Friday, August 27, 2010

I Give As I Receive?

Recently I shared about how I was grateful to be able to practice what I preached specifically regarding staying in peace during a potentially challenging situation. That was my being without my computer for a couple weeks, not knowing when or how I'd be able to get one and when I'd regain the contact with my "outside world" I'd been accustomed to. Interestingly I found a place I may not 100% have mastered another lesson.

I "put out" to the Universe, "I give as I receive" and "I am open to receiving infinite abundance from all avenues expected and not". Some of my clients may recognize such sentiments as ones I've presented to them to adopt.

My circumstances in last couple years have had me in a position to receive way more often than I am accustomed. As observed before, one of my roles on this planet is being a teacher. As much has been by example as with words. Sometimes we teach what we ourselves are still learning. This evidently has been the case for me in the receiving area.

The other day my morning started with a fantastic miracle. I was heading out my front door for my morning replenishment on my beach. To my incredible surprise, there were bags of groceries in front of my door from an anonymous benefactor. It was like Christmas (or my birthday)! There were vegetables, fruit, snack bars, chicken, cereal, rice, water, toiletries. There was even a little pink candle with a label that said, "Manifest a Miracle - May I receive from the spirit to assist me". So many feelings washed over me as I pulled the goodies out one after another. I was soooo grateful to have received this wealth of abundance. May of these things I didn't have or didn't know how I'd acquire next. Yes, yes, thank you, thank you! But then, I don't even know who so generously gave this bounty to me. How would I be able to repay them? Even if I did know, I didn't have the means to repay them anyway. Oddly I began experiencing feelings of embarrassment. The person leaving me this huge gift must know that I wasn't in a position to get these things myself. And then the thought, "I give as I receive" came to mind. Do I really? Oh, I love all the opportunities I have to give and do for others and I certainly didn't expect anything in return but here I am unable to purely accept another's pleasure in giving? Hmmm....a new can of worms so to speak. Perhaps I am in this seemingly unexplainable limbo because I've yet to totally master such a simple thing. I needed to be at this extreme to be in a position to purely receive with true appreciation and joy. How many blessings and opportunities are just waiting in the ethers.....just waiting for me to be truly open to receive? Maybe for you too?

Just a little food for thought....

P.S. By the way, it just happens that it was the day in Bijan's Effortless Prosperity book for the lesson: "I am open to receive all of God's gifts".

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