Friday, October 26, 2018

Halloween, Wisdom and Gifts From The Sea

It’s the magical month of Halloween and Samhain which (or is it "witch"?)
almost rhymes with Halloween, flowing into Dia de Los Muertos. It is a time of fun and perhaps pretending to be someone or something else. My dreamy blue princess dress of my previous 2 posts Magic Always Comes With A Price and Wisdom Does NOT necessarily come With Age – brought back memories of Halloween nobility I assumed as a young child. I am claiming that royalty again and invite you to do so as well. It may not be “royalty” you resonate with but, perhaps, another race, alien roots, or a superhero you are ready to BE! Whatever it is, now is a great time to “try it on”. Perhaps you may carry powerful feelings from playing a character to BEing elements of that essence in your daily life.

Also, in reference to September’s blog post, Wisdom Does NOT Necessarily Come With Age, I’d like to introduce a wise friend Dayna Martin. This amazing mother of four embodies honoring children as the Little Masters they are. Dayna has been inspiring others for over a decade by sharing her experience through natural birth, attachment parenting and Unschooling. She is an activist, educator and author of, Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, and her newest book, Sexy Birth. Dayna is also a speaker, peaceful parenting coach, doula, midwife, anarchist and raw vegan chef and owner of the raw vegan business, Rawk Starz. For more visit her website.

Someday.....when I find the tropical beach of my visions, I see myself conjuring meaningful, intricate shell crafts to gift dear ones and possibly sell. When I was in California, my daughter got the idea to play with shell creations together. We made a variety utilizing mostly Mother Nature’s bounty and repurposed items. For a sampling of a few, please visit our online store It would honor us too, if you are on facebook, to “like” our page there. We are also on Instagram  but I’m not tech savvy enough to be very active there. Perhaps you will find that perfect little something for those special people in your life during the holidays or just because. Maybe the magic of a unique handcrafted with love item will speak to you personally! If you see anything on facebook or Instagram you are interested in, but don’t see it on etsy, please contact us. We’ll let you know if the item is still available.

Your support is appreciated whether you like, share or buy!

Maybe the energy of these Gifts from the Sea will help me get a little closer to “my place”. What I do know is the energy of our connection makes this world a brighter place. Thanks for BEing YOU!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Wisdom Does NOT Automatically Come With Age

Babies emerge into the world these days remembering more than previous generations about where they incarnated from. They are more resistant when the aged ones try to imbue in them information contrary to their innate knowing. These “older ones” range from well-meaning to mis-guided to downright insidious intent bent on brainwashing the masses for their own ends.

This is not to fault the older ones at all. Beliefs and concepts were imbedded into their psyche at a tender age only to be constantly reinforced as they continued through life. No, there is no fault, especially when we realize much was done out of what they thought was love or for whom they thought was God.

It is not Wisdom that comes with age but experience. While some of us may have got through similar happenings in life, we each have our unique experience of it. Those experiences, combined with the workings of our mind and the power of our spirit, result in what we see as true. A wise person realizes that there is infinitely more to know than our human minds can currently fathom. The more a wise person knows, the more that individual senses the infinity of the unknown.

It will indeed be a glorious age when children being born are acknowledged as wise – not empty vessels that it is the duty of parents, teachers and others to fill with their beliefs. Adults are the guardians of these precious tiny Beings of Knowing. It would greatly enhance the entire human race if these little ones where treated with respect as the Little Masters that they are. It is the responsibility of the adults to care for and help these new arrivals to navigate this planet in the particular body they chose this time around. The adults have the power to honor and evoke the expansion of the child’s innate wisdom. They also have the power to squelch that light and replace it with what is commonly accepted as truth by most. The more people believe as they always have, the more history repeats itself over and over – except perhaps, with new names. When the children and their “radical” ideas are respected, things shift. People begin to get in touch with their own truth. Every once in a while, an adult has an epiphany. They may think they are being given a vision from Heaven (hmmm, you could say they are). They are actually tapping into the original wisdom they were born with – that knowing that has been buried under layers of others’ teachings for decades.

