Friday, September 10, 2021

Common Sense?

“It’s just common sense!” has been uttered dogmatically throughout the decades. But is it really? Ever consider why common sense isn’t so common? The reasons are as vast as the planet and beyond. Most people where not brought up the same way – different parents, different countries, different languages and cultures. This alone would contribute to so many thoughts/beliefs/actions not held in common. What is a sign of appreciation in some cultures, is an insult in others. What is a compliment to one, is an insult to another. What is gorgeous to some, is ghastly to someone else. One’s justice - another’s crime.

Usually, when people call on “common sense”, they really mean common to what they themselves believe is right or makes sense. They align with others who have beliefs and practices in common with them, thus reinforcing their own beliefs and way of life.

So, you see, it is virtually impossible to have only one way of being even in one city – much less the whole world. Instead of bemoaning the lack of, or wishing for, common sense, might it not be more helpful to look for common ground? We will all have our differences – those things that make each and every one of us uniquely beautiful. We wouldn’t really want to all look the same – think the same – act the same. We aren’t robots or a clone race so let’s celebrate our differences and enjoy our similarities.  

Something many have in common with me, to a greater or lesser degree, is a dependence on technology. Once upon a time I was told

that everyone successful in business needed proper branding and a website. I spent a lot of time, money and energy cultivating that “requirement” and never had the results I’d hoped for with them. What’s more - these activities certainly didn’t fall into the “what brings me joy” category. Recently, I have made the tough decision to take my website down. With technology changing every week, I really hadn’t been able to use it properly for the past 15+ years. I held on to retain info on it that I wanted and hoped, someday, to have someone else take over. Or, at least, make it so I could manage the content again. In all these years, neither has happened and it had become more and more obsolete. Perhaps a sign I may not need as much technology in the future?

Another sign (?) is my email continuing to be blocked and the alternate service to my challenges – Mailchimp – not performing (pun intended) desirably either.   First it was my email service – Rackspace -  that was supposedly the problem – evidently flagged for “spam”. It seems that sending something only once a month is suspicious as opposed to filling peoples’ email boxes on a more frequent basis. Then it was the recipients. Hotmail, aol and yahoo were big spam offenders so they were punishing me? by blocking my emails? I still get plethora of spam flowing to my Hotmail and universalwellness accounts so none of it makes sense at all to me – from a human perspective, that is. Whatever the issue, it really seems like the tech windows are closing around me….

For now, I am still offering Juice Plus and
Tower Garden – powerful solutions to assist you in taking charge of your own health and wellness. I am occasionally “in range” to offer Wellness Coaching by Phone – a 6 week intensive life charge or “re-boot”. If you think this might be just the boost you need, please contact for details.

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Part of my mission is making compassion, love and beauty more “common”. I sense if we can increase the percentage of those qualities in the world, we will increase the light and happiness of all humanity. Huge gratitude to each of you who have blessed me with these qualities in one way or another. You have definitely recharged me, increasing my ability to continue the bright flow. Please, all who read this, do something compassionate, loving and beautiful for someone else as well as yourself today πŸ’– One thing we all have in common is each being part of the change happening on this planet. What kind of change are you envisioning and manifesting? You are more powerful than you can imagine! If it feels appropriate for you, let’s join hearts and help increase the wave of love washing over this entire world! If fact, the more people that hold this intention in common, the more magnificent the “magical” results.

Namaste ~

Friday, August 6, 2021

For the Longest Time….

I recently moved on from what has been my longest stay in one place since I owned a house. It got me thinking how I never really was in any location very long even when I did own houses. The longest was in my West Hills, California home – about 5 years. By then, I’d stayed in dozens of places – my kids, already in gypsy mode too, were in their 6th home. That 5-year duration was topped only by my childhood home, about 8 years before my life turned upside down. A blessing or a curse is just a matter of perspective but it definitely began my nomadic, or gypsea, journey at that tender age of 8. So much for my younger-self dreams of an idyllic house that would be my forever home. Among other things, this journey has definitely showered me with lessons of flexibility and the art of adapting to many varied situations and conditions.

