Friday, February 22, 2019

All For Love

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. As some may be aware, I have many reasons to not be fond of Valentine’s Day. Among other reasons, few hundred people would understand what I was talking about if I mentioned the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Without going into the details, to say it was traumatic doesn’t even scratch the surface. Usually, I don’t like to bring up “dark” situations but someone reading needed to “hear” this. While not denying the not so happy past Valentine circumstances, I choose to focus on the bigger picture here.   

Expanding a bit on last month’s post and the way we look at things… This can be compared to a mall where you go to different stores and get various things. You have your favorite stores where you know you will find things that please you. There may be stores in that same mall where you would never go as you don’t prefer the energy or style of the places. However, you wouldn’t say it is an awful mall just because it has a couple stores you won’t frequent. You would simply go and shop the retailers you enjoy. A few of you are chuckling at this example knowing my preferences regarding shopping in general but it works for some people haha.

Here are some opportunities on a recent adventure that I had chances to practice what I preach and focus on things that brought me happy feelings.
↧ The description given of one of the available boats sounded like this.

In actuality, it was this ↣ 

Above is the resort in Mexico, the address of which I was directed to give customs for where I was staying. However, where I actually stayed is pictured below.

Before I arrived, there was much talk about the glamour of the area... 

...yet where I was living looked more like this ↣

 Although the work exchange was not quite as presented, I was able to see beauty in what was. There were happy people exercising in the park, many of whom I exchanged cheerful greetings with. It was hilarious to see a Pit bull jump joyfully to grab a rope hanging from a tree then proceed to simply swing back and forth until he could hold on no longer. There were gorgeous flowers, beautiful skies and, very importantly for me....warmth!!

I observed, once again, that some people appear to have it all. Then there are those that don’t have much in a material sense (including myself here). Many people who have all the stuff, also have more troubles, health issues and/or fears than one might imagine. There are people without great means, who have a great degree of happiness, health and freedom as well. It’s all in the choices made, what one focuses on and the meanings they assign things/events.

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Although every day is Love Day, I choose to use the “Hallmark holiday” as an opportunity to focus on it just a bit more. Of all the human created holidays, Valentine’s Day remains my most precious. Many who know this showered me with thoughtful love messages to help me celebrate the occasion. I am extremely grateful to you and all those who have shared their love in any way. Swirling it all around again!!

Here's a little something to help get - or keep - you in the mood 💝

Happy Valentine's Month!!