Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Déjà Vu 2?

After returning from my first “apparently” unfruitful move to Panama in 2009, I was presented with an absolutely fantastic business opportunity in California that could have been the beginning of my Spa Retreat. While exciting at first, there were a few elements that didn’t sit well in my gut so I graciously turned it down.

Now, again returning from a second Panama “move”, I was in communication with a couple with an absolutely gorgeous place in Roatan, Honduras. It was another golden opportunity served up on a silver platter. The buildings on the property were absolutely beautiful and seemed perfect for a start up with land for expansion nearby. Clear blue water with delightful coral reef right off the coastline was inviting too. My big reservation…..while the property is on the water with spectacular views up and down the coastline, there is no beach there. I compromised on that important factor with my second Panama effort which may just be the reason that things didn’t develop as hoped for. While I knew how much I totally loved the beach, I didn’t realize until recently what an absolute necessity it is in my life. The “right” beach nourishes and sustains me even more than the food I eat.

It was a delightful month I spent with my extremely generous Florida family. The whole while I investigated opportunities to be able to support myself and work toward manifesting my dream in this area I’ve moved from 5 times and keep finding myself back. Another 2 week stay was lined up with another friend but I found out the morning I was supposed to go there an issue had arisen preventing me from that opportunity. While I continued my search, I found myself in the unique situation of living in a car for a week. Am I ever grateful to the friend who loaned me the car. It always helps in a car living situation to actually have a vehicle, something I don’t personally own at the moment. I am also so happy that Florida finally produced (after 2 freezing winters) the kind of winter I moved here for! This situation gave me lots of opportunity to be on my beloved beach….many times in a bathing suit – get that, it’s December! My dolphin friends communicated and interacted with me regularly. Actually this is part of my dream. It would be a sheer pleasure to live on the beach! Unfortunately for me I am a criminal here if I am on the beach too late or if I leave my vehicle in the beach parking lot after midnight. How crazy is that? Some day nature will be able to be shared in the manner it meant to.

Now I have again been blessed with a super generous friend providing me temporary housing! Oh that first night how I luxuriated in just being in a house, sleeping in a bed and enjoying “real food”! Simple pleasures…..

For a limited time I am now able to offer Telephone Wellness Coaching again. These days there are so many changes going on right now in our lives and on our planet. I have much information about this and am prepared to share, on an individual basis, with those who are ready to receive it (and you know who you are)! For details, please go to

As I continue my journey full of questions, there is still a certainty that everything happens for a reason which is for my highest good. Wishing you bright blessings and happy holidays as we all move together into magical 2012!