Saturday, September 22, 2018

Wisdom Does NOT Automatically Come With Age

Babies emerge into the world these days remembering more than previous generations about where they incarnated from. They are more resistant when the aged ones try to imbue in them information contrary to their innate knowing. These “older ones” range from well-meaning to mis-guided to downright insidious intent bent on brainwashing the masses for their own ends.

This is not to fault the older ones at all. Beliefs and concepts were imbedded into their psyche at a tender age only to be constantly reinforced as they continued through life. No, there is no fault, especially when we realize much was done out of what they thought was love or for whom they thought was God.

It is not Wisdom that comes with age but experience. While some of us may have got through similar happenings in life, we each have our unique experience of it. Those experiences, combined with the workings of our mind and the power of our spirit, result in what we see as true. A wise person realizes that there is infinitely more to know than our human minds can currently fathom. The more a wise person knows, the more that individual senses the infinity of the unknown.

It will indeed be a glorious age when children being born are acknowledged as wise – not empty vessels that it is the duty of parents, teachers and others to fill with their beliefs. Adults are the guardians of these precious tiny Beings of Knowing. It would greatly enhance the entire human race if these little ones where treated with respect as the Little Masters that they are. It is the responsibility of the adults to care for and help these new arrivals to navigate this planet in the particular body they chose this time around. The adults have the power to honor and evoke the expansion of the child’s innate wisdom. They also have the power to squelch that light and replace it with what is commonly accepted as truth by most. The more people believe as they always have, the more history repeats itself over and over – except perhaps, with new names. When the children and their “radical” ideas are respected, things shift. People begin to get in touch with their own truth. Every once in a while, an adult has an epiphany. They may think they are being given a vision from Heaven (hmmm, you could say they are). They are actually tapping into the original wisdom they were born with – that knowing that has been buried under layers of others’ teachings for decades.

I hadn’t planned this blog post to be a continuation of a story from my previous Magic Always Comes With A Price. In it, I spoke of a little princess wearing a satin dress of cerulean blue. Against all odds according to conventional wisdom, within a couple weeks of that post, that very princess dress magically appeared in my life again! I am not ready to share the price I had to pay with the world right now. Suffice it to say, my faith was renewed and faltering trust restored.

As my time on this planet increases in years, my knowledge increases too. However, the more I know, the more I realize how infinitely little this human named Michelle actually knows. I may just be scratching the surface of wisdom.

With each generation coming in wiser, and more resistant to detrimental information, Louie Armstrong may have been onto something in What A Wonderful World

Wishing you a wonderful day and more wisdom filled moments no matter what your chronological age. And, as always, thank you for being on this journey with me!