Monday, December 7, 2009

Mission from God OR Incredible Journey? Phase 3

I am now in my lovely green house with tower windows that I can see even more amazing views than just ground level. Again, however, things are not as they were originally spelled out. Hmmmm, another sign. For now, I enjoy the lovely pool, unique statues, fruit trees, the gazillion hummingbirds and butterflies drawn to the gazillion tropical flowers. The low roar of the rain-fed river in back can, at times, be mesmerizing.

Continuing on the awesome side, nature here is wild to say to least! While it’s a repeat on butterflies, monkeys, iguanas, frogs, bugs and exotic birds, they present themselves daily in ever-changing ways to hold my fascination. One morning from Villa El Bosque I ran to Playa Tortuga. There I saw a “Christmas tree” full of bright red ornaments. Ok, they weren’t ornaments, the tree was full of scarlet macaws! I ran back to my room to get my camera to share it with you (round trip about 3 mi) but sadly, upon my return, they were gone.

The first morning at my green house I went on a fascinating new run. As I paused at a point to take in the views of amazing cloud forests above and rows of waves down in the ocean below, I heard the now familiar cries of toucans. Looking up there were at least 6 of them playing and giving me National Geographic views.

On a funny note, there are random cows, horses and a goat along side of the road, in the middle of the road, out in the fields just wandering. I don’t quite understand how the owners would find them if they wanted to. I met a couple horses on my run one morning. Later in the day I took a long walk in a totally different direction and saw them again. I thanked one of them for being one of my “guardian animals”. We had “a moment” as she enjoyed me petting her.

Something that I had been visualizing for years in my “ideal day” has been happening here. In California and Florida, I always woke up to an alarm clock as I wanted to start my day early to run or work out before the rest of life happened. Now, I don’t have an alarm clock as my cell phone doesn’t work. Here’s the part of the dream realized…..I wake up early naturally, fully rested with the sun pouring in the windows to the sound of the jungle birds! Hey, I got part of it down, I know I can manifest more!

As I lay in the warm sun by the sparkling pool one summer day here, the gentle breeze soothed me and I was mesmerized by the Royal Palm fronds swaying above. There was a new frond, a little lighter and brighter green sprouting out from the top. It was extending up but not fully unfurled. At that moment it struck me that I was like that new branch. While I am fully committed to my journey and enjoying life in a new way; I am not totally mature (oh yeah, we knew that!) in the sense that the Spa Retreat’s route is not fully known. Of course that is the case in all our lives. Even though we may make plans and have expectations of how things may go, there are often surprises on the road and events that make all those plans null and void.

Thanksgiving blessed me with, not only one, but two traditional dinner invitations. I chose the closer one even though I’d only know the family that invited me. It was interesting as it turned out to be a totally Christian crowd. Most of these people came here as “missionaries” and were all from various parts of the US. There were probably about 100…more if you count all the family dogs that were brought along. They were all sweet and welcomed me warmly.

Lisa, another kindred spirit I’d not met in person previously, kindly invited me to her place in Alajuela…La Garita to be exact. As I’d decided to make the most of my time here, this seemed like an inviting door. With my intermittent communication, I was able to set up a shuttle, which got cancelled and rescheduled. I never actually got confirmation that I was on it but felt I would me fine. So I arrive at the appointed location 20 minutes before the pickup time. This really was a lesson in trust as my monkey mind wanted to go off on it’s own as the minutes ticked by. Half hour later, I was gratefully on my way making the “4 hour trip” in a swift 5 hours 15 minutes with excellent views all along the way.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a Christmas trees stand with real trees…’tis the season! Lisa, her 6 dogs and I had lots of fun and enjoyed great conversation. Funny thing at Playa Manuel Antonio – there was this small waterway, 10, maybe 15 feet across. I took pictures as I thought it was extremely funny that people were paying for boats to take them this ridiculous distance in shallow water. After I’d waded across it a total of 4 times, I told Lisa about this craziness. She couldn’t believed I’d walked through it as she informed me there where crocodiles in there! Oh well, hasn’t been the first time…I’d been in a similar situation for anyone who knows about my experience in Myakka Park, Florida. Lisa and I had a great time exploring and seeing the many, wondrous faces of Costa Rica in different areas. Lisa is definitely one of the angels on my way that reminded me I am in the perfect place at the perfect time!

