Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Time Changes

Interesting how the ongoing message of changing times continues to echo around the “time” many countries are participating in the silly practice of changing their clocks. No surprise, at one point, it was called War Time.
This custom, that has gone on for decades, is so hazardous to numerous individuals’ health but just accepted as normal by most. Many people these days desperately want things to go back to “normal”. They don’t realize that many unpleasant things that were “normal” can only be improved with massive change.

Have you ever considered the difference between “normal” and “natural”? although the two words are often used interchangeably, they have very different meanings. Normal is conforming to the standard, typical or expected. Natural, on the other hand, is existing in nature, not caused or created by humankind. Then again, I can always argue everything I say as human language is so limited for me. One could argue that humankind IS part of nature but I think you get the picture as far as the point of considering that everything “normal” might not be particularly desirable.

I am, by no means, implying that everything “normal” is negative. There is much beauty all around us we can put our focus on and create more of. The course of change in each of our individual lives is directly affected by our reactions and contributions to the situations around us -- something I definitely need to remind myself of regularly.

This season of Mabon, Halloween, Samhain, and Dia De Los Muertos invites us to play a little more in the realm of the supernatural. Do you have celebrations and practices that uplift you? Were there practices in your past that might be fun to incorporate again today? Perhaps something new is more appropriate for the way you wish to change things in your world. However you choose to observe special holidays, or not, I honor you!

More than one kind of magical pumpkin

Hag's Stones with Scary Shells
This could be a fun time to explore Hag’s
Stones, with their naturally occurring holes, for decorative purposes or to include in your ceremony /practices. These are also known as Witch’s Stones, Fairy Stones or Adder’s Stones.   

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If you are reading this without being notified via email and wish you be on the list, please contact with your name and email address. I am doing my best to navigate the technological jungles and will continue as long as peaceful.

Sending warm, heart-felt thoughts to all my ab-normal friends! You are indeed special to me and much appreciated. Celebrate the holidays you choose to celebrate in the manner that brings you much joy…in these changing times.

PS Thank you for your patience with my fonts and pictures in strange places. Things look very different when I am composing and certain things won't go where I place them.
And I don't know how you are seeing it, but it's kinda spooky how my Spooky Shells and Stones keep disappearing to varying degrees......Technology!!