Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

And all that is gold does not glitter. Sit back and relax while I regale you with the ongoing tale of a Gypsy Wanderer from an intimate perspective.

Most people living “normal” lives cannot fathom the life I have been living since 2009. Personally, I don’t know how many years previous were preparing me for such either – perhaps since birth. Normal people, in this context, are those who subscribe to beliefs such as: You have to work hard at a job to have the things you want. Hard work is necessary to achieve or be deserving of just about anything. You have to have a secure job to ensure you will have enough for retirement. One must have savings, provisions, insurance etc. for a “rainy day”.

Not a typical being, I have lived outside the “normal” paradigm for quite a while now…..time pretty much blending one year to the next. This has led to extraordinarily amazing happenings and some, not so thrilling, quite interesting situations. People have chided me for soliciting contributions. This was in regard to my general open request via my blog, not even asking them personally. Some individuals, who I considered close friends and thought we understood each other, have even asked me to stop communicating with them. On a kinder note, people have offered me regular jobs as well as assistance in getting a “JOB”.

These wonderful, well-meaning humans, have no comprehension of my journey and mission right now. Heck, I have difficulty understanding it myself periodically. As far as those people go, I bless them for their thoughtful intentions. If they wish to hold to those age old beliefs, far be it from me to try to shift their opinions. It is their prerogative to believe what they want and feel is appropriate for them. Although they might want to watch The Matrix! (Sorry, couldn’t resist throwing that in.) 

For those who have a clue, you may or may not know what an infinite blessing you are in my life! I cannot thank you enough for all your support via your love, your words, food, money, housing, services and positive energies. In fact, there are times when some of you believe in me more than I do. Yes, I DO have my “moments”. You are all Earth Angels both to me and all you touch by way of your far reaching ripple effect. You are, indeed, part of the Heaven on Earth Construction Team!

As far as my wanderings, it is true I don’t know much about my future and where it may take me. However, I regularly follow the signs indicating which direction to go or, often, which road not to travel. It is my joy and delight to share the gifts only I can impart to those open to receive along the way. Whilst involved in those bright endeavors, I feel so magically in my element! It is a high only known by those following their true path (not necessarily the one others say they “should” be on). Much continues to be a mystery for me but I always know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, my very next appropriate step. This is due to a conscious choice, made many years ago, to live in the present moment. Although not always easy, it is a very empowering place to live in/from.

There’s a saying many align with, “Everything Happens for a Reason!” I used to be extremely pessimistic so that saying then was for me along the lines that everything happens for a reason and that is to mess with me. Having since done a complete 180, when I use the phrase, I always add quietly inside….and is for my highest good and the highest good of all! On occasion I am gifted with the knowing of some of those “reasons” but much of the time not. This is where faith and trust come in! An amazing, wise friend of mine, Annalene Hart wrote a brilliant blog post that describes another place I find myself once in a blue moon….. The Surprising Gift Of Confusion  Can you relate?? However, even a temporary state of confusion does not equate to being “lost”. Numerous are the purposes for my journey that I know but human language fails me in my desire to convey such. Perhaps in the future, I will discover a way…..if it is for the highest good of all.

For now I encourage you to think about your personal journey in this very moment. Are you living your truth, whether or not you can clearly explain it to another? Are you allowing others’ opinions to influence your journey in ways that aren’t in alignment with your own heart? Are you doing things a certain way solely because that’s the way they’ve always been done? Is there some small step you can take today that would put you more in unity with your heart’s purpose?

I am not suggesting anyone live logistically as I am at all. Different strokes for different folks. I simply wish to be a mirror for you living your truth. There are many ways of living outside the mainstream “automatic” – Check out Money - Not the Only Currency & Freeworlder. Whether you choose to live more “normal” or off the beaten path, please remember to always live in integrity…..always be true to yourself! Namaste ~

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