Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once Upon A Year Ago

Greetings My Friends!

Thank you for all your support and interest on this unique journey I am on. While some have known the scoop all along, some have just recently jumped on the ride. To provide a little more illumination about how it all started, here is a copy of the main letter I sent to friends and associates back in…..

November 2008

Dear "Friend" (Name was inserted) ~

Here is a message I am sharing with some of my friends….people who I value keeping connections with.

I have had a detailed vision of running a Spa Retreat for about 15-20 years. Since it seemed such a far reach from my current reality, I haven’t shared my ideas much. However, recently I have been guided to start sharing my dream with more people.

Briefly, this Retreat by the Sea is a place that people can visit for a day, 3 days or a week and delight in various revitalizing therapies and experiences.

Its grounds border a beach somewhere tropical. So far the countries Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Panama have presented themselves as possibilities.

If you have any leads for me to create a Miracle from apparently nothing, I am open to receive. Thankfully I have already received 100s of tips, offers for introductions, offers to participate and the desire to be notified when it becomes reality to be pampered and inspired.
I request that you please keep this in your thoughts and prayers and send some magical energy my way.

Last but not least, thank you so much for your love and friendship!

Blessings & Be Well ~ Michelle


  1. I'm still learning technology and don't know how to get my Blogger comments in my e-mail notifications. Thank you to all who have read and commented. Haven't figured out how to reply individually either as I get messages that people haven't allowed their profiles to be public etc. Oh well, all in good time. Sending Love, Appreciation & Light! Michelle

  2. Celandine,
    If you would like, you can go to my website, www.universalwellness.us and sign up on my e-mailing list.
    Blessings ~