My most gracious and generous hosts of these 2 magnificent years made me part of their family. Like second nature, we regularly found ways of happily brightening each other’s lives. They are one of the most loving couples on this planet – truly a refreshing reminder that such a beautiful relationship is possible. It’s amazing how some people work their way into your heart making strangers friends and then, family. They are now forever stuck in my heart – including their furbabies - and I will always be grateful to them!

In that time, I’ve run a Halloween attraction as Cat Woman and played as Santa’s Helper. I've been a Fitness Coach, Wellness Consultant, House-Sitter, Pet-Sitter, Baby-sitter, Chauffeur, Wedding Planner, Short Order Cook, Banquet Assistant, Beach Craft Artist, Mover, Estate Clearer, Masseuse, Hair Stylist, and Mermaid…even did a little business coaching (obviously non-traditional). No pics as I am not a fan of selfies, rarely carry a camera, and prefer some semblance of privacy both for myself and my hosts.

Dolphins, manatees, and turtles were my frequent companions as were the moon, the stars and planets. The beach was my daily constant – so essential in my important as the air I breath. Although I spoke earlier about adapting to different circumstances, I think it’s helpful to notice those conditions that nurture us most. Personally, I am able to flourish more when I intentionally align myself with those uplifting spaces and energies. This applies to locations, people and activities engaged in.

During my stay, I was blessed with 3 offers to assist in other situations - even in other countries. While deeply honored by these kind invitations, I felt I could maintain a desirable balance of being of service and living peacefully by staying put during these interesting world circumstances - the whole time, feeling incredibly grateful to have the option.

A big shout out to my wonderful daughter too – The Wind Beneath My Wings – for the many ways she brightens my life. If you haven’t visited already, please check out our esty store Gifts From The Sea Shop she set up and maintains to help support my nomadic travels. If you are on fb, she also manages a page there where you can view our offerings Gifts FromThe Sea and Other Treasures. Remember, we have fun Halloween Spooky Shells - both sold loose and in Tiny Frame Art - as well as whimsical Holiday Angels too. Explore lots of unique gift and decorating ideas for your holidays ahead! Feel free to contact with inquiries. Thanks in advance for taking a peek, for sharing with others, and to all who have already made purchases. It means a lot to both of us!

Again, I am super appreciative for the kind-hearted and generous folks all around the world who continue to leave their doors open and welcome mat out for me. Often, I wish I could remember how to bi-locate to physically assist so many dear to my heart.  

And while I have embraced the possibility of living this gypsy life indefinitely, I also allow for the possibility of My Paradise manifesting in this lifetime. That place where, if I find it, I just may never want to go anywhere else again. 

Love and Bright Blessings to All reading this.
You are so appreciated!


Tuesday, July 6, 2021


Have you ever had a sense of a whole series of events from another time and place of which you never read or heard about? Have you had detailed flashes of you – but as a different person? Have you been to a place for the “first time” yet had a knowledge of specifics of that place? As alluded to before, I remember “past” lives”. Incidentally, I only use the term “past lives” since it is a concept most people grasp whether they subscribe to the belief of reincarnation or not. Actually, time and space are constructs for the human mind. Especially with the majority of humans using only a tiny fraction of their mental capabilities, they just can’t compute all these experiences happening simultaneously.

For months, I was playing a game on my fb Coaching page called Mystery Theme asking if anyone could guess the theme running through all the pictures. A few caught on to some degree. What the images actually depicted were reflections of past lives I personally have memories of. Way back in 2011, I made myself vulnerable sharing with the world, My Pirate Story. Sometimes I remember scenarios in great detail and, at others, only snippets. At times the memories are mostly pictures/images and others more visceral. For example, I remember
BEing a very large cat – a Lion or Tiger or such. I don’t see myself. I just AM. Even now, I have a sense of looking through those keen eyes. I feel myself crouching, stalking, getting ready to pounce. Even now, I can climb and easily make myself comfortable in a tree. Upon hearing a lion/tiger roar or growl, there is a primal bursting sensation within me that I’m at a loss for words to describe in human.

I have had people tell me they remember me before….One lady remembered me as a priestess with her in Lemuria and described some aspects of what that looked like. The scene she detailed totally resonated with my memories although I didn’t specifically remember her. Another person said she felt me as a dolphin (actually at least two people have told me that). Although I have an intense connection with dolphins, I do not have the sense of actually being one like the big cat feelings. Maybe a mermaid.....