Talk about signs. I went to the information center in the town nearby with my friends Patti and Wade with the intention of getting a mailbox along with other information. I did not tell them that I intended on doing that and they were there primarily to arrange an airplane ticket. I waited for them to do their business before me and they decided to get a mailbox too. Wouldn’t you know it, they got the last available mailbox which is why I still don’t have an address here.

Costa Rica provided me the opportunity to “re-group” from my situation in Panama. Curious how I landed in the area right near where my former husband Lee and I had purchased property about five years ago. I entertained the possibility that maybe I was re-routed to create something for the Spa Retreat here. With that in mind, I made various contacts and inquiries. However, after a month here it was evident that my stay will not be long.

Another interesting thing that happened…..oh, I must back-track first. Since I was little in California, I had this thing about saying, “My Beach”, no matter which beach I was on….Malibu, Leo Carrillo, Zuma or wherever. It continued when I moved to Florida whether it was Nokomis, Casperson or Siesta were I played. But here, I went to Ballena Beach and almost as soon as I got there was startled by a voice in my head saying, “This is not my beach!” Huh? Where did that come from? It doesn’t really matter but I ask for signs to show me my way each day and that sure was a big one.

My journey has been one similar to what my parents used to do for us kids at Easter time. Then, for us to find hidden eggs or baskets, they would say warmer, warmer if we were going in the right direction and colder, colder....indicating we needed to go a new way if we wanted to find the prize. After a month in Costa Rica, I have been getting more colder, colders and they are coming more quickly now. Not a bad thing (now, as then, I’m still having fun) just a handy system giving me a heads up that I need to change direction in order to be getting closer to the Spa Retreat.

Another factor surrounds my computer and communication. Since Panama I have not been able to access reliable, uninterrupted, high enough speed internet to do the functions I require. Since part of my current “job” is to be making connections and doing research for my Spa Retreat, this is a big sign for me. The day I sent out my Phase 2 update, my server did something mysterious and decided not to accept incoming e-mails for a couple days. This was not encouraging since many people communicate with me right after I send out my news. If you were one of those folks that were told I had a permanent fatal error, I highly apologize for your trouble. If you please contact me again, I’m pretty sure we will find I never go down permanently!

My reliable laptop has been used to mostly sitting open on my desk for years. Since I have been somewhat of a gypsy as of the end of September, it got opened and closed numerous times a day and started to rebel. Starting with a little “catch” upon opening or closing, it worked its way to getting stuck in various positions. The frame separating from the rest of the top and the top moving away from the bottom probably weren’t the most comforting signs for me either. Heading back to Florida in January will enable me to get back on track technologically and follow up more efficiently on all the leads I have acquired for the Spa Retreat thus far. Thank you for your patience.

I must admit also that I am really looking forward to a bath since I haven’t had one since September LOL! Am dreaming of a hot one with lots of VS bubbles.

When my trusty computer started to add a little bit of drama to my life, who came to my rescue again? You guessed it! Jake and his crew at AXICOM! Jake made sure I got, all the way in Ojochal, Costa Rica, a temporary computer to tide me over. When I return to the states, they will assist me in getting a new set up complete with cloud computing capabilities (something I’m just learning about). If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Westlake Village, CA, I highly encourage you to find out about AXICOM’s educational opportunities at their office. Whether you are in their vicinity or not, Jake, Christa & their team can provide you with the highest state of the art level of service for you and your company’s computer and IT needs

I still hear Panama calling and am working on a new game plan to be there in a more peaceful manner that the first trip. In the meantime, I will be available again for Telephone Wellness Coaching starting in January. If this is something you feel may enhance your life, please contact me by e-mail asap so we can get a New You going in the New Year!

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Blessings, Appreciation & Love ~


Monday, November 23, 2009

Mission from God OR Incredible Journey? Phase 2

Pura Vida! Pure life! Definitely an appropriate phrase here in Costa Rica. For those who remember, my friend Patti offered me haven at her place of amazing energy and breathtaking panoramic views in Ojochal de Osa. Even with pool construction occurring, I can still breathe easy and get very connected with nature. Dozens of butterfly varieties have danced around me.