I hadn’t planned this blog post to be a continuation of a story from my previous Magic Always Comes With A Price. In it, I spoke of a little princess wearing a satin dress of cerulean blue. Against all odds according to conventional wisdom, within a couple weeks of that post, that very princess dress magically appeared in my life again! I am not ready to share the price I had to pay with the world right now. Suffice it to say, my faith was renewed and faltering trust restored.

As my time on this planet increases in years, my knowledge increases too. However, the more I know, the more I realize how infinitely little this human named Michelle actually knows. I may just be scratching the surface of wisdom.

With each generation coming in wiser, and more resistant to detrimental information, Louie Armstrong may have been onto something in What A Wonderful World

Wishing you a wonderful day and more wisdom filled moments no matter what your chronological age. And, as always, thank you for being on this journey with me!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Magic Always Comes With A Price

Once upon a time a little, seemingly average, girl dreamed of being a princess. Immediately one would think, “That’s pretty normal. Lots of little girls dream of being princesses.” Heck, Disney made sure of that too. Around 6 years of age, she donned her mother’s gorgeous cerulean blue satin dress and the jeweled golden crown she’d fashioned herself. It was Halloween and one of the last times she’d be allowed to be a princess for many years to come. Externally, that is, because she was…..Abby Normal. Something in her deepest memories always glowed, albeit at times faintly, a knowing of magic – all kinds of magic! One of her NOW choices is to live that magic as much as possible here on Planet Earth.
But more about that later.

There is a positive reason, or magic if you will, swirling around every
happening. When I was in Florida, a few months back, I could have easily stayed months longer. I had a beautiful, comfortable place to stay. I loved the balmy weather, tropical plants and critters all around. Yet something was telling me, in no uncertain terms, it was time to move on. No why, just go! Sometime later, I would come to understand why. The Universe was sparing me incredible heartbreak. One of the main purposes for me being in Florida is to be on the beach experiencing as many breathtaking sunrises and sunsets as possible. The deep level of communing with nature for me under those circumstances is hard to explain in human language. Alas, a devastating Red Tide began almost immediately after my departure. Its epic destruction and duration continue to this very day. I could not have been able to bear the sight of so many of my friends, dead on the beach and floating lifeless in the water. I would not have been able to breath or tolerate the stinging in my eyes there either. Sometimes the magic is that we are whisked away – protected from situations not preferred. The Universe knows I can help others better when I dwell in joy!

Here is one of the countless ways Joy has blessed me. After mentioning how I used to give greeting cards in my previous post, a former recipient of such greetings gifted me with a several. And not just any cards, but ones that featured her exquisite fine art and photography. You too can enjoy them via Thank You Dear Kathy! You have brought ongoing joy to me since the time we met and bring immeasurable joy to the world!

Magic Always Comes With A Price – it is always the effect of something aka the price. I previously touched on that with nothing being “free” in Who is this blog for? Each day I look for, or create, the magic in the place where I am as I move closer to another place I’d like to be. I find something to feel joy about while fulfilling my purpose in whatever place I currently am. And, I continue taking baby steps to manifesting another reality. To that end, I again put out my request for leads and information. If you have any ideas or connections to someone in a tropical beach area with warm turquoise waters that needs assistance, please let me know. It could be house-sitting, childcare assistance, travel companion, deck hand, or other mutually beneficial work exchange situation. Kindly contact me to share thoughts
or get more details on help I can provide.

