Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A Wee Bit of Magic? It’s Elemental!

Magic and enchantments dazzle this month
complete with divas, fairies, leprechauns and other elementals. Some celebrate St. Patty’s Day. Some revere the Equinox be it Vernal or Autumnal depending on where in the world you are.  Maybe you even remember Theodore Geisel’s Birthday in appreciation for all the joy Dr Seuss continues to bring to children of all ages. I also have a GrandPuppy, Hero, who celebrates his 4th birthday this March. Whatever you choose to enjoy, I continue to urge you to celebrate. Celebrations generally mean joy (perhaps with a little Irish jig). Joy enhances our health and well-being- spiritual, mental and physical.

Speaking of well-Being, I’ve shared before about Simbi – an exchange platform I belong to. There I “met” and received a fascinating reading from Cindy Welch, or Cece Tarot , as she is known there. Since her style was particularly interesting to me, I looked into her offerings a bit more. I found, not surprisingly, she’d authored an enchanting novel called The Mists of Tir Na Nog. These days I am guided to read vary few books – a story perhaps for another time. I was enthralled by the twists and turns of the story; finding interesting co-relations in my own personal tale. If magic, wizards and fairies pique your interest, you may also find The Mists of Tir Na Nog to be a real page turner – or finger swiper as I read it on Kindle. You can find The Mists of Tir Na Nog on amazon 

In addition to my Beach Art, I am sometimes gifted with items to sell to help support myself and brighten the lives of others. With the arrival of Spring, birth and rebirth can be found all around. This darling, realistic looking Bird Family seems very appropriate for Springtime although charming year round. Note the Mother doting over her two new babies as she waits for one more egg to hatch. Proud Papa keeps a watchful eye over the family from afar. 

Another new offering is this Cobalt Glass Fish...........

Perhaps more appropriate for the “green thing” is the Chartreuse Fish – although it’s not quite the proper Kelly Green. Perhaps you can imagine it swimming around in the shamrock seaweed 😉  Other Gifts From The Sea are offered on etsy and fb. Please Contact with your interest. 🐬

With a little bit of luck 🍀, and help from wonderful Rob at Thinking2, I am announcing this blog post from a new service – mailchimp. If you are seeing this blog via an announcement other than blogger or mailchimp and wish to be on this mailing list, please let me know! This is another new experience for me. The results going forward are anyone’s guess. But grateful to connect again, one more time, for those meant to feel this connection. Thank you 🙏 for your love 💖 and support and gracing my world with your presence/presents!