Friday, November 19, 2010

Change Again is in the Air!

Hello Friends!

I’ve been on what I sometimes refer to as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” as well as “Down the Rabbit Hole” in the last few years. You’ve probably had some interesting happenings in your world as well since the whole planet is evolving at remarkable speed.

Since June of 2009, I have been posting some of my adventures at the encouragement of cherished friends. My reluctance to the whole idea had gone on for months as I’m usually pretty private and didn’t care to share my personal “craziness” with the world. However, constantly throughout the craziness was woven miracle after miracle. Many people have told me that my stories have inspired them in their lives and they found my shares very valuable.

The surprising twists and turns continue on an almost daily basis. With many apparent complications and mazes navigated, it isn’t possible for me to scribe it all. Besides, some is appropriate for certain individuals while other dances will be appreciated by a different audience. There are things some people can “hear” that others cannot. Sooooo, while on a recent early morning barefoot beach run, I was inspired to offer you and yours something unique…..”Enlightened Chats With Michelle”! Imagine exciting, inspiring telephone interchanges on a donation basis…you can only win!

Find out how it works:

E-mail with a read receipt request (Have had some incidents where e-mails have not gone through). If you do not get the read confirmation within 46 hours, please send again to a back up address .

Simply put “Enlightened Chats” in the subject line and an e-mail will be sent back outlining how the program works and what to do if it resonates with you.

Happy Adventurous Holidays and I look forward to talking to you soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where Have All The Humans Gone?

Over the past few years I’ve have more opportunity than before to contact “Customer Service” in numerous companies. 99.9% of the time I was greeted by a robotic answering system with many complicated selections to make - most of which where irrelevant to my issue. Frequently I’d be on hold for 20 minutes to an hour and it wouldn’t be unusual to be disconnected at any point and have to dial in starting the whole process over again. If I finally did get a person, they would ask me for all the info that I had to enter into the automated system before. They’d want me to explain my situation only to tell me they couldn’t do anything about it and would transfer me to someone else. When transferred, I’d have to verify all my info again, tell my story again and often be passed on to someone else. Many times I’d get cut off in the process and have to start all over again only to have no records of calling anyone before or my situation. I could go on and on about being transferred back and forth to the same departments since the one always pointed the finger in the other direction but you get the picture. The icing on the cake would be, after one of these particularly long, tedious events in which it was determined that they could do absolutely nothing to help or accommodate my needs at all, the person would say, “Is there anything else I can do to assist you?” So I started out communicating with robots through the automated system and ended communicating with humans trained to be robots.

I know I am not the only one who has had such experiences. The whole issue was not brought up to complain about the past but to emphasize how refreshing it is to have a whole different situation. Calling my friends at AXICOM is like a breath of fresh air. Usually the phone is answered by always bright and cheery Melanie. Otherwise, another staff member generally greets you. If you are calling after hours, or during a particularly busy time, and leaving a message is necessary, it is very easy and a caring human gets back to you promptly. While AXICOM’s people are all incredible experts at what they do with computers and technology, their customer service could easily entice one to do their computer/technology business with the real human caregivers at !

Along the lines of loving customer care, I definitely pride myself in that as well. There are a number ways you personally can experience this:

· Universal Wellness Telephone Coaching (Wherever You Are!)

· Using Juice Plus – a fantastic nutritional support system…..

· Booking a Personalized Retreat here in FL on Casey Key

· Enrolling in my Renewal/Movement/Relaxation Classes taught locally (Nokomis FL)

· Staying here at cozy Harbor Lights Beach Resort for a glorious beach vacation/rejuvenation

For details regarding a retreat, my group classes or being a guest at Harbor Lights, please e-mail me

Be prepared for Real Customer Service!

By the way, something juicy has come across my path regarding the Spa Retreat but I need a few more signs before knowing if it is a go. Please send your good energies to assist me in clearly dancing forward. Thank you for hanging in there with me with your warm love and encouraging support! I will keep you posted…..

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Give As I Receive?

Recently I shared about how I was grateful to be able to practice what I preached specifically regarding staying in peace during a potentially challenging situation. That was my being without my computer for a couple weeks, not knowing when or how I'd be able to get one and when I'd regain the contact with my "outside world" I'd been accustomed to. Interestingly I found a place I may not 100% have mastered another lesson.