Mommy and Baby Dolphins ~ "A Mother's Love"
Blinged out Mommy and Baby Dolphins? Yup, because they like to have fun too! In fact, they were repurposed for this beautiful piece after being forgotten on the beach following a day of fun. The two rhinestone-studded dolphins with sparkly blue heart leap over coral. Their ocean/sky backdrop is a giant heart cockle. Perhaps they will brighten your home and remind you to maintain a spirit of joy and love.


Everyone is different and their remembrances or experiences show up for them uniquely. For me, it was mostly when I slipped off for extended periods of solitude in the natural world. The more lost I became in nature, the more I had remembrances. Memories and information would come through. It wasn’t just events I had as a human but also sensations of BEingness in other than Earth settings. Additionally, I got information not only of this planet but beyond. In later years, I’d start to hear about that same information I’d received in others’ messages as “new information” or “new discoveries”.

For decades of my life, I’d been second guessing myself and my memories due to malevolent people manipulating me to think I was always wrong or that I couldn’t trust my own intuition. They played control mind games, from downright brainwashing to trying to convince me that I’d done or said something I hadn’t or vice versa. Some would try to tell me “why” I did something or “what I was thinking” as part of their argument to prove their position. Thankfully, I’ve learned to see through most of these kind of people and tactics – very helpful in not getting into similar situations anymore! Ironically, I sometimes still play mind games with myself only now with positive purposefulness. For instance, if someone questions me, or I second guess my own self, I now use that opportunity to pause and wonder. Did I really do or say that in “this reality?” Not so farfetched when I can shift through a few dimensions in one “present earth day”.

So what good is awareness of other “selves” or dimensions aside from entertainment? The answers to that are infinite. You can access wisdom from another “you” or timeline and use it to help with a situation now. It might help explain some seemingly irrational fears or tendencies that are actually a carry over from another “life”. Perhaps you have an incredible talent that seemed to flow effortlessly from the moment you started - possibly you were a master at that as another "you".

I certainly have found out reasons I love to play with fire in this existence. The delving could even assist in scratching the surface of infinity itself! Whether or not you choose to play in these spiraling realms is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong about it. Just limitless food for thought…..

Amazing Art about Dimensional Shift
 by Jean-Luc Bozolli

In wrapping up, I wish to remind you of my deep gratitude - gratitude for reading this post, appreciation for the many ways you show you care, and big thanks for the positive wave of change you make in my life and in this world! Infinite blessings as we enjoy this wild ride together! Namaste ~


Sunday, June 6, 2021

These ARE My Monkeys ~ This IS My Circus!

June has rolled around and finds me composing yet another message for you. I really thought I'd be skipping a month, or maybe more, but this story wanted to come through. Perhaps there is ONE special person out there that needs to hear it right now.....

As you may recall from my May blog post, most typical human sayings, or idioms, don’t work for me. Perhaps you caught my thoughts on human expressions in Everything Happens for a Reason. Some have worked in one form at a certain point in my evolution – only to shift completely with a new level of awakening. That is exactly what happened recently. I had some sayings that helped me get through challenges like, “Be still and know that I AM GOD” and “This too shall pass.” I also used to look at particular human behaviors and reassure myself with, “Not my monkeys – Not my circus”. That is, until a recent profound aha moment. I realized These ARE my monkeys and this IS my circus! I create my own reality. My thoughts and energetic levels affect what I manifest in my life. I used to somewhat pity the folks who’d say, “they had no choice” as I could see/feel the victim mentality in which they were imprisoning themselves in a world of infinite possibilities. In fact, I was limiting myself with the “not my monkeys” thing. Taking responsibility is a much more empowered place for me. I’m not saying it’s for everyone as it may conflict with their belief of letting go of the things they cannot change. For me, it is not a conflict as we affect the world around us on so many different levels or dimensions. The more one opens their mind to the possibilities, the more one can experience that which is, sometimes beyond words difficult to express…..the more we can manifest what used to be called miracles regularly! We can be the change we wish to see in this world!

