Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Wind Beneath My Wings

This musing has me diverting a little from my usual Spa Retreat travel adventure stories. It is a heart-felt acknowledgement to someone extremely important in my life. Yes, I helped bring her into this world but she has done way more for me than I have ever done for her. This Angel is my daughter, Natasha.

While I experienced divorce, foreclosures and bankruptcy last year with relative ease and grace overall, there was one thing I found particularly challenging. Since my kids were born, I had always showered them with love often in the form of season appropriate goodies....Valentine hearts and sweets, Halloween trick or treats, Christmas stockings and Easter peeps. Even as they are adults, I continued sending them various holiday packages suitable for the traditions for the time of year. As my finances dwindled, I continued pouring my love to my children but was no longer able to show it in the ways I was accustomed. The role reversal kicked in….I was getting loving care packages from my thoughtful, loving Natasha! Inside were season appropriate goodies with fairies and sparkles and chocolate and candles and VS and Starbucks cards...all the fun things she knew would make me smile.

The care did not stop there. She was regularly offering me an airline ticket (ok, only one way) to California. This continued through my travels to Panama and Costa Rica as well as offering for me to stay with her for a while. While I was away, Natasha had the authority to make decisions regarding my little bank account. She was always checking to see if I had enough money or if I wanted her to put in any more for me.

Upon deciding to return to CA in January, I told her I appreciated all she was doing for me and that (without going into all the details here) we really didn’t have a lot in common so probably wouldn’t want to hang around each other much. So this kid goes on the internet and finds all sorts of activities happening/available in the area that we would both enjoy. She could have kept us busy for weeks!

In March, some friends did something extremely kind for me. I had no way of immediately paying them back except to express my extreme gratitude for their huge gift. When I shared the great miracle from my friends with Natasha, without being prompted, she took it upon herself to show them appreciation. Around her own busy schedule of work and school, she baked cookies and personally delivered them to my friends’ business.
Natasha always has a wealth of ideas and encouraging thoughts. She shares them almost daily with phone calls and e-mails. I must admit most of my crying is prompted by this sweet girl….in a good way!

Thank you for sharing these few moments with me in honor of and thanksgiving for the Wind Beneath My Wings……Natasha Marie.