I "put out" to the Universe, "I give as I receive" and "I am open to receiving infinite abundance from all avenues expected and not". Some of my clients may recognize such sentiments as ones I've presented to them to adopt.

My circumstances in last couple years have had me in a position to receive way more often than I am accustomed. As observed before, one of my roles on this planet is being a teacher. As much has been by example as with words. Sometimes we teach what we ourselves are still learning. This evidently has been the case for me in the receiving area.

The other day my morning started with a fantastic miracle. I was heading out my front door for my morning replenishment on my beach. To my incredible surprise, there were bags of groceries in front of my door from an anonymous benefactor. It was like Christmas (or my birthday)! There were vegetables, fruit, snack bars, chicken, cereal, rice, water, toiletries. There was even a little pink candle with a label that said, "Manifest a Miracle - May I receive from the spirit to assist me". So many feelings washed over me as I pulled the goodies out one after another. I was soooo grateful to have received this wealth of abundance. May of these things I didn't have or didn't know how I'd acquire next. Yes, yes, thank you, thank you! But then, I don't even know who so generously gave this bounty to me. How would I be able to repay them? Even if I did know, I didn't have the means to repay them anyway. Oddly I began experiencing feelings of embarrassment. The person leaving me this huge gift must know that I wasn't in a position to get these things myself. And then the thought, "I give as I receive" came to mind. Do I really? Oh, I love all the opportunities I have to give and do for others and I certainly didn't expect anything in return but here I am unable to purely accept another's pleasure in giving? Hmmm....a new can of worms so to speak. Perhaps I am in this seemingly unexplainable limbo because I've yet to totally master such a simple thing. I needed to be at this extreme to be in a position to purely receive with true appreciation and joy. How many blessings and opportunities are just waiting in the ethers.....just waiting for me to be truly open to receive? Maybe for you too?

Just a little food for thought....

P.S. By the way, it just happens that it was the day in Bijan's Effortless Prosperity book for the lesson: "I am open to receive all of God's gifts".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Technology Miracles & More

Greetings All!

My trusty computer died August 5th after many long years of faithful service moving and traveling with me more times than I can keep track of. Since I still don't have a car and maintain the place I live for the roof over my head, the computer was my main means of contact with the outside world and path to potential income sources. Yes, I needed miracles and fast!

The first miracle was that I was able to practice what I preached. Many times people say (or think) when I share wisdom with them, "That's easy for you to say when you are not in it". Well, I was able to remain peaceful throughout these weeks of not having my information and trust the Universe/God would provide for me as needed for my highest and best good. I also used the quieter time for meditation and assisting people on a more energetic level.

Then my Earth Angels began getting involved. 3 friends assisted me in trying to resuscitate my old computer and try to get my info from another computer. Then my Parental Angels and Axicom Angels went in high gear.
Gratefully, I got my brand new laptop August 13 (Friday the 13th is indeed a fortunate day for me!) and am back on my way to making all the connections technologically to move me forward and assist others as well.

Along with learning the nuances of this computer, I will be doing my best to go through approximately 4,000+ e-mails. If you contacted me and I haven't responded yet, thank you for your understanding and patience! If you sent me a message regarding complimentary Telephone Wellness Coaching or interest in Retreat participation, please shoot me another e-mail so they are on the top on my list!

Another interesting tidbit is that my computer gave up the ghost right after I discovered that my Amazon link wasn't functioning properly so I won't be getting my commissions from the last 2 years. Thanks for the good intentions of everyone who has supported my by using my Virtual Mall. There is a reason for everything and that reason does support what's best for us. I will let folks know when I can get the link repaired....for those still desiring to order "Anastasia" and other materials from Amazon through me.

Reminding everyone again to please pay attention to their nutrition habits....We all need the nutrients of approximately 15-17 raw, fresh fruits, veggies and grains for our body's maintenance and repair. Please consider Juice Plus+ if you or your family is a little shy on these. I appreciate you allowing me to support you in this way and, even more, your body and mind with thank you!

