Thursday, January 7, 2021

Celebrate Everything!

Was contemplating, while composing this post, there is no one holiday I celebrate that is shared by everyone I know in this world. Even New Year is celebrated at different times in different cultures.

But January does mark the beginning of the New calendar Year (as acknowledged by most humans), and hence, widely associated with new beginnings. Yet really, every breath we take can be a new beginning. All that is necessary for a new beginning is a conscious choice. A determination that, from this breath or moment on, things will be different. That difference depends on your desires and the degree to which you wish them to manifest. What old thoughts, beliefs, do you need to release in order to make room for new possibilities? What kind of person do you need to recreate yourself to be to allow what you wish for? What shifts can you make in your own personal environment that will help facilitate your new world?

Celebrate everything! This definitely helps bring about wonderful shift. I feel that celebration is another flavor of Gratitude. The celebratory aspect is like Joy infused Gratitude. Joy lends to being light-hearted. With all the interesting things going on in this world, a sense of light-heartedness sure helps navigate each day. Not only are our lives happier but it rubs off on everyone we touch, in any manner, as we go along our merry way. 

So celebrate – the sunrise, the sunset, the bird
that stops by to sing you a song, a flower blooming, a child’s smile, a puppy, whatever day of the week it is, national chocolate day – whatever brings your heart delight. Thankfully, I have a personal little pixie that reminds me regularly of celebrating the magic in each day. If you don’t, I suggest you find your own personal pixie or angel to remind you too! 


With new starts, one can always don fresh ways of enhancing their health and wellness. If you’ve ever considered a nutritional support system, I invite you to investigate my offering of Juice Plus. While I am generally not a pulpit preacher, I highly recommend this product to most for a myriad of reasons. Thanking you, in advance, for supporting me if you choose to look into this wellness booster for yourself!

And, to wrap up with a little sparkle, here is one of my latest beach creations for you to acquire or simply enjoy looking at. Two lovely pearl and barnacle encrusted sand dollars, outlined in actual sand and set in a beautiful varnished shadow box. Teal blue glittery sides remind of the ocean from whence they came. A bevel edged glass cover protects it all. Please contact if you are interested.

As always, thank you for your love and support on whatever level you have and are providing. You are, as well, in my bright intentions. I hold you and yours in powerful energy for well-being in all aspects of your life……and Celebrate You Too all the year through!