There is peaceful quiet broken occasionally by nature….a far cry from Panama City, Bocas Town & David where the horn is a motor vehicle’s most essential part. In Florida, I had Laughing Gulls … here there are Laughing Hawks … a reminder to always keep my sense of humor! Parrots squawk around regularly, woodpeckers peck and there are frequent hummingbird buzz bys.

Now I know what toucans sound like. The Fruit Loops’ model comes by often and I had a few meaningful interactions with a Chestnut Mandibled variety as he kept tipping his head side to side to see me. Had a Black and Green Dart Frog hopped across my morning run path. Oh, I say path but the rock and dirt road is like a 70 - 80 degree angle much of the distance. You can imagine that for a Florida runner where the biggest incline is an anthill!

And yes, I’ve finally seen monkeys – White Faced Capuchins, cute Spider Monkeys and Howlers, who bark/roar regularly. Multi-colored iguanas are cool ranging from the little 5-7 inch brilliant green youngsters to brown-green-orange monsters about 3 feet long with huge spiky crests. There are magical, disappearing waterfalls across the valley, visible under certain lighting conditions.

Bonus for me is getting the internet here. While the connection is sometimes slow, it is a blessing to be able to communicate with you! Here’s a plug again for my friend Jake at AXICOM. He’s assisted me remarkably over the past years. He has been hugely instrumental in getting my message out in the form of blogs as I don’t always have the internet connection or the tech savvy to make it happen. He also graciously assisted in getting my PayPal portal set up. Please check Jake & his team out for computer and IT needs

Right away I was told about a house-sitting opportunity for a gal who was leaving for the US in a couple days. When I met with her, she showed me around her place telling me she was also considering another couple and would contact me when she returned to the states. The day I was going to commit to another, less desirable housing situation (2 ½ weeks later), she calls. Evidently she’s not totally thrilled with the other couple, feels better with me and hopes that I’m still interested. Done deal! I will be moving into my new home (for now) November 25. It is absolutely gorgeous with a pool, delightful yard with many fruit trees and it borders a bubbling or roaring river depending on the current rainfall. Will post pics on Facebook after I move in – Internet allowing.

November 9th roused me bright and early at 1:30am with a gentle earthquake. Guess the Universe wanted me to feel at home. My friend Patti, who had slept through it, asked me how I knew it was an earthquake. “Remember I’m originally from California” I smiled.

Another cool miracle happened as I was sitting on the edge of the pool deck looking out over the jungle to the ocean. While meditating/contemplating what to do next, one of the workers, Gabriel, comes over speaking Spanish. Mind you my Spanish vocabulary is only a tad broader than I learned on Sesame Street when my kids were young. He’s handing me a torn piece of brown paper that had penciled “Mateo 6-25-34”. I thought he wanted me to look something up for him on the internet. Then he said “bible”. If you are curious, look up Matthew 6:25-34.

November officially heralded in Christmas…at least at Patti and Wade’s. I’m sure we were the first to put up cheerful, colored, hypnotically blinking lights. What fun!

Since it’s more effective to do business and get to stores with transportation, I was debating purchasing a scooter. The pros were I could possibly make money and I’d be able to get groceries etc. Cons included I would be gambling to buy it spending most of my money with no clear source of income ahead and heck, I wasn’t even sure I’d stay in the area. The “special deal” on the scooter was $1200…actually pretty good for what I compared online. It didn’t bring me peace to make the purchase so I considered it for a while. 10 days later I decided to make the leap of faith only to find it was now $1600. It is now “season”. Things go here from being quiet and somewhat of a ghost town to not being able to get a parking space in some locations. So much for the scooter.

While excited about the prospect of a place to myself a bit later, it was getting evident daily that there are only so many places to go in a 2 room house. My friend Patti and her husband Wade had been more than generous in assisting me but could really use some alone together time. There was one place I’d seen that came strongly to my mine, Villas el Bosque. We went there and I was able to score a smokin’ deal of only 20 bucks a night! Alone at last in the wild! The hum of the fan and sounds of the jungle are all I can hear. Some gorgeous scarlet macaws even flew by reminding me I am in the right place for the moment.

