Sunday, May 19, 2013

Working Hard VS Dedication

“He (or she) is a very hard worker.”  I heard this expression a number of times recently and it is used very often as a compliment or indicator of what a good person someone is.  The society most of us live in has people so conditioned that it is a virtue to be “hard-working”.  I am a very hard worker at times myself.  In fact, the mission I am currently on requires a 24/7 commitment.  Often I work way harder than people with “regular jobs”.  However, people who don’t understand what I do would think I am not a “hard worker” since I don’t make any money.   Actually I don’t strive to be a hard worker.  Neither do I think I am better or worse than anyone else due to the level they work or the level I do.  So many people “work hard” at jobs they hate or don’t love.  When you consider most of folk’s waking hours are spent at work, this can’t be too great for their overall well-being.  No wonder there are so many cases of stress related ailments.

Now dedication to something is very different than hard-working.  One can work “hard” at something they are dedicated to yet it doesn’t feel like hard work, servitude or drudgery.  There is a saying that when you love what you do you never have to work another day in your life.  That’s the major difference between working the majority of your life at something and dedicating your life to something.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the amount of money one makes is not a valid gauge of one’s value or how hard one works either.  People can make varying amounts of money based on how smart one gains it.  They can align themselves to the energy of winning the lottery, playing poker or Vegas gambling.  Others, like myself are of service in exchange for other’s providing for them…and it’s not always a direct exchange with the same people.  I am seeing the latter happening more and more upon the planet thankfully. Although I must admit there are still days it is a little challenging being on the cutting edge in this area.  Thankfully I am so engaged in my mission, I spend less time thinking about that and more time in gratitude for what I am able to do and appreciating the folks who sponsor and contribute to me along the way.

I do still take steps here and there to create financial income the “usual” way.  Since most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables even to maintain their health where it is, I offer an awesome nutritional support system through Juice Plus If you haven’t visited my Juice Plus site recently, please check it out as there is an abundance of new resources and nutritional information.  Incorporating the Juice Plus capsules can majorly assist your health and you would be doing yourself and even greater service consuming you own home grown fruits and veggies.  Since this is very difficult for many people due to space restraints and lack of a green thumb, the Tower Garden is a magical answer for them.  Due to the nature of the product, the produce ripens much quicker than the traditional methods as well! If you or anyone you know might benefit, I’d be honored to be able to support your well-being in this way.