Friday, April 12, 2019

The Only Constant Is Change

Actually, it’s Love but I’ll focus here on change from a human perspective….or maybe a little of both.

Yes, I was on Casey Key again. Guess I still had unfinished business. Facing the Gulf in front of one of the vacation resorts lining the beach is a huge heart fashioned with love and white clam shells. Carol is the artist. She'd regularly hike up the beach a distance for more construction material (clam shells) carrying them back in a bag. These can get quite heavy. I know personally having collected many myself. (You may have even seen a few transformed into Mermaid Trinket Trays.) **
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Carol greeted me with her usual cheery, “Good Morning!” Then words came out of my mouth, “You sure get your workout lifting people up!” Her face lit up with happiness as she responded, “Thank you so much!” Thank You Spirit/God/Angels/Universe for giving me just the right human words for the situation. Often, I find myself saying things I hadn’t planned at all, sometimes even using words very uncharacteristic of me, and think immediately after, “Where the heck did that come from?!” But deep down I know.

That was the morning I got the history of how the Shell Heart began. I’d photographed its previous version last year thinking it was a big beach Valentine. Turns out it was more than that. It was a tribute to John and Carol’s son who passed on 3:16 – March 16. Now I understood the shell with the writing inside of Brian 3:16. I knew what John 3:16 usually referred to and this was a loving combination of such. This year, Carol added a shell with her and her husband’s names with their anniversary date. A couple days later, someone else added one with theirs. A few more began to dot the heart. Carol decided to put a cup in the sand filled with markers with a shell next to it encouraging, “Write a message”. And people did. Colorful and varied messages of remembrance, love, encouragement and appreciation are what the shell heart is now made of. It’s doubtful one could walk around reading all the inscriptions and not be deeply moved. I bow to Carol for the profound difference she has made to countless people with her heartfelt act of love!

My life seems to personify change. Especially the past decade. If anyone would have suggested to me 20 years ago I’d be living this gypsea journey, I’d have laughed outright. No home. No defined plan. No end in sight. As many have read in Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream, there is a place I would like to plant myself on this earth - that tropical beach home I can almost touch. It just hasn’t manifested yet so I do my best with each change to enjoy my tour of life and BE in the NOW.

“Changes are what allow your spirit to expand into a greater awareness of your true nature. Through change you witness the many forms and faces of the Divine, for every living being, every inanimate object, every blade of grass, every mountain, every animal, is simply an embodiment of the One love. As you look into the mirrors of creation, you gain a greater awareness of the true Self within. People may come and go but the Divinity that animates them can never leave you. The very love that animates all of creation is One, peering at you through countless eyes, made manifest in oceans, trees, breezes, mountains, and the smallest single-celled animals. In every thought and every breath there is only One love.
Your soul will feel great freedom if, instead of fearing change, you embrace it wholeheartedly. Trust that change is the result of your growth – individually and/or collectively. Trust that your changes, when embraced with love, ultimately lead to a more conscious and happier life.”
~ VisionsofHeaven. com

You have your own individual journey of change whether it is visible to others or not. If you’d like a boost and a little company on the way, perhaps Wellness Couching by Phone will help brighten your trip!

On theme of the sea and experiencing change, one of my dear friends, Rod Thomas, has listed this beautifully restored Island Trader 46’ Ketch Rigged Motorsailer.  Cruisers are fun lot who are no strangers to change. If you are one or know anyone who might be interested in this newly restored gem, please contact Captain Rod for more details.

Thanks to cruiser friend Manuela for sharing this appropriate video recently on fb. I also recently “heard” it playing in my head one faintly lit new moon predawn morning. The stars still shown overhead as I stood in the sand, cool waves washing over my feet. You know that it’s “Time For a Cool Change”.

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As always, my heart overflows with appreciation for the ongoing support of all manner and the love that forever swirls between us! Aloha ~