For me, my beliefs have some kind of images and/or feelings attached. If there are no mental pictures or emotions, it is challenging for me to have something desired show up in my reality. So the situations I’d previously used, “Not my monkeys…”, would also shift in stages. I began imagining regular monkeys dressed in fancy waistcoats like in a circus or performing with an organ grinder – Mind you I would never really want to see monkeys in captivity or forced to do anything. This is also the way I imaged people exhibiting less than “my” ideal behavior. The images would kind of flash back and forth between monkeys and humans in these waistcoats. Next, realizing if they really were my monkeys, I could have them behaving any way I pleased. The fancy waistcoats disappeared and they all grew wings – not like the dark winged monkeys in The Wizard of Oz but gossamer fairy wings. One by one, they each changed to every imaginable cheerful color of the rainbow.

In the next stage, each began to display - on their chests like Care Bear Cousins – symbols of significance to me…heart, triangle, ankh, infinity symbol, Fibonacci spiral etc. My mind went into great detail with this game of making this new belief part of my current reality. I know it sounds a bit silly but it is a process that helped me positively shift.

Do I really want to get involved in others’ problems and dysfunctional situations? Definitely not in the typical human sense. In fact, I make conscious choices that make those situations scarce in my world. However, as mentioned before, we concurrently live in so many layers and dimensions. As I become aware of less than desirable activities on this planet, I can energetically assist in a powerful manner. Not dwelling on the horrors, the challenges and the sadness, I surround the situation with love and imagine qualities I wish for them like peace, harmony, comfort and joy. This energetic “work” has similar effects to that of prayer. Surrounding any situation with positive energy, in whatever manner that resonates with you, is assisting in making this world a better place. Anyone who participates in this, IS helping BE the change we wish to see! Thank You for all your efforts and Congratulations on the great shifts you have assisted in bringing about – and those you continue to help with!

While I don’t have any beach crafts related to monkeys to share (although I did paint a darn cute Curious George statue when I was very young), Down the Rabbit Hole definitely relates to rainbows and traveling through various dimensions! Please Contact with your interest. And yes, the last pic is blurry intentionally πŸ˜‰

Although I have discontinued my previous use of “Not my monkeys..” there is a funny variation I’ve used that may apply to you too -  “Not my monkeys, not my circus.  However, sometimes I’ve been seen driving around in the clown car!” πŸ˜„ Perhaps you can think of some colloquialisms you have used in the past? Colloquialisms that you might want to tweak a bit to make them more powerful for your personal use today. These sayings or recordings in our heads, whether spoken aloud or not, contribute to our reality. Do you want to live consciously or by default? Although there are no wrong answers, I encourage you to choose wisely. And for every bright new choice you make, Heaven celebrates and I thank you!

Wishing you rainbows and happiness
(monkeys optional)!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

More Questions and Always….Appreciation

Here I am….posting another blog message – almost a surprise to myself. Right after telling people they could follow me on blogger and thus get notified about my messages, I find out that Feedburner – evidently the addon that enabled such – is discontinuing this service in July. And it turns out my emails, for the last few months, have been going to people’s spam folders – particularly gmail accounts. I have no progress to report on “that” Tropical Spa Retreat…or even hints. It really seems there is one reason after another to discontinue my messages. However, all I need is one good reason to make a new post. And Spirit has given the green flag yet again.

Art by Daniel Holeman
As you are aware, everything is energy. So many folks are pining for the way things were and desperately trying to go back to the “old ways”. The reality is that all those old systems were, in some way, broken or dysfunctional. Oh, they were functional for something – for getting us collectively to the point we are right now. If everything is energy, how did we get here? You can come to your own conclusions by following the energy. Follow the strongest emotions of the majority of mankind. Follow the greatest flow of money. Then, things will become clear. Thankfully, more and more are awakening to this understanding. They are consciously becoming aware of their thoughts (energy) and redirecting them in more desirable directions. Increasing numbers are spending their money more consciously - choosing to let their money speak by not investing in companies trying to “keep” the old destructive ways, and instead, supporting people, businesses and causes that are making this world a brighter place.