What is the price of everyday magic?
Here is a short beginning to the Neverending Story:
* Ongoing decisions to see the wonder right where you are
* Lighten up – have more fun
* Willingness to be happy over right
* Don’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff)
* Imagine/see the world as you delightfully wish it to be
* Recognizing you are on this stage called life and can determine your individual performance
* Shining your light to others constantly making this world a brighter place
* Commitment to live happily ever after

                                                                 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for those for whom it is created. Cryptic huh? No doubt those for whom it is written will “get it” though. Sometimes I even wonder why I continue to publish it as I am generally a very private individual and it is a challenge putting so much out there for the world to see. People who know me best realize I could easily become a recluse… long as it is amidst a lush tropical beach on turquoise, dolphin frequented waters! Yet every month I get one to three heart-felt responses poignantly reminding me exactly why I continue making these posts. If I assist even one person in picking themselves up or turning their lives around for the better, my efforts are more than worthwhile.

The practical aspect of sharing this information with others I have touched on before in Communication and Technology  In today’s fast paced, high tech world, with the ability to connect with thousands regularly and meeting new people daily, it is virtually impossible to maintain contact as in days gone by. In what now feels like a prior lifetime, I would annually send out hundreds of handwritten cards for all occasions, birthdays, thank yous, anniversaries, and cheer as well as numerous holidays. I’d call people, not only for their birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, but just to say hi and see how things were going. Presently, its’s a miracle to keep up in these areas just with my immediate family. Yet so many people, both relatives and friends, ask what I am up to and want me to stay in touch. This blog, in a small way, helps facilitate keeping in touch. Ironically, many folks who wonder what’s happening in my world, won’t read my blog although they’d read the same info in an email or listen enthusiastically over the phone. Each to their own. We all do the best we can 😊

In my years of officially personal training, going to my clients’ homes and offices to coach, it was much clearer what my work was. Wellness Coaching over the Phone - clear as well. Now however, my “work” is far more encompassing and not as easy to define in human words. In addition, by choice, I generally don’t get paid in money for what I “do”.  My beach ministry scores me spectacular views, smiles, leads, invitations, dolphin entertainment, shells, sea glass and refreshment. Often my communication online with a potential host, an exchange site, fb or similar, I get the satisfaction of brightening someone’s day besides providing and receiving valuable information. This leads me to
the topic of free travel and/or accommodations. In just a few years, the number has skyrocketed of folks living alternate lifestyles. House-sitting, care taking, pet-sitting, travel companions, and work exchange situations can be found world-wide. What constantly catches my attention, and makes me laugh, is the regular promotion of “free accommodation” or “free travel”. There are blogs written and courses taught on how to participate in such. Websites have sprung up overnight for house-sitting, work trade and more. I guess “free” is a good attention grabber but, upon reading the content, it is never free. It is an exchange. The ads are particularly humorous that state “free stay” followed by a long list of the work one is expected to do. Don’t get me wrong! I am not against working in exchange for one’s keep. I’ve been doing this for years! Free press trips and FAM (familiarization) trips….same thing. They are not free! These trips are provided and hosted in exchange for the participant writing enticing articles about them (including getting them published) or promoting travel to one’s clientele to the areas traveled. Again, this is awesome, it’s just not free. Perhaps someday there will be a world where things are done and given for free. This bright concept is being cultivated by many, Freeworlder for one. Check it out if this way of life appeals to you. Of course, nothing is still done/given absolutely freely……one does it for the benefits there of. Benefits include smiles on other’s faces, warm hugs, wagging tails, healthier lifestyle and that feeling of joy inside for accomplishing noble actions!

On the topic of work trade situations, I am looking for leads again. There are numerous ways I can assist hosts. Here is an example on one of the websites I occasionally look for connections  - LuxuryHousesitting As you may know by now, I am on a Quest of sorts. The ideal place for a win-win work exchange for me is on or in walking distance of a tropical sandy beach. The closer to the account I revealed in Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream the better!  If you have any ideas or know anyone who may be instrumental in landing my next trade adventure, please share.

Thank you all, both new readers and old friends, for being on this journey together. It enhances all our lives in countless ways. YOU are who this blog is written for. Remember to always enjoy your NOW!