Take good care of yourselves and I will be in touch either via e-mail, FB, SN, RCR or......the Higher Levels :-)
PS. Don't know why this post doesn't read Aug. 13 since that's the day I posted it. is Aug. 21 and I am still working on getting my e-mail straightened out. Currently can't get all my e-mail.....going over some of the same e-mails 3 times....more fun and patience!!! Hopefully next the meantime, I think I'm around getting close to 5,000 to catch up on.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Beach!

The next door has indeed opened! While it is not yet “the” Spa Retreat, I ran through it as soon as it opened. I’d been looking for a house-sitting since making the decision to return to FL from CA in January. Had not seen anything or gotten any leads until May 24. A friend sent me a lead in Englewood. While I was a little unsure of the distance – note: my primary mode of transportation is my bicycle since I gave my car to my daughter in October not imagining I’d be needing one now – I felt I wanted to take some action in manifesting a shift. The gal was wonderful and her place lovely. I’m sure I was meant to meet her as she turned out to be quite an angel for me in kindness and referrals. Not 10 minutes after I arrived back to the place I was staying, my wonderful former husband called asking if I was interested in a situation on Casey Key. Casey Key? Duh, no brainer. It is my number one preferred location in FL!

Friends of ours, Ben and Rachel, own a darling little place on Casey Key called Harbor Lights Beach Resort. They were looking for someone to assist in caretaking the place. Yeah – I am now that someone and I get a room in exchange. I am literally across the street from my beach! The dock out back is on the intracoastal waterway. Amazing the size of some of the boats coming through there. Magnificent sunrises and sunsets grace the sky for me almost daily. Turtle season is here again so it’s fun to see where the mommy sea turtles (250-300 lbs) have crawled up and left their nests. Have seen numerous familiar dolphin friends and am so blessed to be engulfed in their powerful energy again! You’d love it here. If considering a trip to Florida in this area, check out .
Thank you Ben and Rachel. Thank you Lee. Thank you Universe for turning my baby steps into something huge. I knew this would be a magical birthday for me!

Constant Motions is a very personable fitness studio nearby where I used to teach when I lived in the area before. They’ve welcomed me again and I am thrilled to begin teaching classes there soon. Look them up . If you are local or visiting, contact me about how you can enhance your wellness with me there.

Stay tuned, the Spa Retreat may be starting sooner than later on a tiny scale…..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Enjoying The Game

I was just going to lay low and not write anything for a while as I didn’t have anything momentous to report and didn’t think it would be of much interest. However, a number of people have been asking what I’m up to so I will share a brief update.

Currently still in sunny FL assisting a friend in exchange for my “upkeep”. While I am grateful for this situation, I do have my radar tuned in for the next door to open in manifesting the Spa Retreat. Got my bike back so I’m able to ride to beaches on Anna Maria Island a few times a week. Takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the wind and traffic lights. Oh, and if the drawbridge goes up, that’s another story which leaves me sometimes trapped on the bridge watching dolphins. Nature indeed blesses me with the towering clouds I love, thunderstorms, and my dear little creatures. I’ve not taken a lot of pictures as I’m not big on cameras and mostly took the pics in Panama and Costa Rica at the behest of family. Here you will see some of the ducks that hang out in the back lake and a lizard that thinks he owns the beach chair. Volleyball is still one of my exciting activities thanks to another combination of miracles too.

I have been shown that the Spa Retreat is even bigger that I thought before (not necessarily a physical size reference). A number of enlightened/awakened partners that I look forward to meeting will step forward to help this come to fruition. I admit I don’t have a clue as to when this will all come together but I am having fun playing with the puzzle pieces as they “come in”.
For anyone with psychic abilities or who just get a sense of certain things, I’m putting out some hints. If you “get” anything, please let me know! Everyone else can be entertained with my out-thereness…..oh yes, I love you too! Here goes ~ SaRa, Isis, Jennifer, Anastasia, and of course…the parts you already know….Spa Retreat, Caribbean. This all play and there are no wrong answers! Looking forward to your input….
My birthday this year also has me excited. It is a magical enough birthday combination anyway but this year it’s extra special. On 6/4/64 at 6:46, I will be 46! For those of you who think I am shamelessly plugging my birthday, you are right, I am. So many folks forget we are here to experience joy. Many try to hide their age or play down their birthday rolling around. Hey, it’s one of the most special days of our lives and I invite you all to rethink it with the reverence and fun it deserves! And a cool tradition that exists in my family…..drag on the celebration for as long as possible. I’ve already started and you can bet will keep it up well into June and beyond (if I catch any late reader’s attention)! Happy Birthday to me and Happy Birthday to All of You…in case I wasn’t able to wish you health and happiness on your special day.

