Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going and I’m Proud of It!

LOL I don’t know for sure what’s going to be going on in my life today and I’m celebrating.  Sounds a little insane I know.  But I’m proud of it as I have, for the most part, been living my message.  Except for some psychics,  No One really knows for sure what is going to happen the next minute.  Oh yes, once upon a time I had my life planned to a T for the next week, month and even years.  While my days went kind of how I anticipated, no day ever unfolded exactly how I expected.  That being said, another part of my message it that peace and happiness are not dependant on current circumstances.  Except for my “moments” here and there, my life IS joyful in spite of conditions others would see as scary, dangerous or uncomfortable.
Soooo, I am at another crossroads.  I still see visions of my Tropical Dolphin Spa Retreat although it still doesn’t feel particularly imminent.  The details continue to enchant me as if I was there…smooth, west facing beach where I run for miles, swaying palms, fragrant plumeria near warm, clear, turquoise, dolphin frequented waters.  I almost wrote “dolphin and mermaid” but didn’t want to stir up folk’s skeptical side.  I smell the salt air wafting on a gentle breeze when I step down the steps of my island home right onto the beach.  Mmmmm, Paradise!  My Goodness, where was I?  Oh yes, at a crossroads in life.

My 24/7 mission is finished, months before it’s expected time (see nothing is set in stone).  At a time I expected to be packing for Panama, I am re-connecting with friends, putting out ads and doing research.  It is incredible how many roads lead to Hawaii.  While an enchanting place I’ve been to a number of times, in this life and others, I have had a strong sense that it is not “the place”.  I was so fervently hunting for the place that perhaps it took me this long to realize there could be a number of stepping stones still between my here and there.  It would be no surprise that my Lemurian roots would be calling me back to that sacred, powerful area now known as Hawaii.  

While I am figuring out which way to go and how to make it all happen, perhaps you’d like to throw your energy into my game.  Might you have any connections in Hawaii, particularly the Big Island, that I might contact for further information?  If so, please E-Mail me.  Maybe you’d like to make a Donation to assist me in helping raise the energy and awareness on this planet.  If appropriate, we can do an exchange the “traditional way”….I give you something for which you pay me money.  Juice Plus as a nutritional support system and the Tower Garden are products I feel would boost most people’s wellness quotient.  Or perhaps you are ready to consider Telephone Coaching.  However you choose to participate, thank you for accompanying me on this journey! I look forward to our continued encounters both physically and in other dimensions.