Friday, February 20, 2015

Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream

A few folks reading this already are aware of some of my “unique” ways of being and seeing the world. Some of you personally see and understand things in a similar way to me so mine aren’t that strange to you at all. For the rest, though, I have been guarding and choosing my words carefully so people might accept that there may indeed be other ways of looking at things instead of dismissing the whole idea as craziness from the first line – kinda like throwing out the baby with the bath water. Btw, if you don’t know where that saying came from, look it up, it may surprise you. When one really thinks about it, you may be surprised how many people stay stuck in the same old ways and thoughts just because it is too uncomfortable making changes. But this message is not to make anyone uncomfortable…..just maybe to prompt you to rethink what you always do just because it has always been done. And if, for any reason, my sharing does spawn discomfort, please stop right now and shift your focus. Just take it in as entertainment. You are all very special to me and your individual journey is unique to you. My wish is for you to enjoy every step of the way as much as possible.

Back to sharing from my perspective. Many of you are familiar with references I have made over the years about looking to manifest a tropical spa retreat but aren’t aware of how it all began. I wasn’t just day-dreaming 15 or so years ago and thought, “What a cool, fun idea it would be to create a spa retreat!” No. In fact, from a strictly human preferential point of view, the idea didn’t particularly thrill me at all. It would take a lot of work and involve dealing with lots of people most of the time. Oh, I knew I was totally capable of doing everything necessary and could enjoy it but just because we are capable of doing something doesn’t necessarily mean we have to do it. What came to me that day was, as I can best describe, like some kind of a download similar to what we get on our computers. All this information came through. All these details poured forth about this tropical spa retreat. As far as I know, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced something like this. It was far different from brainstorming or planning or playing with some brilliant idea. I decided I either had a very vivid imagination or it was some sort of Divine Download. At the time, and still today, I responded, “If this is meant to be, show me the way. I will gladly walk through doors peacefully. I will not beat down doors and make things happen”. That was my old way, I would force things to happen even if it cost my health, physically or spiritually. My current life is based on decisions and actions that bring me peace. All these years I have been following my inner guidance very well. It has taken me here, there and everywhere….except to the place of that “download”. I don’t know all the whys and wherefores but do know we have choices in everything and are responsible for our own destiny.

So what would I personally desire from a strictly human perspective? That answer isn’t simple to explain either although I can simply conjure up the feeling of it in an instant. For a number of years (and I don’t even know how many), I have had numerous variations of a recurring dream both sleeping and awake. I am either coming from or returning to my sweet home on the beach. I am familiar with the back of the house to one side as that is where I go out and come in from. It is like from a kitchen or dining area and right next to it on that side of the house is my shell craft room and display area. I know that the room next to this kitchen is my bedroom because I have seen out to the ocean from this room but not many times in this awareness. I take a couple steps down from my porch and I am right on a gorgeous white sandy beach that extends for miles.
I am aware of the miles as sometimes I run on it and other times I am walking for as far as I desire (not because the beach ended). I have never seen what may be referred to as the “front” of the house – the part facing away from the beach. There is thick tropical foliage all around. I see (and smell) plumeria, hibiscus, ginger, palm trees, vines and such. If I have any neighbors, they are not very close or obscured by the trees and I have no awareness of them. I often enter the warm, clear, turquoise waters and have frequent close dolphin encounters. It is on a west facing beach (if it is on this planet) as I see the sun sink into the ocean. There are infinitely more details that I could go into.
Could this be the result of a very vivid imagination?
Could it be me living in a parallel dimension? Or could it be a future I will create somewhere in this world? I have definitely posed all these questions to myself keeping in mind I create my reality or realities depending on how many are being considered. If there is an actual location on this planet that matches my “vision”, I would definitely recognize it if I encountered it in this plane of existence. In this tropical paradise I would love to live and share my gifts. I see myself living naturally and vibrantly in complimentary communion with Gaia. While enjoying the many treasures of my
surroundings, I would lovingly create the shell crafts I have envisioned for years. My skills with
crystals would be vividly remembered and utilized for the good of humanity. Happily I would host people in a setting that would equate to a tropical retreat for them.

It is sometimes ironic what peoples’ perceptions are from what they see on the outside. Don’t judge a book by its cover. So many people think I am passionate about travel as that is the life I have been living for a number of years now. However, if I found (or created) this Paradise of my Dreams, I would certainly want to stay put maybe even for the rest of my life. I would be delighted to have my family and friends come visit and be cared for there by me.

Indeed I have been finding opportunities to travel simply because those are the directions I am being guided at this time. Some of it makes logical sense to me, much of it not. For example, I look for opportunities that take me to countries that might have a location that matches the one I “see” in my dream. While places like Fiji and Thailand may have something like what I am looking for, I predominately look somewhere a little closer like the Caribbean due to my connections with Atlantis and the fact that it costs a lot less for me to travel to these places than Fiji and Thailand.