Speaking of the old ways, there are many old adages that aren’t particularly healthy or helpful either. Recently, on fb, I re-shared a “memory” of my kids when they were little. It was accompanied by this musing of mine, “That concept, ‘Live each day as if it were your last’ never worked for me since it was first introduced to me by a coach decades ago. I'd spend the whole day saying good-bye to my kids. Pretty sure they don't want to do THAT every day!Another frequent example is someone trying to encourage another saying there are lots of others going through the same thing as you. Or, you’re not the only one with this particular challenge. While misery loves company might work for some people, it doesn’t make me happy knowing others are sad or challenged too. If I am in a (temporary) low place, thinking someone else is feeling the same would only make things worse. My point is not to tell you which sayings or beliefs are good or bad. I am simply suggesting you reconsider doing or thinking things just because you always have done and thought that way in the past. Consciously, rethink what was previously your automatic thinking. Perhaps there are some of the “old ways” that you might benefit from letting go of or updating for who you are now. Perhaps there are even new ways you’d never considered before simply because you were too attached or stuck in old way habits.

I remember a story I heard a while back that’s a great example of

doing things a certain way just because that’s how they were always done – Grandmother’s Ham. While there are various versions, it goes something like this:
A husband and his wife were in their kitchen. The husband was sitting in the kitchen while his wife was preparing a ham for dinner. The husband watched the wife cut off about one inch from either end of the ham. He asked why she cut the end off, saying “that’s a waste of good ham!” She said “that’s the way my mom prepared the ham.” The husband asked “why did your mom cut the ends off?” The wife didn’t know. Later, the wife called her mom to find out why she cut the ends of the ham off. Her mom said “because that was the way my mom prepared ham.”

The wife’s grandma passed away several years earlier, but her Grandpa was still living. She called her Grandpa and asked “Grandpa, why did Grandma cut the ends off of the ham?” He was silent as he thought for a moment. Then he replied, “so the ham could fit in the baking pan.”


Here is a beautiful excerpt from ~ “In order to birth a new world, you as a collective human race, are dying to the old one. There will be no 'going back' to normal. There will be only 'going forward', and it is a glorious reality you are moving towards, even in spite of all the birthing contractions you continue to witness.”

Art by Daniel Holeman

What am I going to do from this point? Almost every aspect of technology is working “different” for me than it is “supposed” to....or is it? Perhaps all those “break downs” are guiding me onto new paths. Perhaps even my previous goals/visions are being re-written into something grander that even I could have imagined. I am definitely open to new possibilities. Living in trust is really second nature to me now. And I am super grateful that I always know my very next best step. No doubt when you take care of yourself, trust God ~ the Universe, and act mindfully, you will know your very next best step too!


As you know, I love to assist my friends any way I peacefully can. I have introduced this amazing gal before who is definitely helping bring about a new, brighter world. Nora Dunn – the Professional Hobo as she likes to call herself – has traveling long term down to a science. I am aware of many people starting to change their priorities over the past couple years. A surprising number have even expressed interest in spending more time in nature for extended periods of time. Whether local or across the world, Nora can definitely provide extensive guidance for those considering the leap…or hop….or flight. She is now offering one on one coaching both for long distance, long term travel as well as alternatives to travel while enjoying many of the benefits.

Nora gives aspiring long-term travelers (remote workers, early retirees, and more) confidence to hit the road, knowing they have arranged absolutely everything in the best way possible for them. This includes finances, logistics, emotions, and more - she helps you look at the whole picture so you can manage your affairs and travel safely, effectively, and stress-free. Learn from her 15 years of long-term travel; she made all the "mistakes" so you don’t have to! 

She does all this through 800+ articles on her website, an inspirational YouTube interview series, and most recently personal consulting. You can book a free 15-minute consultation with Nora here - and make sure you let her know I referred you! πŸ˜„


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Whatever is going on in my life, there are always more blessings than I can count in and around me. No doubt this is true for you too if you really look. I believe an Attitudeof Gratitude is one of the simplest but most profound practices that help make this world a better place. In that spirit, please feel my deep appreciation for your presence in my life. Whether up close and personal or perhaps simply reading my writing, we each help shape each other’s lives. Together we are creating a brighter future…..a wonderful new world!