decide what levels of excitement you wish to attribute to it 😊  Note: You may need to enlarge the photo to the right to actually see what I'm talking about. Or you can ask me to email it to you!

At the current time, it appears I will remain technologically connected enough for Wellness Coaching by Phone. If you’ve contemplated getting a boost with the way you navigate your personal labyrinth in joy, contact me and we’ll set up a complimentary consultation to determine appropriateness.

Wishing you much delight and happy surprises on your journey. Watch out for those impish fairies and leprechauns. Here and there I’m hearing tales of their playful mischief……

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Universal Wellness: Happy Love Month!

Universal Wellness: Happy Love Month!: I was almost going to skip this month’s blog post as I didn’t know what upbeat news I could brighten your life with. Don’t misunderstand. ...

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happy Love Month!

I was almost going to skip this month’s blog post as I didn’t know what upbeat news I could brighten your life with. Don’t misunderstand. There are always infinite situations and things for me to be grateful for at any given time – including the fact that you are reading this right now! There are the constants like the Earth, Sea and the Sky up above…..but I couldn’t think of positive things in my ongoing quest that didn’t require a long, drawn-out explanation.

Then I remembered, from previous feedback I’d received, that people want to hear about staying upbeat, or as close as possible, through challenges. Every day has its mix of ups and downs which holds true for every new place I land. Consider, for a moment, a big slide on a playground. One climbs up the steps then gleefully slides down. Who is to decide one is positive and the other negative but our own perception of the experience? I choose to see all as having some positive bearing in my life. Again, don’t get me wrong …..This ISN’T always easy! Drastic times sometimes call for drastic measures… sometimes allowing myself to wallow in a Pity Party before returning to my desired mental track. There are a number of factors that have gotten me to this state of BEing……

First: I make Happiness both a goal and a choice.
Second: I determine factors that contribute to my joy and those that detract from it. Whenever feasible, I increase the former and decrease the latter.
Third: Sometimes, in less than desirable situations, I catch myself noticing the ugly stuff – the things most people justify focusing on claiming, “That’s just  reality.” While it may be their reality, I don’t choose it to be mine. So I gently shift my attention to a more pleasing “reality”… majestic sunsets or velvety roses, delectable chocolates or a child’s musical laugh.
Fourth: I only interact, as much as possible, with others who also choose to focus on the bright side. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, the folks we are around frequently rub off on us.
Fifth: I have made these practices a way of life for decades. While not “perfect” all the time, my habit is to be vigilant for the light and….choose happiness.
So what’s happening in my world? More questions than answers! I had a number of international opportunities I was considering from California. For one reason or other, they all felt like I’d be forcing things when I started to pursue them. Needing to move on for my personal well-BEing, I traveled to my “Happy In-Between” place. Maybe more to report on that next month.

As the sun kisses my face and the waves wash my feet, I hope you have, in some way, been inspired, entertained and/or felt the Love flowing to you through these blog posts. Thanks so much for following and lighting up my life!!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Family and Friends

I thought I was called to California for a two-fold purpose. One was complete, though not without its share of challenges. But the abundant joys delightfully won out. It’s up there as one of the happiest times of my life. The other was a case of someone’s bright intentions being followed by the lack of commitment to make it happen. Sometimes peoples’ decades old habits can keep them trapped their whole lives. I was a bit bummed but kept in mind not to take others’ choices personally. As much as I’d like to change the world…..I can only be fully responsible for myself.

This brings up a couple more observations. First, many of us have been raised in a culture of thinking being selfish is negative and being selfless a virtue. We, particularly women, were conditioned to take care of everyone else first. Then, if time and resources remained, tend to one’s own needs. By now most have heard the drill on an airplane about the oxygen masks. If you are traveling with a child or someone who needs assistance, put your mask on first then help others. Same thing with life. The healthier you are in mind and body, the more powerfully you can assist others. Of course, there are exceptions here that chapters can be written about. However, for the most part, this is true. If you are completely selfless and don’t take care of your own needs, you will not be able to be the shining change in the world you can so powerfully be. Abraham via Esther Hicks says, “If we were standing in your physical shoes, that would be our dominant quest: Entertaining Yourself, pleasing Yourself, connecting with Yourself, being Yourself, enjoying Yourself, loving Yourself. Some say, “Well, Abraham you teach selfishness.” And we say, yes we do, yes we do, yes we do, because unless you are selfish enough to reach for that connection, you don’t have anything to give anyone, anyway. And when you are selfish enough to make that connection—you have an enormous gift that you give everywhere you are.” What one thing can you do today to nurture yourself in order to honor God inside you and more significantly have a positive impact for others?

The other self-observation revealed I was still managing to attract people with not so healthy personality traits in my life. On a more optimistic note, I now recognize it much more quickly. Noticing has allowed me to be able to shift paths and not have the negative effects that I unwittingly allowed in the past. It is a daily practice of mine to visualize and invite only healthy and positive situations in my world. The more viscerally and deeply I feel this reality inside, the more profoundly I see it in my outside world. I invite you to please join me in creating Heaven on Earth starting with wherever                                                                   on Planet Earth you happen to be playing in at this time.

For my part, in California I ended up assisting in three moves. Seems like that is one of my
gifts/callings as I have helped family and friends in this manner numerous times over the years. This might even be an expected natural ability for a gypsy/traveler. Fun fact: My maiden name is Pauckert. That got mutilated regularly and frequently became Packer. It is a joke in our family that we are good packers (not to be confused with The Packers) and I teasingly vie with my Mom for the claim of being the best. Too long a story for now, but one of the moving processes resulted in receiving 4 tickets to the Wax Museum in Hollywood - thanks Hollywood Storage! It was a fun opportunity to enjoy time with family.

Without all my Angels in the wings (pun intended), I would not be able to have come this far on my
incredible journey. I bow in deep gratitude and appreciation to each one of you – and you know who you are reading this! A shout out to  AXICOM provider of high-quality and affordable IT services for small and medium businesses….and gypsies. While Costco and Dell were less than stellar on many counts with my computers, once again, the Knights in shining armor of AXICOM rode in to save the day! Some of you who know me closely also know that I’m often seriously tempted to disappear into the jungle and oust all electronic technology. AXICOM is definitely a big reason you and I are still in communication and you are reading this at all! While I never know for sure where my path may lead, it appears we will remain connected on this physical plane for some time to come. Abundant blessings and thank YOU for brightening my world!