Until next time, dance with the music you’ve created and thanks for dancing with me. Much Love and DeLight ~ Michelle

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Wind Beneath My Wings

This musing has me diverting a little from my usual Spa Retreat travel adventure stories. It is a heart-felt acknowledgement to someone extremely important in my life. Yes, I helped bring her into this world but she has done way more for me than I have ever done for her. This Angel is my daughter, Natasha.

While I experienced divorce, foreclosures and bankruptcy last year with relative ease and grace overall, there was one thing I found particularly challenging. Since my kids were born, I had always showered them with love often in the form of season appropriate goodies....Valentine hearts and sweets, Halloween trick or treats, Christmas stockings and Easter peeps. Even as they are adults, I continued sending them various holiday packages suitable for the traditions for the time of year. As my finances dwindled, I continued pouring my love to my children but was no longer able to show it in the ways I was accustomed. The role reversal kicked in….I was getting loving care packages from my thoughtful, loving Natasha! Inside were season appropriate goodies with fairies and sparkles and chocolate and candles and VS and Starbucks cards...all the fun things she knew would make me smile.

The care did not stop there. She was regularly offering me an airline ticket (ok, only one way) to California. This continued through my travels to Panama and Costa Rica as well as offering for me to stay with her for a while. While I was away, Natasha had the authority to make decisions regarding my little bank account. She was always checking to see if I had enough money or if I wanted her to put in any more for me.

Upon deciding to return to CA in January, I told her I appreciated all she was doing for me and that (without going into all the details here) we really didn’t have a lot in common so probably wouldn’t want to hang around each other much. So this kid goes on the internet and finds all sorts of activities happening/available in the area that we would both enjoy. She could have kept us busy for weeks!

In March, some friends did something extremely kind for me. I had no way of immediately paying them back except to express my extreme gratitude for their huge gift. When I shared the great miracle from my friends with Natasha, without being prompted, she took it upon herself to show them appreciation. Around her own busy schedule of work and school, she baked cookies and personally delivered them to my friends’ business.
Natasha always has a wealth of ideas and encouraging thoughts. She shares them almost daily with phone calls and e-mails. I must admit most of my crying is prompted by this sweet girl….in a good way!

Thank you for sharing these few moments with me in honor of and thanksgiving for the Wind Beneath My Wings……Natasha Marie.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Florida Juice

Here I am, back in sunny (well, most of the time) Florida. A friend was kind enough to take me in indefinitely. I earn my keep by assisting with organizing, handling office and real estate fun stuff. I am not right on the beach but only a few minute drive to Anna Maria Island. My feet thrill in the “powdered sugar” sand and there are a variety of shells there too. Out the back sliding glass door, there is a little lake which is frequented by birds of all kinds including blue herons, egrets and Canadian geese. Half a block away is a park where I sometimes run. The 2 lakes there connected by a little creek also contribute to my wildlife fix. A few blocks away (a few minutes running) is the intracoastal waterway. While not exactly the beach, there are numerous similarities for me to enjoy as I run on the roadway paralleling it.

On day as I was running in the park, a tiny bit of doubt about some of my decisions raised its tiny intrusive head. Thankfully I was able to shift within seconds and express gratitude for how well the Universe was providing for me. As I did that I started seeing more amazing things in nature. I saw an osprey nest in the stadium lights with one parent nurturing a little one (or two). Next thing I see the other osprey flying overhead carrying a fish in it’s talons for the family breakfast. The sun rose ablaze in crazy colors resembling pink, orange, purple and gold. It was huge! The most amazing confirmation that I was in the perfect place at the perfect time for me….I found a 7 inch long conch shell at the edge of the lake. That’s 7 inches with part of its “tail” broken off so it was probably 8 or 9 originally. This is not the kind of thing one would find by a lake. This is the kind of treasure I would find on my beach!

