Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happy Love Month!

I was almost going to skip this month’s blog post as I didn’t know what upbeat news I could brighten your life with. Don’t misunderstand. There are always infinite situations and things for me to be grateful for at any given time – including the fact that you are reading this right now! There are the constants like the Earth, Sea and the Sky up above…..but I couldn’t think of positive things in my ongoing quest that didn’t require a long, drawn-out explanation.

Then I remembered, from previous feedback I’d received, that people want to hear about staying upbeat, or as close as possible, through challenges. Every day has its mix of ups and downs which holds true for every new place I land. Consider, for a moment, a big slide on a playground. One climbs up the steps then gleefully slides down. Who is to decide one is positive and the other negative but our own perception of the experience? I choose to see all as having some positive bearing in my life. Again, don’t get me wrong …..This ISN’T always easy! Drastic times sometimes call for drastic measures… sometimes allowing myself to wallow in a Pity Party before returning to my desired mental track. There are a number of factors that have gotten me to this state of BEing……

First: I make Happiness both a goal and a choice.
Second: I determine factors that contribute to my joy and those that detract from it. Whenever feasible, I increase the former and decrease the latter.
Third: Sometimes, in less than desirable situations, I catch myself noticing the ugly stuff – the things most people justify focusing on claiming, “That’s just  reality.” While it may be their reality, I don’t choose it to be mine. So I gently shift my attention to a more pleasing “reality”… majestic sunsets or velvety roses, delectable chocolates or a child’s musical laugh.
Fourth: I only interact, as much as possible, with others who also choose to focus on the bright side. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, the folks we are around frequently rub off on us.
Fifth: I have made these practices a way of life for decades. While not “perfect” all the time, my habit is to be vigilant for the light and….choose happiness.
So what’s happening in my world? More questions than answers! I had a number of international opportunities I was considering from California. For one reason or other, they all felt like I’d be forcing things when I started to pursue them. Needing to move on for my personal well-BEing, I traveled to my “Happy In-Between” place. Maybe more to report on that next month.

As the sun kisses my face and the waves wash my feet, I hope you have, in some way, been inspired, entertained and/or felt the Love flowing to you through these blog posts. Thanks so much for following and lighting up my life!!