Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Enjoying The Game

I was just going to lay low and not write anything for a while as I didn’t have anything momentous to report and didn’t think it would be of much interest. However, a number of people have been asking what I’m up to so I will share a brief update.

Currently still in sunny FL assisting a friend in exchange for my “upkeep”. While I am grateful for this situation, I do have my radar tuned in for the next door to open in manifesting the Spa Retreat. Got my bike back so I’m able to ride to beaches on Anna Maria Island a few times a week. Takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the wind and traffic lights. Oh, and if the drawbridge goes up, that’s another story which leaves me sometimes trapped on the bridge watching dolphins. Nature indeed blesses me with the towering clouds I love, thunderstorms, and my dear little creatures. I’ve not taken a lot of pictures as I’m not big on cameras and mostly took the pics in Panama and Costa Rica at the behest of family. Here you will see some of the ducks that hang out in the back lake and a lizard that thinks he owns the beach chair. Volleyball is still one of my exciting activities thanks to another combination of miracles too.

I have been shown that the Spa Retreat is even bigger that I thought before (not necessarily a physical size reference). A number of enlightened/awakened partners that I look forward to meeting will step forward to help this come to fruition. I admit I don’t have a clue as to when this will all come together but I am having fun playing with the puzzle pieces as they “come in”.
For anyone with psychic abilities or who just get a sense of certain things, I’m putting out some hints. If you “get” anything, please let me know! Everyone else can be entertained with my out-thereness…..oh yes, I love you too! Here goes ~ SaRa, Isis, Jennifer, Anastasia, and of course…the parts you already know….Spa Retreat, Caribbean. This all play and there are no wrong answers! Looking forward to your input….
My birthday this year also has me excited. It is a magical enough birthday combination anyway but this year it’s extra special. On 6/4/64 at 6:46, I will be 46! For those of you who think I am shamelessly plugging my birthday, you are right, I am. So many folks forget we are here to experience joy. Many try to hide their age or play down their birthday rolling around. Hey, it’s one of the most special days of our lives and I invite you all to rethink it with the reverence and fun it deserves! And a cool tradition that exists in my family…..drag on the celebration for as long as possible. I’ve already started and you can bet will keep it up well into June and beyond (if I catch any late reader’s attention)! Happy Birthday to me and Happy Birthday to All of You…in case I wasn’t able to wish you health and happiness on your special day.

Until next time, dance with the music you’ve created and thanks for dancing with me. Much Love and DeLight ~ Michelle