I am now officially endorsed to “legally” ride a motorcycle. I figure whenever I am in a position to acquire my next vehicle, a motorcycle will be more economical with original purchase, insurance and fuel. For now I’m looking for ways to win one :-)

As mentioned before, I must admit I do have my moments… moments that I get frustrated about not manifesting the streams of income yet to live according to a certain lifestyle that I was accustomed to. However, most of the time gratefully I appreciate that I do have a roof, transportation, food and fun every day. While I don’t have income in the traditional way, I am provided for as I put out to the world in so many ways. I touch hundreds of peoples’ lives each day with a smile, a hug, a phone call, an e-mail, a reference, or simply an energetic exchange. I share this as I know there are some other people in similar circumstances. What goes around does come around and again a huge thanks for all who have and are contributing to my life!

The Universe is indeed providing generously for me through so many incidents and beautiful angels called “humans”. Some of these angels are in the form of CPAs. If you are an individual living in California or a business in the USA and could benefit from some of the most awesome CPAs ever, please contact my angels at Roschke & Wall. They perform miracles!

Please take a moment to investigate Telephone Wellness Coaching . I’d be honored to assist you or a loved one enhance your wellbeing. You also get a complimentary phone consultation to be sure we are a suitable match!

If you are ready to make some healthy nutrition changes in 2010, please consider Juice+ a nutritional support system that has been supporting my health for years.

If these musings have entertained, inspired, motivated or otherwise made a positive difference in your life, please consider making a contribution to keep them coming. PayPal is available on my Blogger Page and your check is also very welcome payable to “Michelle Hazlewood” and mailed to:
Michelle Hazlewood
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Abundant thanks to all who have generously donated already. My deep appreciation and powerful angels surround you every day!

Some pics are posted on Facebook. To see them, please “friend me” on Facebook…just add Michelle Hazlewood.
Blessings, Appreciation & Love ~

Friday, February 19, 2010

California Gold vs. Peace

Florida was unseasonably cold upon my arrival in December so I was particularly looking forward to my trip to CA were the temps were supposedly warmer. However, when I arrived to CA, they headed south too. Quite an adjustment which I must admit I never quite made gracefully after having been used to temps in the 80s and 90s.

My brilliant friend Charlene in CA, who connects venture capitalists with folks doing business, had been telling me for months about this like minded gal who wanted to start a Spa Retreat “like mine” in the Westlake or Malibu area. From the location, I realized it couldn’t possibly be completely like mine but was keeping myself open to possibilities. I finally got a chance to meet this beautiful lady, Maryam. She indeed had many awesome plans and brought passion and experience to the table with some to spare. The idea was to start here and, in 2 or 3 years, when it was going strong, expand possibly to Panama. It seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime offered to me on a silver platter.

The weird thing was, in spite of this fantastic, perfectly logical chance, I couldn’t generate an ounce of enthusiasm no matter how hard I tried. Accepting this would also be accepting the possibility I would have to stay in CA for 2 to 3 years. On tropical beaches with warm, clear water, exquisite clouds and an abundance of wildlife is were I feel most alive and connected. No place in CA can I generate that sense. I realize it is totally personal preference as there is no place absolutely “better” than another. I chatted with my friend Dr. Rich Cimadoro – one of the best chiropractors you will ever meet. He assisted me in seeing what I already knew deep down. Life is too short to make such a big compromise! I made my decision to return to my tropical beaches. As soon as I did this I was totally overcome with a sense of deep peace.

After making that choice, I drove out and saw a piece of a rainbow (it had been raining almost since I got to CA) which thrilled me since I saw it as a sign to confirm me following my bliss. In FL I am rightfully “spoiled” by seeing rainbows regularly. In CA I’d hadn’t this visit, and hardly ever before, saw any. The rainbow piece was exciting enough but then, to my left, I was thrilled to see what I thought was a whole rainbow side to side. As I turned onto the freeway the angle changed and it seemed like I was driving through this magical arch. Feeling so high, with tears of gratitude in my eyes, I looked end to end only to realize an arch is not a full rainbow. I about burst when I saw the “ends” reflecting across the pavement, glowing toward the car and blending with me. I was part of the full circle rainbow! As the freeway wound this way and that, I travelled from the lower right to the lower left of the glorious light show. I was blessed with this experience for about 10 minutes.

