Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Can't Get Sick!

Ok, right off the bat a number of my clients are thinking there’s something strange about that title coming from me. You are right, I watch what I say and use my words very carefully. “Can’t” is generally a cop out, a victim word or expression of inability. And yes, usually the “Universe” (and our minds) don’t really process “can’t or don’t”…..the focus would be on “get sick”. In case I haven’t confused you enough up to this point, what comes to your mind when I say, “don’t think of a pink furry elephant”? If you are like most, you thought of a pink furry elephant first and then tried to figure out how not to think about it. So, why did I pick this choice of title words? Simple…to catch people’s attention.

It is now widely understood that people’s beliefs greatly affect the situations and outcomes in people’s lives. Now there are varying levels of “belief”. Certain beliefs I have are just kind of there beliefs. Others are accompanied by a strong sense of really knowing. And some, I know so deeply I can feel them. The knowledge that I can’t get sick falls in the latter category. Usually, when I am thinking about it, it is more of a sense of gratitude for my flawless health. I have had this sense, as well as excellent health, for over 15 years. Maybe over 20 but I’m not so good with numbers (just another belief system). While I do have a belief that I can’t get hurt as well, it isn’t the intense knowing, feeling level of the “I can’t get sick” one. So I do have occasional volleyball bruises, miscellaneous body tweaks or a stubbed toe here and there. Oh, and there was that crazy trapeze incident, but that’s a story for another day. Fortunately, my belief system about those rare occasions that I do get injured is that I heal super fast and so it is!

Then why do I still take Juice Plus? For insurance! 98% of the time, I am happy, at peace and in a positive space (it could be 99% but you know that numbers thing). So, there are a few brief moments here and there I get frustrated, confused, inpatient or have some random less than positive thought. Since I am aware of those times, there is a smidgen of a chance my beliefs could get shaky for a few seconds. So I feel better taking Juice Plus.

I do know that, in the regular human scientific thinking, most people need 5 - 9 servings of fresh, raw, vine-ripened fruits & vegetables every day just for maintenance! When I was eating fairly healthy on a regular basis I generally didn’t get all this in. Most produce in a grocery store is picked way before ripe thus not having all its expected nutrients. Cooking and processing also decrease the benefits to our health. And then there are those folks who don’t even eat many, or any, fruits and veggies. No, catsup is not a vegetable (or a fruit if you are trying to go that route)! Juice Plus is what I call a nutritional support system. It contains 17 fruits, veggies and grains, of which your body takes what it needs and simply passes on the rest. The FDA has even approved a food label since it is considered a whole food as opposed to the typical fractionated vitamins and minerals in many supplements. Heck, even when I was heavily studying nutrition I couldn’t figure out exactly how much of what vitamin and mineral my body needed, and my needs changed for different amounts of activity and different times of the month! When people asked me about various nutritional products to take, I finally felt comfortable with this simple system for most everyone. If anyone ate 17 fruits, vegetables and grains, (besides eating all day) their bodies would simply take what they needed and pass on the rest. For me, it is as close to nature as I know until I can be in a place I can grow my own food……

If anyone is interested in a little nutritional insurance for themselves, please visit and see how it feels for you!

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