Saturday, July 14, 2018

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for those for whom it is created. Cryptic huh? No doubt those for whom it is written will “get it” though. Sometimes I even wonder why I continue to publish it as I am generally a very private individual and it is a challenge putting so much out there for the world to see. People who know me best realize I could easily become a recluse… long as it is amidst a lush tropical beach on turquoise, dolphin frequented waters! Yet every month I get one to three heart-felt responses poignantly reminding me exactly why I continue making these posts. If I assist even one person in picking themselves up or turning their lives around for the better, my efforts are more than worthwhile.

The practical aspect of sharing this information with others I have touched on before in Communication and Technology  In today’s fast paced, high tech world, with the ability to connect with thousands regularly and meeting new people daily, it is virtually impossible to maintain contact as in days gone by. In what now feels like a prior lifetime, I would annually send out hundreds of handwritten cards for all occasions, birthdays, thank yous, anniversaries, and cheer as well as numerous holidays. I’d call people, not only for their birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, but just to say hi and see how things were going. Presently, its’s a miracle to keep up in these areas just with my immediate family. Yet so many people, both relatives and friends, ask what I am up to and want me to stay in touch. This blog, in a small way, helps facilitate keeping in touch. Ironically, many folks who wonder what’s happening in my world, won’t read my blog although they’d read the same info in an email or listen enthusiastically over the phone. Each to their own. We all do the best we can 😊

In my years of officially personal training, going to my clients’ homes and offices to coach, it was much clearer what my work was. Wellness Coaching over the Phone - clear as well. Now however, my “work” is far more encompassing and not as easy to define in human words. In addition, by choice, I generally don’t get paid in money for what I “do”.  My beach ministry scores me spectacular views, smiles, leads, invitations, dolphin entertainment, shells, sea glass and refreshment. Often my communication online with a potential host, an exchange site, fb or similar, I get the satisfaction of brightening someone’s day besides providing and receiving valuable information. This leads me to
the topic of free travel and/or accommodations. In just a few years, the number has skyrocketed of folks living alternate lifestyles. House-sitting, care taking, pet-sitting, travel companions, and work exchange situations can be found world-wide. What constantly catches my attention, and makes me laugh, is the regular promotion of “free accommodation” or “free travel”. There are blogs written and courses taught on how to participate in such. Websites have sprung up overnight for house-sitting, work trade and more. I guess “free” is a good attention grabber but, upon reading the content, it is never free. It is an exchange. The ads are particularly humorous that state “free stay” followed by a long list of the work one is expected to do. Don’t get me wrong! I am not against working in exchange for one’s keep. I’ve been doing this for years! Free press trips and FAM (familiarization) trips….same thing. They are not free! These trips are provided and hosted in exchange for the participant writing enticing articles about them (including getting them published) or promoting travel to one’s clientele to the areas traveled. Again, this is awesome, it’s just not free. Perhaps someday there will be a world where things are done and given for free. This bright concept is being cultivated by many, Freeworlder for one. Check it out if this way of life appeals to you. Of course, nothing is still done/given absolutely freely……one does it for the benefits there of. Benefits include smiles on other’s faces, warm hugs, wagging tails, healthier lifestyle and that feeling of joy inside for accomplishing noble actions!

On the topic of work trade situations, I am looking for leads again. There are numerous ways I can assist hosts. Here is an example on one of the websites I occasionally look for connections  - LuxuryHousesitting As you may know by now, I am on a Quest of sorts. The ideal place for a win-win work exchange for me is on or in walking distance of a tropical sandy beach. The closer to the account I revealed in Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream the better!  If you have any ideas or know anyone who may be instrumental in landing my next trade adventure, please share.

Thank you all, both new readers and old friends, for being on this journey together. It enhances all our lives in countless ways. YOU are who this blog is written for. Remember to always enjoy your NOW!