It is a day by day, even moment by moment listening to spirit required to keep me going. There are connections I’m making, people I am touching along with people and situations that are blessing me. I know my time in this area will not be extensive…..I still see white sand beach and clear warm water near the Spa Retreat (you’ll find none around here). The internet situation is not conducive to the lengthy time needed for my Spa Retreat research and communications either. Will let you know what’s next when I do!

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Blessings, Appreciation and Love ~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once Upon A Year Ago

Greetings My Friends!

Thank you for all your support and interest on this unique journey I am on. While some have known the scoop all along, some have just recently jumped on the ride. To provide a little more illumination about how it all started, here is a copy of the main letter I sent to friends and associates back in…..

November 2008

Dear "Friend" (Name was inserted) ~

Here is a message I am sharing with some of my friends….people who I value keeping connections with.

I have had a detailed vision of running a Spa Retreat for about 15-20 years. Since it seemed such a far reach from my current reality, I haven’t shared my ideas much. However, recently I have been guided to start sharing my dream with more people.

Briefly, this Retreat by the Sea is a place that people can visit for a day, 3 days or a week and delight in various revitalizing therapies and experiences.

Its grounds border a beach somewhere tropical. So far the countries Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Panama have presented themselves as possibilities.

If you have any leads for me to create a Miracle from apparently nothing, I am open to receive. Thankfully I have already received 100s of tips, offers for introductions, offers to participate and the desire to be notified when it becomes reality to be pampered and inspired.
I request that you please keep this in your thoughts and prayers and send some magical energy my way.

Last but not least, thank you so much for your love and friendship!

Blessings & Be Well ~ Michelle

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mission from God OR Incredible Journey?

I expected adventure but couldn’t possibly have anticipated what I’d encounter!

Getting my life belongings into 3 suitcases seemed quite the challenge. But then 3 friends were traveling to Panama at the same time too so they each agreed to take another for me. How excited I was to now be able to take 6 suitcases. My excitement dwindled as my journey unfolded and began to show just how many times those suitcases needed to be moved from one place to another.

Many of the things I “learned” about Bocas del Toro proved to be just a little different than my understanding of them. The one thing I thought I was sure of was my friends’ apartment I was supposed to stay at. Upon arrival, the place wasn’t at all in the condition they anticipated (they’d been gone for quite a while) and in, from my perspective…a less than desirable part of town. I moved to a delightful Bed & Breakfast called Las Olas, thanks to an Angel assisting with the cost.

It was recommended that I take most of my money in traveler’s checks since I “wouldn’t want to be carrying lots of cash around”. Well, as of a couple months ago, no one in Bocas takes them any more and maybe no where in Panama. Beers were supposedly 3/$1 and your could take a water taxi anywhere around for 50 cents. Actually I don’t drink beer but, for the heck of it, every menu I saw had beer from $1 (happy hour) up to $4. The water taxi drivers seemed offended when we gave them 50 cents and insisted on a dollar or more.

I planned on scouting out property and working locally (which I was also informed would be no problem) while I worked on my Birth Plan aka Business Plan for the Spa Retreat. Prices quoted around $90 just to look at a property. People were begging me to teach fitness as they had no one around like me (fancy that). However, I was supposed to hire and attorney to get a work permit and proper migratory status to get that. We are talking around $2,000….maybe more. Heck, if I had the $2,000 burning a hole in my pocket, I wouldn’t be looking for the income opportunities.

By the way, if anyone was even considering enhancing their health with Juice Plus, now would be a fantastic time to go to my website, check out the benefits and sign up for yours today!

Now, of course, I expected things to be a little different but not the adventure of wandering around town for 3 days before finally being able to get a phone. Hadn’t anticipated the challenge of having all the instructions, prompts and recordings in Spanish either. What was I thinking? It seemed like I was running into a wall with every turn. In spite of the mailbox place being open from 8-5 daily, every time I went, they were closed.

Hmmmm, not supposed to get an address, my housing didn’t work out, people make way less around there (as anticipated) but groceries cost way more, I couldn’t assist those I desired to without compromising myself! Even the beach I desired to be at cost me money to go to. While I admit to having my moments of frustration, I know everything happens for a reason and I didn’t go to Bocas for nothing.