Again it is time for me to practice patience. I know the research I need to do to gather the information for the business plan…or Birth Plan as I prefer for the Spa Retreat. For now, I will focus on stabilizing myself with a place to live and an income stream in Florida. If indeed a Higher Source wants the Spa Retreat to be manifested, I know I will be shown a way that feels perfect when the time is right.

As wherever I go, I did have many cool experiences in CA. One particularly exciting one for me involves a wedding dress. While it was mine, I was not wearing it. My near and dear friend Elizabeth has a daughter Lena who is 6 going on 600. Not only does amazing wisdom come from this child’s lips, she is talented beyond her years as well. She danced the Nutcracker, complete with costume changes and props, with the grace, emotion and experience of a professional dancer. This Little Princess is forever dreaming of being a bride. Relatives happened to be storing a magnificent custom made wedding gown for me that had been sealed for 25 years. From the joy this precious One exuded when I presented it to her, I knew I’d chosen the perfect Princess Bride to pass it on too.

And my technology…..while the good Axicom folks had another notebook for me, to my amazement they were actually able to repair my on sad laptop. Quite the resurrection in my opinion. With their assistance I’ll be getting “on the cloud” too. Contact them yourself to learn more about this helpful technology

Please take a moment to investigate Telephone Wellness Coaching . I’d be honored to assist you or a loved one enhance your wellbeing. You also get a complimentary phone consultation to be sure we are a suitable match!

If you are ready to make some healthy nutrition changes in 2010, please consider Juice+ a nutritional support system that has been supporting my health for years.

If these musings have entertained, inspired, motivated or otherwise made a positive difference in your life, please consider making a contribution to keep them coming. PayPal is available on my Blogger Page and your check is also very welcome payable to “Michelle Hazlewood” and mailed to:
Michelle Hazlewood
1435 E Venice Ave #104-144
Venice FL 34292
Abundant thanks to all who have generously donated already. My deep appreciation and powerful angels surround you every day!

Some pics are posted on Facebook. To see them, please “friend me” on Facebook…just add Michelle Hazlewood.
Blessings, Appreciation & Love ~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mission from God OR Incredible Journey? Phase 4

There’s not much Holiday spirit in the Costa Rica area I am in. I take that back! There’s as much Holiday spirit as I put out and desire to see. Let’s just say it’s not the decorative capital of the world. Since I wanted to feel a little Christmassy, I was super grateful to find 6 holiday music CDs I’d brought. Yes, they were somewhere in all those suitcases which had been packed under hasty circumstances and I didn’t even know what was in them until I finally unpacked. While I always had an attitude of gratitude before, it is super amped here by little things…like Christmas music…and a computer that plays them as well as DVDs!

There is a wonderful little place here called Gringo Mike’s or Joe’s Coffee (depending on the time of day one goes). In the morning they serve delicious coffee and in the evening pizza. Actually Mike has retired and Joe is Mike’s son. Joe, his lovely wife Danette, and their kids, Noah and Abigail came here from the states one and a half years ago and took over the business, . I just love going there to enjoy their tree, their lights and the Christmas carols in the air. Yes, I splurged and got hot peppermint chocolate complete with whip cream and the whole candy cane with a white chocolate croissant on the side. That does wonders to enhance the spirit of the season for me! For my part I got to share a bit….brought over my Christmas CDs. Even with little, there are so many ways we can brighten others’ days!

Oh, regarding my “guardian animals”, I stopped on my Christmas morning run due to a rustling in the bushes nearby. Out lumbers an anteater, as peaceful as can be. It walked right by me within inches seeming not to even care that I was there staring mouth wide since I’d never seen anything like it before in real life.

