Thursday, August 6, 2020

Love or Fear?

In your day to day life, are you coming from love or fear?
Are you living fearfully in a pandemic or peacefully in a beautiful world?
Abraham, via Esther Hicks, reminds us, “Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be.”

I understand it can be tough when you are in the midst of a major challenge to see beyond it. But the more you focus on that “reality” and, in a sense, argue for it, the more that will be your experience. So how do you shift a reality when almost everything around you reinforces it? You use your free will to focus on the aspects you desire – aspects that bring you joy- and use your imagination to create more of those. Concentrate intently on the exquisite beauty
of flowers you enjoy or marvel over an ancient tree. Really savor a delectable favorite food – anticipating it, relishing it with your senses, and being grateful after. Let yourself to be hypnotized by ocean waves,
a flowing stream or even a recording of such. You get the picture. Allow yourself to notice something difficult only if there is an immediate action you need to take in the moment to mitigate it.
Otherwise, simply observe your monkey mind wandering off on its own and Let It Go. Intentionally redirect your attention to something desired or appreciated be it “real” or imagined.
Remember, your mind does not distinguish between what is “real” and that which is vividly imagined.

It also helps to state things in the positive such as, “I am vibrant and healthy!” vs “I’m so grateful I’m not sick anymore!”  However, the latter sure beats a prophetic mental recording of, “I always get sick!” Being vigilant with regard to our thoughts and words really does make a powerful difference.

Knowing the Universe reflects what you put out into it, it’s best not to report “negative” facts to others - unless they can help you improve your situation or you help them better theirs. Perhaps they have a connection to solve your difficulty. An example of how you might assist someone by sharing your story: “I had a similar computer issue like you are describing and the amazing techs at Axicom resolved it like magic!”

A vast number of people are “stuck” in a fearful or victim reality because they are addicted and/or don’t know any other way. You probably know people addicted to drama. As you are aware, most drama is not perceived as particularly positive. For much of humanity, a certain traumatic or fearful way of life is all they have known. These people, collectively, have a difficult time fathoming existence can be any other way. First, someone has to wish for a better situation. Next, they have to have a glimmer of hope that it might be possible. Often baby steps are necessary although overnight shifts are possible. Part of living in love involves expecting “miracles”.

Another helpful thing to remember is that things/events are not inherently good or bad but our perception makes them so. For instance:
The bad news is I didn’t have my computer for several weeks due to technological issues so couldn’t do my usual activities. The good news is I didn’t have my computer for several weeks so couldn’t do my usual activities. I could go on and on bemoaning my woes resulting from not having my computer. I could also expound on the numerous silver linings resulting from not having my computer. While I did have a few rough moments, most of the time I was able to put my attention on the bright side.

By your example, are you teaching your kids or others you influence that things are awful and frightening? Or do you emphasize the wonder and excitement of what is? As you go about your day, think about pausing before you take action as often as possible. (New habits can take a while to form.) In that pause, ask yourself, “How would this look, if I approached it from a place of love and peace? What action might you take, coming from love, that would brighten others’ lives?
As per the mirror and ripple effects, this exponentially enhances your life and the rest of the world! Pretty spectacular don’t you think? Perhaps, as you move through your day more mindfully, you will notice the situations you typically approach through fear and worry. Stop! How can you turn them around? What new order/request would you like to put out to God/ The Universe with your intentions?

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