Friday, April 28, 2017

Beach Breakthrough & Ongoing Gratitude

You are probably aware how important it is to pay attention to the thoughts you allow to float around or take up residence in your mind. What we focus on contributes to creating our reality – our experience in this world. Since I’ve been coaching people, I have encouraged them to speak about “negative” things only if it is beneficial to someone - including one’s self. Idle talking about things for drama, attention or gossip generally is a sure way of getting more of those things in your life whether you label them bad or good. Please keep this in mind as you take in certain aspects of my blog stories.

Florida was not on my list last summer of places I wanted to go. In fact, if I had a list of places I did NOT want to go, Florida would have been high on it. There were people and situations there I just didn’t care to see or deal with again. So why in the world would a trip to Mexico, from which I expected to be traveling to Belize, Panama, Costa Rica and beyond take me back to Florida?? I will not, in this lifetime, know all the reasons thing happen. However, I came up with 15 clear reasons for this Florida stay during one of my moving meditations aka cardio sessions. I saw beautiful encounters and ways I was able to be of assistance that I couldn’t have possibly anticipated. Personally, I was the recipient of some powerful gifts as well. But one of my most potent reasons for returning was unfinished business….that I didn’t even realize was unfinished business. 

The most fantastic examples of wrapping up loose ends takes place, no surprise, on my beach. I have a super strong ability that can be a gift or a curse. It is my sense of association. Songs, places, phrases, and other circumstances can trigger me into remembering past situations. Obviously many people do that. However, for me, it is like physically reliving these happenings. Depending on the experience, it can be exquisitely delightful….or extremely unpleasant. The latter was the case with regard to a certain tree on the beach which I associated with something deeply disturbing. No, the tree didn’t do anything unkind to me, it was just something I related to the situation.
Generally, I’d run north on Casey Key for miles. As I ran, I’d focus more on my workout enjoying the air and night wondrously transitioning into day.
At my turnaround point, I’d stop and face the ever-changing sea communing with it as well as all the magnificent creatures above and below. Then I’d enjoy my walk back noticing more of my enchanting surroundings often picking up sea treasures that caught my eye. Intentionally, I’d stop my run short of “the tree” as I didn’t want to think of certain experiences. Finally, weeks later, I managed to run to the tree.
Sitting under it, I allowed the tears to fall freely and whatever feelings that bubbled up to be acknowledged. The tree became....The Healing Tree. Over the months, I’d run to the tree experiencing varying levels of healing and release. On my final day at my beloved beach, a totally unanticipated breakthrough magically unfolded. As on numerous previous occasions, I was running to The Healing Tree. About a quarter mile shy of the tree I came to an abrupt stop. This was actually not that unusual either as the reason for the interruption was a stranded crab that needed a little assistance getting back to the water. Gently I assisted him/her as I had thousands of various critters before. Since I was pretty close to the tree and kinda lost my momentum, I was about to walk the rest of the way. Instantly something inexplicably propelled me to run to the tree. It was as if I were suddenly possessed by a strange power. I fairly flew effortlessly. Incredulously, at the same time, a song started playing in my head that I closely related to that time I’d rather forget. On top of it all, I noticed a great big smile spread across my face. There were no traces of sadness, regret, tears. I realized the grand towering friend of mine was no longer The Healing Tree. It was The Healed Tree! How freeing it felt! That situation no longer has any charge for me. It 
was also a humbling reminder of how much I don’t know that I still don’t know. I thought I was “past all that stuff from the past” yet there were still deep layers to deal with. Profound gratitude, release, and clarity swirled around and within me as I realized this huge purpose for returning to Florida.

Now on a lighter topic ~ As I do frequently, here’s a shout out to all the Angels who
have assisted me in any way along my incredible journey. Starbucks is a company of which I have mixed feelings. While not keen on all their practices, they have provided me for many years….an office of sorts all over the world. It has been a meeting place hundreds of times. I can sit comfortably getting computer stuff done thanks to their free wi-fi and charge my various electronics. Many Angels have facilitated countless CafĂ© Mochas (extra whip) via gift cards.
Generally the baristas are friendly but often they are just too busy to connect much. The weeks I frequented a Starbucks in West Palm Beach back in 2013, the crew was the best at getting to know me even vying to take care of me. Although they will always have a special place in my heart, I have to say a Team in Sarasota, Target of all places, one upped them. These gals knew my weird ordering quirks and could anticipate which of my varied drinks I’d want in advance. Sometimes they’d already have my drink ready before I even got to the register. They had an uncanny way of making everyone feel they were uniquely special. Michaela, Kellsy, and Brittany were the best! I know there are a couple more outstanding ladies but they weren’t there as often and my name recall has something to be desired. Thanks and keep shining my Starbucks Sirens. You are amazing!

My journey has taken a few more interesting turns so stay tuned for the next update. Your presence is felt and appreciated wherever I in the world I am. Likewise, I send you infinite love and support in all your endeavors!