Friday, January 29, 2016

Destination Unknown

Who was that person named Michelle Hazlewood who had 1 year, 5 year, 10 year and more plans all plotted out? Who was that person with all those specific worldly goals? It sure seems like another individual than I am right now and, possibly, another lifetime! Current ME has goals like peace and happiness in the NOW moment. Where I will be to live those goals tomorrow, next week or next month continue to remain elusive. It is becoming more natural for me to go with the flow – even when that flow takes me places I thought I’d never go in my wildest imagination. Good thing “never” is not in my usual vocabulary.

December’s end and January certainly brought me to completely unexpected destinations and experiences. It’s not important that I share the specific details – only that my spiritual growth has expanded in leaps and bounds beyond anything I would have thought. I ask the Universe for certain lessons, or “remembrances”, manifested in the best way for me. Sure enough, a Higher Power knows better than my human self how to deliver!

So my main share in this blog post, from my personal encounters, is this. I recommend you define your goals, say your prayers or put out your requests to God or The Universe but not be attached to all the specific “hows”. While you could get what you think you what with your human recipe, you may be limiting the grand gifts you could be receiving. It’s fine to have or follow a certain formula – I just suggest you add, “this or something better” and allow for flexibility in your process.
If you’d like to play with this whole idea together, perhaps you’d like to consider Telephone Wellness Coaching. Together we could create…..A Whole New World!

It’s been over a decade now since I received, what I refer to as, the download regarding a Tropical Dolphin Spa Retreat Center. Many details were revealed to me then, with equal amounts left mysterious. The whole picture was in the realm of my capabilities but not necessarily my personal dreams/desires. Reflecting on various aspects, I decided, if it were for the highest and best good of all, things would fall into place for this manifestation. If this was indeed Divinely inspired, I would joyfully walk through necessary doors but would not break down doors.

Since that event, so long ago, my journey has taken me through a variety of interesting situations in many parts of the world. Travel with me, if you so desire, by subscribing to my blog or perusing previous posts. Sometimes I wonder if any of these adventures are bringing me closer to that tropical retreat vision. God, the Universe, often works in ways mysterious to humankind and this may be a perfect example.

Even now, I continue to walk through the doors presenting to me and one particular opportunity keeps popping up as a key puzzle piece – moving my lots in Costa Rica. That gorgeous property was from a time of different energy in my life. My former husband and I purchased it with expectations of building our dream home there. While the land is definitely magnificent and in close proximity to jungle and beach, it is not appropriate for the new energy necessary for the development of the retreat haven I am envisioning. So I believe it is necessary to sell or trade it in order to open the door to acquire land more suitable for that place “shown to me”.

With that in mind, I am again requesting your assistance in making the appropriate contacts for this to come to fruition. Please check out and share the new pages on my Universal Wellness website dedicated to Costa Rica Land for Sale or Trade: TWO Lots 1-Ocean View.94 acre 2-Tropical Forest w Creek.55 acre Combined Value $158,000 for Cash, Land, Boat or House I also have a facebook page with details, pics and many interesting tidbits about Costa Rica. If you are on fb, please LIKE my page to help increase exposure there.

Whether you’ve just met me on my path now or have been honoring me with your presence on the journey for years, I am deeply grateful! I know it is hard to keep up with all the technology these days but a line or two about how you are doing is invited and appreciated too.