I was able, with the help of a legion of angels, to see some properties and a couple have potential for the Spa Retreat. I now have at least 20, maybe 30, new friends that I know I have touched in a positive way. Some of these people may also be able to assist me down the road. I did see plenty of Paradise with my breath being taken away a few times. Most people were kind and friendly and there’s no price you can put on those children's smiles. Having breakfast daily with exquisite fruits in the open air over the water was amazing. I strongly advise the “swinging in the hammock hypnotized by the waves” meditation!

Ok, I wasn’t getting to far quickly and spent 3 or 4 times the amount of money I’d figured on spending by then. While I got signs from the Universe regularly that I was headed the right direction (kind of like a treasure hunt), it was clearly showing me that this wasn’t the time to stay here. As I thought about returning to the states, turmoil arose inside me. So I put my situation out to a few friends. One was my dear friend Patti who recently moved from Canada to Costa Rica with her husband. Patti Angel graciously offered to host me and assist until I could get clarity about what direction Heaven wanted me to next go.

Bocas del Toro, Panama, to Ojochal, Costa Rica….doesn’t sound too complicated. Oh, but then there are those 6 beautiful suitcases again! Picture this:
Taxi from Las Olas to Bocas Marine (5 minutes)
Boat from Bocas to Almirante (1/2 hour)
Taxi from Marine Co to Almirante Bus Station (5 minutes)
Missed first bus due to first being overcrowded and no room for one, no less, 6 pieces of luggage
Bus/Shuttle from Almirante to David (5 hours)….

Now I must comment on this trip. I was jam packed with a bus full of people that didn’t speak English and my luggage was strapped towering over the top. Fortunately one doesn’t need to know the language to play with a 2 year old child next to me. After the first few dozen stops, I lost track of how many we actually did. About halfway through the trip, my little friend moved on at the snack/restroom stop. At that point I scored a window seat.

The views were breathtaking – magnificent foliage of seemingly infinite varieties, dozens of gorgeous waterfalls, mountaintops playing peek-a-boo in the clouds and I even saw a huge, aqua blue butterfly…exquisite! Kinda felt like Alice in Wonderland. During the trip the radio played intermittent American Pop. For those who know the significance, Abba’s Mamma Mia is also played in Panama.

Ok, I thought I was ready for David from the descriptions I got from everyone. I got to the bus station where I couldn’t find anyone who spoke English. I could hardly find a bus station, heck with checking the numerous schedules I was told about. Found an office that held two persons….only info I could get was there weren’t any more buses going to Costa Rica until tomorrow morning.

The Universe was indeed having fun with me. I asked a taxi driver (who couldn’t speak English), to take me to a hotel. We ended up driving all over the place and, although he wasn’t too thrilled with me, was a fairly good sport. Thanks to angels intervening over my fast diminishing minute phone, I actually landed a lovely hotel. I went to the restaurant inside (which actually had linen tablecloths) and had a 5 course meal for $3.50! Now that was a drink only in Bocas!

Next morning blessed with an English speaking taxi driver who assisted me in finding the right bus for Costa Rica. Comfortable bus and beautiful scenery on the way. Was a little wondering how I would handle the border when one of the passengers saw how much trouble I had finding someone to speak English. The “do you need some help” from him was met with huge relief. They went through my entire luggage on the Panama side, had to get in another line to show documents and even pay to leave the country.

At least I entertained everyone at one point. Going through 6 suitcases so many times….I thought the guy re-zipped one of the big bags and heaved it off the counter flinging the contents including bathing suits and underwear all over the ground. Then we got to do it all over again on the Costa Rica side except without dumping the luggage. If my English speaking angel wasn’t there I probably would have thought the bus left without me since it crossed over the border through all the buses and cars and we had to walk.

Traveling on the bus again I was sending telepathic messages to the driver since the bus was headed to San Jose and he (if we communicated properly) was going to drop me off at Palmar Sur. As I did so, a beautiful butterfly flitted onto the bus around. Actually, all along the way animals positioned themselves to let me know they were angels too.

Thankfully, the bus driver did remember to stop and just as we unloading the luggage, my friend Patti pulled up in perfect timing. While she and I had never met in person before, it was like a long lost sister reunion. Her place in Ojochal is in the mountains with a lovely view of the ocean. The foliage and animals around are amazing. Even got to see fireflies that evening. It feels so good here. I am breathing refreshing air and eating food my body prefers more. Have some things in the pipeline already that I’ll probably share about later.

