Friday, February 19, 2010

California Gold vs. Peace

Florida was unseasonably cold upon my arrival in December so I was particularly looking forward to my trip to CA were the temps were supposedly warmer. However, when I arrived to CA, they headed south too. Quite an adjustment which I must admit I never quite made gracefully after having been used to temps in the 80s and 90s.

My brilliant friend Charlene in CA, who connects venture capitalists with folks doing business, had been telling me for months about this like minded gal who wanted to start a Spa Retreat “like mine” in the Westlake or Malibu area. From the location, I realized it couldn’t possibly be completely like mine but was keeping myself open to possibilities. I finally got a chance to meet this beautiful lady, Maryam. She indeed had many awesome plans and brought passion and experience to the table with some to spare. The idea was to start here and, in 2 or 3 years, when it was going strong, expand possibly to Panama. It seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime offered to me on a silver platter.

The weird thing was, in spite of this fantastic, perfectly logical chance, I couldn’t generate an ounce of enthusiasm no matter how hard I tried. Accepting this would also be accepting the possibility I would have to stay in CA for 2 to 3 years. On tropical beaches with warm, clear water, exquisite clouds and an abundance of wildlife is were I feel most alive and connected. No place in CA can I generate that sense. I realize it is totally personal preference as there is no place absolutely “better” than another. I chatted with my friend Dr. Rich Cimadoro – one of the best chiropractors you will ever meet. He assisted me in seeing what I already knew deep down. Life is too short to make such a big compromise! I made my decision to return to my tropical beaches. As soon as I did this I was totally overcome with a sense of deep peace.

After making that choice, I drove out and saw a piece of a rainbow (it had been raining almost since I got to CA) which thrilled me since I saw it as a sign to confirm me following my bliss. In FL I am rightfully “spoiled” by seeing rainbows regularly. In CA I’d hadn’t this visit, and hardly ever before, saw any. The rainbow piece was exciting enough but then, to my left, I was thrilled to see what I thought was a whole rainbow side to side. As I turned onto the freeway the angle changed and it seemed like I was driving through this magical arch. Feeling so high, with tears of gratitude in my eyes, I looked end to end only to realize an arch is not a full rainbow. I about burst when I saw the “ends” reflecting across the pavement, glowing toward the car and blending with me. I was part of the full circle rainbow! As the freeway wound this way and that, I travelled from the lower right to the lower left of the glorious light show. I was blessed with this experience for about 10 minutes.

Again it is time for me to practice patience. I know the research I need to do to gather the information for the business plan…or Birth Plan as I prefer for the Spa Retreat. For now, I will focus on stabilizing myself with a place to live and an income stream in Florida. If indeed a Higher Source wants the Spa Retreat to be manifested, I know I will be shown a way that feels perfect when the time is right.

As wherever I go, I did have many cool experiences in CA. One particularly exciting one for me involves a wedding dress. While it was mine, I was not wearing it. My near and dear friend Elizabeth has a daughter Lena who is 6 going on 600. Not only does amazing wisdom come from this child’s lips, she is talented beyond her years as well. She danced the Nutcracker, complete with costume changes and props, with the grace, emotion and experience of a professional dancer. This Little Princess is forever dreaming of being a bride. Relatives happened to be storing a magnificent custom made wedding gown for me that had been sealed for 25 years. From the joy this precious One exuded when I presented it to her, I knew I’d chosen the perfect Princess Bride to pass it on too.

And my technology…..while the good Axicom folks had another notebook for me, to my amazement they were actually able to repair my on sad laptop. Quite the resurrection in my opinion. With their assistance I’ll be getting “on the cloud” too. Contact them yourself to learn more about this helpful technology

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