Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Beyond Words

Human is my second language, some have heard me say. Only a tad joking as there is truth to it. I remember being able to communicate, in another time and space, via what is now called telepathy, clairvoyance and such. Words can be so limiting. They cannot adequately express what I see and feel. Even the best verbiage I can conjure to match what I am trying to convey mean something completely different to others. Common talk, like about the weather or relating an incident that occurred, I’m pretty good at due to years of practice. However deeper stuff and things that are really important are tougher.

The language and words I use for you are not the ones I use for myself. That is, when I do use words for myself as I generally think in pictures and feelings. I do my best to use the right combination of words to help you grasp the appropriate meaning for you. Mind you, my conversation with someone else may sound completely different as I sense they are in a different place of “hearing”. This echoes my post from years ago – Anastasia and Amazon – about words meaning different things to different people. As a result, communication is exponentially more challenging the more people it is reaching such as speaking to a group or sending out a blog post like this. Until we both are more fluent in our remembrance of telepathy, I continue putting out my light messages accompanied with a generous sprinkling of trust. The trust is that the reader will “hear” the exact appropriate message for them at just the right time. Thank you for holding this intention with me and together making this world a brighter place! While words may be quite comfortable for you, I encourage you to review your language too. Is what you are saying really what you want to convey? Is your intention love as you speak to your fellow earth travelers? Perhaps in the coming year being more vigilant regarding your words will help in being the change you want to see in this world.
Art by Daniel Holeman

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Swirling peace and joyous holiday wishes to you and your loved ones during this magical time. Warm gratitude continuing to all who have supported me in any way on my Gypsy Journey! Looking forward to “seeing” you around the corner in the powerful year of 2020! I wish I could say what my heart wishes to share but alas - there are no words…. 
Inspirational Visionary Art by Daniel Holeman