Panama awaits for my return some day. In the meantime, I am in a place I can play peacefully with my Spa Retreat’s Birth Plan and enjoy the journey.

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Michelle Hazlewood
c/o Natasha Hazlewood
4207 Riverglen Street
Moorpark CA 93021

Until I can get the new website going, I will attempt to post some pics on Facebook. Attempt, because I am new at photography, uploading pics and not sure if current internet will accommodate. You can “be my friend” on Facebook…just add Michelle Hazlewood.

Muchas gracias all for your enthusiastic support….financial, professional contributions, advise, research, energetic, e-mails, FB messages and all. Without you, I couldn’t have gotten this far.

Blessings, Appreciation & Love ~


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Networking Miracle

I was attending my monthly business networking meeting held at various local businesses. This meeting was hosted by a deluxe assisted living facility in Venice. The first miracle was the luxurious spread they provided us for breakfast complete with chefs making our custom omelets to the beautifully carved ice sculpture.

Every meeting there is a drawing from the business cards for lovely prizes. Often they are things/services that I’m not interested in and I wish them for the person whose life will be enhanced most in receiving them. However, on numerous occasions there are prizes I desire and I say, “That’s mine” or “I want that!” Yes, they’ve picked my card 99% of the time that happens. Today I wanted a gift for a very silly reason. I wanted the gift bag it was it. The bag was all sparkly and pretty and I’d run out of bags to gift people things in. The prize happened to be a bottle of wine (not something I’m big on) and a bottle stopper with a beautiful silver heart….the heart will stay with me for a while.

Everyone gets a chance to stand up, introduce themselves and their businesses. I stood up and said, “For all those who have been following my Spa Retreat progress…..manifestation, I thought it was Costa Rica but recently Panama has been presenting more powerfully. If anyone has any leads or ideas, please let me know.”

At the end of the meeting, a gal who worked at the assisted living facility, Julie *, came up to me and said, “I live in Panama”. She has homes here and there. She asked what areas I was considering. Trying not to be too specific and open, I said, “kind of around the west side, near Costa Rica.” Julie says, “I live in Bocas Del Toro.” She couldn’t help but notice my eyes getting bigger than saucers. Bocas Del Tor has been in my mind for months. Bocas info and pictures were on my desk that very moment. She said she could connect me with the various spas around and I could stay at her apartment. We agreed to get together later that evening at her place.

So I’m going to my new angel’s place to talk business and possibilities. Lo and behold, thanks to my morning’s winnings, I even have a gift to bring….a lovely bottle of wine! I arrive at Julie’s condo right at the beach on Venice Island and her husband Dan* answers the door. It was kind of interesting as he is all dressed up….in swim trunks! As I enter I see she is wearing a bathing suit herself. I’m thinking, “She’s totally comfortable in the midst of luxury and totally down to earth too – I like these people!” My first feelings couldn’t have been more right. We talked and laughed for hours feeling like we’d known and loved each other forever.

Turns they have all the connections I could possibly dream of in Panama. Dan is in construction and knows about properties, building and dealing with “the system”. Julie has holistic training, knows how to go into the rain forest to get plants for cooking and healing. She gave me some soap she made that smelled good enough to eat. She showed me her hand-crafted jewelry made from sharks teeth and shells. Layer after delightful layer of complimentary information unfolded.

So, I had all sorts of choices. I could go now, stay at their place and flounder on my own…..not good timing anyway (legal stuff not quite finished here). I could go with Dan in August when he prepares the way for Julie’s effortless arrival. Or I could go with Julie in September effortlessly flying in with her. I won’t need to know how to call a taxi or even where my apartment is. I’ll just have an Angel to guide me around, show me the ropes and introduce me to all sorts of cool people and adventures. I choose Door 3, thank you Universe!

So, I’ll be dancing off to Panama in September to live and scope out areas for the Spa Retreat. I’ve been doing plenty of virtual travelling and now it’s time for me to really see and feel the areas. Then I’ll be able to provide more info for the Spa Retreat Birth Plan to present to my potential financiers. They are beautiful people but a little more “practically” minded than I. The Universe will provide and my Angels and Fairies are always taking care of me aren’t enough for them.

More adventures later……