Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My Purpose

The Universe presents me and you, infinite opportunities. Some desirable, others less so. Some not as anticipated in a slightly disappointing manner – others a delightful surprise. That in mind, I had a number of longer term opportunities presented to me while I played in Florida – some local, others international. None felt appropriate for me due to timing, requirements or otherwise not in alignment with My Quest. Plentiful were the smaller opportunities, or rather gifts, that I joyfully took advantage of. There were deep, moving, possibly life-changing, conversations with just the right people at exactly the perfect time. Blissful surprises were spontaneously given and received. Chances to overcome previous hang-ups presented and were hurdled. An exciting highlight was the unexpected reunion with a friend of many years and former wellness coaching client in California. She had courageously sold her business and her house and was now on her personal journey traveling the United States indefinitely. She is expanding her heart and her world and living even more fully than before. This, of course, warms my heart which glowed even brighter when she mentioned my inspiration in her story. I bow to her and the growing numbers like this impressive lady who bravely break free from the comfortable way things used to be in exchange for creating a more fulfilling life!

I mused about my purpose for ending up in Florida yet again – as it totally was not as initially planned/expected. While I came up with possibilities here and there, one of the wisest people in my life made a good point, “You will always come up with reasons for wherever you end up…. for all the choices you make!” So True! All choices are honored and, in the grander scale of things, we can make no mistake. This was a concept impossible for a few to grasp earlier in my life when they would sneer, “You have a reason for everything!” as if it were a bad thing. Speaking about reasons for things and purpose, that is a topic I hear of a lot and am asked about frequently… purpose for being here. Over the years, I have received many, what I call, Downloads from Above (or from Within depending upon your understanding). For the most part, these are delivered in pictures and feelings, rarely are words involved. That is why it was so significant when I “got” an entire couple sentences. Here it is word for word to deliberate if it resonates with you. “Our purpose on this planet is multi-faceted and infinite. Although it may be fun or somewhat helpful to define, to narrow it down to a specific thing in human words is to grossly diminish it.” Personally, I could narrow it down to one word, “Love”. But even that would diminish it because I don’t need a word to know what I mean and those that do need a word could not fathom its infinite context. And for those who grasp the profound humor, “I am on earth to make waves”.

Back to my Florida stay reasons - A couple months served as a restorative retreat for me. A time to go within while spending hours without…seemingly alone in Nature.  Dolphins, shells, beach, turtles, bunnies, flowers, trees, sunshine, storms all played their magical parts. Consulting with another Dear Sage for her insights, she felt this was my good-bye trip. I know. I’ve implied such before. But this really felt like my Farewell Tour…….then again, ask The Who, Tina Turner, Elton John and Cher about Farewell Tours.

If you are ever in the area of Sarasota, Florida, I highly recommend you dropping a tiny bit south to Beyond-Wishes Well-being & Rejuvenation Institute in Nokomis. Abby works her magic in delivering the most phenomenal facials, among other services. Under the influence of her intense pampering, I floated off to another realm. When gently coaxed back, I felt like a whole new person! Abby Smiley Krause has also created experiences for individuals who do not regularly interact with the elements of earth, air, water and fire. As these are all such necessary influences in the balance of our lives, her ingenious way to weave them into her services is beyond-words of benefit to those in need. Learn more from the Beyond-Wishes facebook page or their website. Abby, you are an amazing woman and I am so honored for the opportunity to “dance together” on this stage called Life.

It may surprise you how many folks these days are living nomadic lives, like mine, without a “home base”.  Unlike me, they create a regular income online in various arenas and many refer to themselves as Digital Nomads. Blogging classes are offered showing others how they too can make money via this vehicle. Their online blogs and articles are interrupted with distracting ads of all sorts. Most of the ads are things the bloggers aren’t even passionate about, just items that are profitable for one reason or the other. These professional bloggers make quite a lucrative income in this manner. This is
all well and good for them. However, I choose not to do that as it would water down my information.  That being said, if my messages have motivated, entertained or contributed in any fashion to your joy factor, please consider using the sidebar link and donating whatever amount you feel guided to. Or you can contact me if you wish to use a different method. While I live by trade/exchange as much as possible, gas stations, airlines and a few others just aren’t up on the concept yet 😊 As always, I am so grateful for all your love and support. My life is also lit up when you share with me how my messages (here, on social media, telepathically, in person or otherwise) have moved you and the remarkable things you are manifesting in your world!