Friday, February 1, 2013

Mirroring Me, Mirroring Thee

Most of the time my communication with people, via e-mail, blog comments, phone, facebook and such, sounds like the mutual admiration society.  We are in a magical dance of complementing, laughing, encouraging and swirling love around each other.  So it was a bit unusual that someone got from my recent blog entry, “Everything Happens for a Reason”, something totally different from what I intended and different from the many previous responses from my beloved “fans”.   Well, I guess one of the reasons for that is it prompted this blog sharing with you.

After the momentary surprise about this lady’s take on my message, I simply emotionally let it go realizing that she was looking through her own filters and projecting her feelings into what I had written.  My words simply mirrored her experience.  Admittedly, I wasn’t always able to let things roll off like water on a duck.  A few years ago, a woman was offended by the fact that I asked (in my blog, not even a direct message to her) for anyone so inclined to send a donation, to assist with my Spa Retreat dream, if they had been entertained or inspired by my messages.  I was totally taken aback; by this person I had considered my friend, as her poignant e-mail seemed to hit me out of left field.  For days I was confused playing her words over and over in my mind.   “How could she say that to me?!”  At the same time, I re-played my own words of justification and clarification.  Looking back I see how her words triggered something I already felt.  They triggered my own emotions.  Her words mirrored me.

For better or worse, our lives are a dance of smoke and mirrors.  Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.  We decide what is there or what is not there for us.  We are in charge of our emotions and reactions.  If we pay more attention to them, that awareness can help us evolve to higher states of consciousness.  Next time someone says something that seems negative, we will know by our reaction if they are reflecting something in us or if we simply let it become dust in the wind.  By the same token, if someone says something kind or loving, is there a part of us that brushes it off?   What part of our Go(o)dness are we hiding from?  

As we are in this masquerade ball, rhythmically moving with one and then the other, I have progressed to the next step of my journey.  While here, I am playing with a hot Spa Retreat possibility in the Bahamas. 
 It could involve the islands of Bimini, Andros, Eleuthera, San Salvador…..any or all of the above.  If you have any connections in those areas or are interested in playing there with me, give me a heads up and let the games begin….or continue, as may be the case with some of you reading this!  And, yes it is taking guts on my part for putting this out there…..If anyone is capable and interested in sponsoring a Spa Retreat research trip for me to the Bahamas, please send an e-mail to  Thank you all for contributing positively to my life!

In closing ~ NAMASTE ~ the part of ME that is GOD honors the part of YOU that is GOD.