Speaking of costs, that brings up more magic……the fact I have been sustained and supported on this gypsy journey in amazing ways since 2009! At first it was very difficult for me to accept the support and gifts generously given me. I was the one who took care of others and gave the (physical) gifts in the past. I was the one inviting folks to my house to make sure they had a loving, joyous place to spend holidays. I fed and clothed people who didn’t have much. And I was very comfortably happy with the giving side. Slowly I learned, and am still learning, to graciously accept all the abundance that is showered upon me. That is how I have been sustained and travel on my perfect path these past years.  A huge Thank You to all you wonderful Angels reading this who have supported me over the years in one way or another! The Universe has definitely pushed me to my limits in many ways around the subject of receiving. One such situation involves Facebook. On my blog, I have a column where I welcome donations if my posts have inspired or entertained and someone feels guided to contribute. I wanted this to be a very small “aside” as I wasn’t big on the concept of “asking for help”. So much for getting the lesson of “Ask and You Shall Receive”. Since I’m not very technologically savvy, the words appeared larger than I desired but nothing I could do would change that. When I repost the web address for my blog on fb, instead of it showing the first paragraph of my current blog post (like other websites), it repeats my uncomfortable request for donations every time. Over and over again I have asked for folks with technical know how to help me change this but so far nothing. Guess it will stay there until I am no longer triggered by it.

“So what is next on my horizon?” many friends have asked me. My response is that I am more in Limbo than I ever thought I could be. From my previous experience, I didn’t think I could be “hanging” any more but I, of all people, should know better that Anything Is Possible.

Due to the numerous “messages” I received regarding Sarasota County, I have again planted seeds for opportunities there. While my “seeds” involve situations that are impossible and crazy to most people, I know if things are meant to be, they will sprout into amazing fruition. For example, I have 2 lots for sale (which miraculously survived my bankruptcy in 2009) in Costa Rica
valued at about $150,000. Besides being open to selling, I’m looking into possibilities of trading them as the down payment for someone who wants to move a nice little house near Casey Key in Sarasota County Florida……of course walking distance to the beach. Then, I’d like the owner to carry the note for the balance which I could make monthly payments on. Hey, don’t laugh, if the energy is right, this could easily fall into place.

Another scenario…..a new Dolphin Sister contacts me from uncanny circumstances. She tells me she may know where “my place” is. Enter the stage of my awareness…..the previously unknown to me Island of Mauritius off the east coast of Africa. So I start doing research there and have made a few connections.
Yet another zany coincidence happened when I emailed another friend asking if she knew anyone or had any connections on the island. She lives in California and she responded to my inquiry that she was currently at the Westin Resort on Mauritius. Anyway, I’m open to some kind of work exchange situation on the west coast there to investigate if it is indeed, “my place”.

Numerous times it has been suggested to me is that I should write a book about all my adventures. Again, I am definitely capable but this is certainly not a fun concept for me. Indeed I have authored articles, chapters and a book already. I have a clue what it takes to make it all happen and be a
“success”. Even if I knew I could make millions on it, the process would not have been worth it to me. Much of “this book” is written already with all my private journaling. If anyone knows a talented ghostwriter out there with a similar understanding of life as mine, I am more than willing to discuss a project with them.

Of course I am open to other leads, ideas and opportunities - always going where I am guided by Spirit. I know very clearly when to take certain actions as they are the ones that bring me most peace in the moment. And for those who wonder, yes, I do hear voices sometimes. Often those voices are from people like you, Dear Friend Reader. So, if you are guided to give any input, hints or connections, I gratefully welcome them.

In the meantime, I got a very clear image to share with you that feels like the perfect parable for my life. It is about the amazing growth of the Chinese Bamboo. For years, it appears as if absolutely nothing is happening on the surface. But then….Oh, please watch this 10 minute video. It expresses the concept far better than I. Then, only about a minute more, check out this incredible time lapsed photography further illustrating my point. Maybe this resonates somewhat with you too? Perhaps you’ve been putting much love and effort into something with seemingly not much to show for it? Stay the course confident in faith, trust and patience. I know I am not the only one who is and will be joyfully surprised one day at the unfolding of what all our energy and conviction have produced.

It looks like I may be in telephone range for a few weeks at this point. Are you interested in some energetic hand holding, guidance accessing your own inner wisdom and assistance on your journey? Perhaps Telephone Wellness Coaching is for you. I welcome your inquiry to determine if we are an appropriate match for your highest spiritual growth. And for those of you who are wondering, I still represent Juice Plus
– the next best solution to eating healthy just short of actually consuming all the fruits and veggies your body needs. Even better, eat your produce right off your own plants fresh off the Tower Garden!

Until next time……Namaste ~


  1. Excellent article. I agree with you : Anything Is Possible

  2. Your journey sounds beautiful and your vision is real. I just love it...Namaste my friend

    1. Thank you so much for accompanying me on this journey called Life. Your kind encouragement and words make a big difference. Namaste ~