Friday, August 6, 2021

For the Longest Time….

I recently moved on from what has been my longest stay in one place since I owned a house. It got me thinking how I never really was in any location very long even when I did own houses. The longest was in my West Hills, California home – about 5 years. By then, I’d stayed in dozens of places – my kids, already in gypsy mode too, were in their 6th home. That 5-year duration was topped only by my childhood home, about 8 years before my life turned upside down. A blessing or a curse is just a matter of perspective but it definitely began my nomadic, or gypsea, journey at that tender age of 8. So much for my younger-self dreams of an idyllic house that would be my forever home. Among other things, this journey has definitely showered me with lessons of flexibility and the art of adapting to many varied situations and conditions.

My most gracious and generous hosts of these 2 magnificent years made me part of their family. Like second nature, we regularly found ways of happily brightening each other’s lives. They are one of the most loving couples on this planet – truly a refreshing reminder that such a beautiful relationship is possible. It’s amazing how some people work their way into your heart making strangers friends and then, family. They are now forever stuck in my heart – including their furbabies - and I will always be grateful to them!

In that time, I’ve run a Halloween attraction as Cat Woman and played as Santa’s Helper. I've been a Fitness Coach, Wellness Consultant, House-Sitter, Pet-Sitter, Baby-sitter, Chauffeur, Wedding Planner, Short Order Cook, Banquet Assistant, Beach Craft Artist, Mover, Estate Clearer, Masseuse, Hair Stylist, and Mermaid…even did a little business coaching (obviously non-traditional). No pics as I am not a fan of selfies, rarely carry a camera, and prefer some semblance of privacy both for myself and my hosts.

Dolphins, manatees, and turtles were my frequent companions as were the moon, the stars and planets. The beach was my daily constant – so essential in my important as the air I breath. Although I spoke earlier about adapting to different circumstances, I think it’s helpful to notice those conditions that nurture us most. Personally, I am able to flourish more when I intentionally align myself with those uplifting spaces and energies. This applies to locations, people and activities engaged in.

During my stay, I was blessed with 3 offers to assist in other situations - even in other countries. While deeply honored by these kind invitations, I felt I could maintain a desirable balance of being of service and living peacefully by staying put during these interesting world circumstances - the whole time, feeling incredibly grateful to have the option.

A big shout out to my wonderful daughter too – The Wind Beneath My Wings – for the many ways she brightens my life. If you haven’t visited already, please check out our esty store Gifts From The Sea Shop she set up and maintains to help support my nomadic travels. If you are on fb, she also manages a page there where you can view our offerings Gifts FromThe Sea and Other Treasures. Remember, we have fun Halloween Spooky Shells - both sold loose and in Tiny Frame Art - as well as whimsical Holiday Angels too. Explore lots of unique gift and decorating ideas for your holidays ahead! Feel free to contact with inquiries. Thanks in advance for taking a peek, for sharing with others, and to all who have already made purchases. It means a lot to both of us!

Again, I am super appreciative for the kind-hearted and generous folks all around the world who continue to leave their doors open and welcome mat out for me. Often, I wish I could remember how to bi-locate to physically assist so many dear to my heart.  

And while I have embraced the possibility of living this gypsy life indefinitely, I also allow for the possibility of My Paradise manifesting in this lifetime. That place where, if I find it, I just may never want to go anywhere else again. 

Love and Bright Blessings to All reading this.
You are so appreciated!