Saturday, October 12, 2019

Enlightened Trick or Treat

Is everything a trick or a treat? Is everything good or bad? Actually, nothing in itself is absolutely either way but our perception makes it so. “It” just is. One person can view a rainfall as welcome nourishment for the plants. Another can see it as a catastrophe which ruined a year-long planned event. This can be an oversimplification as some things really do seem awful. However, if one is willing to look, many gifts – or treats – can be seen as a result. You might say our Enlightened Perception allows us view all things, in some manner, as treats.

A few of you are aware that I used to be highly pessimistic (echoing Not All Who Wander Are Lost). I’d say, “Everything happens for a reason and that reason is to &#*@ me!” Thankfully I’ve awakened quite a bit since then. One of my shifts in thinking was and is, “Everything happens for a reason and that reason is to bless me!”

Standing from a place of non-judgement doesn’t mean I like everything. We all have personal preference. It’s part of the reason we became human – to have different experiences.

And that’s a wonderful thing. Imagine if everyone all wanted to live in the same place on the planet. That wouldn’t work so well. People will offer numerous arguments about not preferring many things they are experiencing. There are many layers of that onion to peel – layers that countless books have expounded upon. Layers that one will have to go on their own journey of enlightenment to shed if they so choose.

Trick or Treat?  Two sides of the same coin. One example of such is Te Fiti and Taka. “They” are one being. Taka is her state when someone had stolen her heart. Even I almost wrote “cruelly stolen”. But that would have been a judgement call. The majority of human society is so prone to judgement we hardly notice what is and our opinion of what is. We would probably all conclude that Te Fiti is her preferred state. Today can you shift your perspective a bit to start seeing the Beauty in the Beast? 

A treat in my life, I am observing in gratitude, is I now have many hosts who would like me to assist them in their tropical places. Having a waiting list of appreciative folk is a kinda nice feeling as a human. Someday, when I am more evolved/enlightened, I won’t need that confirmation to get the same warm fuzzy emotion. I acknowledge where I am today and know an attitude of gratitude helps multiply my preferred treats. Perhaps it might work for you?

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Even my helper couldn't determine the problem
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Is it a Trick? ….or a Treat?