Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ANASTASIA....And Amazon

While English is the language I grew up with, clear human communication has always been a challenge for me. The meanings of the words do not represent fully what I desire to express. For many people too, the very same word will conjure up a plethora of different meanings. This was one reason I generally did much better one on one Personal Wellness Coaching than presenting to or teaching a group. I got a better sense of what the words meant to each individual and was able to put them together in a way that would mutually benefit.

There is so much profound information I’d love to share with people who are open and ready to listen. For this reason I am extremely excited about someone I’ve discovered in recent years, Anastasia! This lady was born and grew up almost on her own in the wilds of the Siberian taiga. Her wisdom most closely reflects my knowledge of anyone I’ve encountered. Anastasia knows how to group words together in a manner that will create positive images most people will understand. While her body adjusts from her warm weather to her freezing winters without having to add clothes, I admit I am called to the tropics and don’t know if I will ever adjust to cold in this lifetime.

Another “frustration” (for lack of a more appropriate word) is I have vivid remembrances of capabilities I no longer remember how to use. Really, walking on water or through walls is something we all are capable of if we could but recall. Of course not everyone has the desire to use these abilities. It isn’t that important for me to access the aforementioned two. However, clear communication without today’s technologies is something I intend to recapture. While I currently rely on my cell phone and computer for communication, Anastasia had no need for them as she can access any information, anywhere that she desires  - instantly! Yes, we are all capable of that too if we choose to remember how. Some people know it as tapping into “The Field” or accessing the Akashic Records.

So why am I excited? Because within days, you can have the book, “Anastasia” in your own hands (or Kindle) and experience your own miracles in the reading of it. It is the first of nine books written by Vladimir Megre, to whom she gave this information, in The Ringing Cedars Series. I guarantee, if you read it with an open loving heart, you will find a number of gems specific for you. Since I could not personally disseminate this information with my words, Anastasia has given me a gift of hers to share with you.

When I get some technical assistance in the unknown future, hopefully the links in the Universal Wellness Website's Virtual Mall will all be functional again. In the meantime, if you'd like to get the book Anastasia or do any other AMAZON shopping, I'd greatly appreciate if you enter Amazon through my link to do so. I will get a small commission on your purchases which will translate into big assistance as I continue my Incredible Journey! You can also access the book directly HERE .....

I was also wishing for a feedback section on my website so that we can be on this journey together as you read the books. For now, maybe you can post your input in the comments section of this blog post. Looking forward to our new “dance” together!