Friday, May 22, 2015


So many clamor about making sure everyone gets an education and has the opportunity to go to school. What they don’t realize is that most of the traditional education systems are propaganda machines that crank out perfect little pawns for the system of control they live in.
Now I am not against learning, growing and acquiring information one is interested in. In fact the numbers are increasing for homeschoolers and alternate education providers who do just that. They notice what the children have a resonance with and provide them opportunities to learn more about those topics and get involved in them. This is pure education as opposed to manipulation.
So many parents, teachers and adults in general think children come into the world ignorant. They feel it is their job to teach these kids in the sense of forcing information into them about the “real world” and how it operates. After centuries of this misguided thinking, it is now the adults in dire need of “an education”!
When parents understand their sacred duty is more of a guardianship than a dictatorship, the children will be treated more like the Little Masters they truly are. True, babies enter this plane of existence not knowing the human language of the family they are born into or about the people around them (this time around) or life in the culture into which they are born. Yet, on a deep wise knowing basis, they are aware of way more than most adults on this planet. They keep that awareness until they are taught out of it out by new information pumped into them or forget it as they are taught such things aren’t real. What is the solution? While it’s not always easy for those who are just becoming acquainted with this knowing, it is relatively simple. It is a dance of nurturing the Little Ones’ own knowing so they retain their innate wisdom along with presenting them joyous opportunities to learn about and delightfully experience their present world. They will definitely guide You, the adult, in how to provide them education!
As far as the kids already in various systems, please be honestly sure they are loving it for the most part. If not, seek new solutions. This is about the greater good of the child, not the convenience and dictates of a dysfunctional society. Be sure some aspect of their learning involves regularly reminding them of the Little Masters they truly are…reassuring them about what they know and asking their opinion regularly. Gaining this information is helpful two-fold. 1) The open minded adult will actually learn and grow as they are open to this wisdom of the child 2) It will help the child remember his or her awareness before coming here and build on it – thus having the best experience possible in this existence.
Another thing you can do to assist your kids to live to their full potential is to provide them the best nutrients possible. The best option here is to grow your own food. While this can be difficult with time, space and other constraints, it is not impossible. With the aeroponic vertical TowerGarden you can grow almost anything that doesn’t grow on a tree (like an apples) or under the ground (like potatoes). Another plus is that you get to harvest in a fraction of the time as soil grown plants. Not quite ready to harvest but want to boost your kid’s health? You may have heard of Juice Plus which is an excellent health support system formulated with real food! With the Children’s Health Study, each child can get Juice Plus free with a participating adult. It could be Mom, Dad, Grandparent or any adult that cares enough for their health and that of the child.