I will admit to being a tad bummed at not being able to send out my usual “year on a page” update and holiday cards. I had to resign myself to sending greetings only from my heart to yours and hope you may have felt a warm twinge. My internet was so intermittent and mailing anything is kinda crazy…you may have received it in March and I’d have had to take a loan out for postage. For anyone missing a birthday card that usually gets one from me, consider yourself sung “Happy Birthday” and be grateful you didn’t have to hear it in person :-) My faith that we are deeply connected whether cards find their way out or not helped too

Now I know the real meaning of Leapin’ Lizards! I used to think it was what the cute little lizards in Florida did. They’d jump from a window ledge to the ground and run off, something our CA lizards didn’t do. But that was nothing compared to something I’ve now seen many times. At Villas El Bosque I suspected it from the sounds I heard but here…..I’ve seen monster iguanas fall from high up in palm trees (mostly because that’s my closest sighting spot) and other trees. It sounds like a limb crashing to the ground but it’s just a 2 ½ foot spiky iguana who gives me the “what are you looking at?” glare before running off. A number of times there are two on the ground so I’m not sure if this is a result of territorial issues or they just can’t calculate their weight vs. branch strength.

I have also been blessed with the opportunities to see not only one, but two volcanoes. Poas Volcano had steamy ashy blue-green water in it….at least I think that was water….kinda smelled sulphury. Beyond the rock of the volcano were forests and there was a blanket of puffy clouds in the sky…below us. Even more amazing was the sighting of Vulcan Arenal. While I was treated to a steady flume of smoke, evidently, more often then not, this volcano is covered by the clouds.

Remember the 6 suitcases? I managed to eliminate the biggest one through usage and mostly giving the contents away. So…only a meager 5 to get back to the States with me. I was prepared to pay as outlined on the airline's website for the extra baggage. Guess my “anything’s possible” could only have prepared me for getting to the airport with the 5 and being told only one piece of luggage per passenger was being allowed on my flight! Only an insane series of miracles resulted in me and my entire luggage making it back to Florida. This included getting baggage with liquids and scissors past the carry on inspection and someone meeting me at the gate and smuggling my luggage into cargo. Also had to retrieve luggage and go through customs/inspections again for a flight change. Talk about trusting the Universe big-time!

Like the movie Castaway, I had my own Wilson that I carried around with me, ever hopeful I could rouse some volleyball interest. Since the national sport in Panama and Costa Rica is soccer and I wasn’t doing too well in Spanish, the best I got was a few hours practice. Still, my Wilson was a symbol of hope on more levels than just volleyball. Sometimes it seems silly but maybe if you had a Wilson equivalent, you might encourage yourself to go a little longer, a bit farther….. If I had known what was ahead of me on this journey, I may not have done it. Having gone through it all though, I have no regrets and know I was meant to be where I was every day for a specific reason.

Will be in Florida January 9 where I may just be able to put Wilson to work a few times. January 16, I head to California. Will get a chance to say hello to my family and some friends. I have a couple meetings for Spa Retreat possibilities. AXICOM will be ready to assist me in getting a new set up complete with cloud computing capabilities (something I’m just learning about). If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Westlake, CA, I highly encourage you to find out about AXICOM’s educational opportunities at their office. They would also be happy to provide an audit to review ways that they can help you to save or make money with technology! Contact AXICOM to schedule an appointment.

Many of you have sent e-mails of encouragement, ways you’ve been inspired to take action in your own life and new ways you are thinking. I am incredibly grateful and fed by these “love notes”. One example of someone “making it happen” is my friend Barbi in Texas. Check out the Spa she created Continued thanks to everyone for the ongoing flow of leads, ideas and assistance for the Spa Retreat. Panama is still bursting with potential that I just need patience to discover. For now, I will be available again for Telephone Wellness Coaching starting mid-January. If this is something you feel may enhance your life, please contact me by e-mail asap so we can jumpstart your New Year!

With my current eating habits still different than “normal”, I feel good about getting all the nutrients my body desires with my Juice Plus. The chocolate and vanilla shakes make excellent meal replacements – very handy at times. If you have kids, or just like to eat like one, there are gummy fruits and veggies. Make a resolution to enhance your health in 2010 by signing up for yours today!

We are what we think and a result of what we put into our mind. Spiritual Cinema is a monthly movie (DVD) service which provides uplifting, thoughtful brain food. Give it a try today HERE.

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