Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Communication and Technology

“How are you?” is one of the least consciously used phrases….at least in the English language. I am humored over and over again when I hear it. Much of the time the inquirer isn’t the slightest bit interested in your answer. This is especially funny when someone asks me as I am running….
in the opposite direction. I also find interesting peoples’ responses via email or conversation. Because many people asked how I am or what I am doing, I started writing about my adventures years ago in my blog. The blog definitely was not embarked on to make me rich or famous. So, when they ask how I am or what I am up to, I respond asking folks if they’ve read my blog or when I direct them to my blog, they say that they don’t have time to read or they don’t read that kind of stuff. This is very intriguing as they would listen to hours of stories or read a long email if I sent one as my response to their “how are you?” 

Speaking of email, I don’t always have that either. For email to function properly, an internet connection is required as well as a properly functioning piece of technology to send and receive it from. As I travel in the direction of the four winds, I have gratefully been blessed to have internet access a good portion of the time. However, even with that access, often it isn’t working well enough to keep up with what’s necessary for successful communications. I have lots of stories about that including times I’ve had to hold the computer high over my head for 15 minutes just to send or receive one email.
Then there were periods when some Starbucks guests must have thought I was a homeless person living in that particular store. They would have been kinda right too!

Another frequently used phrase that has me totally baffled is, “Keep in touch.” One delightful challenge that I have is my circle of friends and family expanding. Why would that be a challenge? As my connections number in more zeros than I can count, it is virtually impossible to be in physical contact with everyone who might mutually wish to be so. When people say, “Keep in touch”, I am guessing they realize this. So, for most humans, I’m thinking that “keep in touch” would mean something like say hello, check in on me, let me know how you are doing occasionally in the manner you are peacefully able. Again, I circle back to my discussion about “How are you?” and my blog posts.

As far as technology goes, I seemed to have more issues than anyone I have known since the very first computer I owned. This phenomenon was so extreme it even baffled many technicians assisting me. One of my computer Angels observed that my energies messed with the equipment to the point of sending me out of the room when my computer was being worked on. That kind of makes sense and I know I’m not the only one who energetically affects electronics. I have a few friends who do this too. For those in this particular circle of awareness, it can't all be Mercury in retrograde!

When traveling a lot or having one’s own business, it’s a no brainer that technology is essential in today’s day and age. But what happens when it’s always breaking down no matter how new a product is? What happens when every technological endeavor, without exception, has been hindered or completely halted due to an inability to successfully work with technology? I’ll tell you what happens. Emails don’t reach the appropriate people, including myself. All the efforts and hours of work on advertising campaigns simply are gone….poof! Years of commissions don’t come through due to faulty links. Money and time invested on websites is for naught. Malware shows up via the very vehicles meant to create solutions. My blog doesn't show as I intend. Time and money are invested in business ventures that never come to fruition dues to glitches involving the avenues of communication. Many well-meaning people share leads/resources/ideas with me that I am never capable of utilizing under these circumstances. Cell phones don’t allow conversation spoken or text. Even watches decide when they want to work on my wrist! My word is unable to be given for much of anything that has to do with technology cooperating without several caveats. I have spent more time and effort trying to get technology to work for me that I have “successfully” using it for the purpose I engaged it in the first place. 

Perhaps I needed a bit more patience. Maybe I was supposed to connect with all those people who did their best to assist me with my technological challenges. Then maybe….I am meant to resurrect my telepathic abilities!

Human language is a topic I have brought up in the past with mixed feelings. While it is a blessing to be able to have the use of it, and some artisans inspire us with their eloquent dance with it, I remain ambivalent. No string of words has ever nor can ever truly express what I am desiring to communicate with another party. In fact, I can equally argue everything I say as correct or incorrect depending on the “ears”
of the receiver. Complicating this is the fact that I actually “remember” a time (a dimension for those who understand it that way) where Telepathy was my method of communication. In this reality, I am teased with bits and experiences that reflect shades of my telepathic powers. I know I can get back to it with practice, intention and allowance although perhaps not overnight. With the telepathy that I am aware of,
there are no words expressed to misunderstand. I often observe in this reality that the greatest myth of communication is that it has occurred. The pictures, feelings and knowing of telepathy transcends words, technology, time and distance. If I was able to re-master my art of telepathy, I wouldn’t require a computer, internet connection or even a phone. And I’d definitely be able to keep in touch with my myriad of family and friends much better!
Now to find my island that I can slip off to and be the grandest expression of myself that I can be here on Gaia. Oh, the places I could go! Oh the hearts I could reach!
Keep me posted if you want to participate in this and don't think I am aware of your desire.

A huge thank YOU to all who are making the time and energy to read this post. For most of you reading this right now, I know I am preaching to the choir. Your energetic appreciation, support and loving exchange mean so much to me!

Now, who wants to join me in a higher level of communication? No, I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to completely change gears to a Telepathic world nor would most probably want to. But we could certainly shift our gears slightly if that is our desire. I symbolically throw down the gauntlet to you to intentionally play a bit each day with your telepathic communication both sending and receiving. Be sure to observe all the times you have experienced it. You know, those times you think of someone then they call…..when you want to share an idea with someone and they start saying it to you….when you both say the same thing at the same time…..when you think of someone who has
passed on then you see a rainbow or feather falling from the sky….. I personally am intentionally playing with a few people who mutually desired this communication remembrance. Let me know if you want to play too.

 So my short answer to your question of “How are you?” is “Excellent!” For a more in depth answer, you can read about it in my blog :-)