Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Failed Journey?

Gratitude is usually something I end my blog posts with and something pouring forth from me as I start this one.  Thank you one and all for the myriad ways you have so generously contributed to my miraculous life!  There are those who use this blog to judge, gossip and use as ammunition against me.  I was tempted to stop posting but 100 ill-users cannot outweigh the 1 magnificent situation here and there where my writing has inspired someone to awaken a bit more.  So, no matter which camp you are in I know that, in some way, you bless me.  I celebrate one and all as we journey together in enlightenment.

Many of you were aware that I was headed to the Bahamas last March.  Hours were spent researching and making contacts there.  A possibility of a joint business venture with a Bahamian gal on the island of Andros (near Bimini) was in the air.  I even had some properties to investigate as the owners were interested in doing a trade with my Costa Rica land.  At one point a sizable Angel contribution landed in my PayPal account making the Spa Retreat research journey to the Bahamas look very viable.  My sweet, ever supportive daughter hosted 2 fundraising yard sales to help facilitate my trip.  Many friends and family members generously contributed to the sales too.  A captain friend in Miami agreed to be my taxi throughout the Bahamas on his sailboat.  When I arrived in Miami, one thing after another incredibly kept coming up for the captain delaying our trip.  It finally got to the point that I informed the captain I’d run out of waiting money and wouldn’t be sailing with him.  The friend who was kindly housing me at that time treated me to a Thai restaurant for lunch.  My fortune cookie said, “When one door closes another opens”…..duh, story of my life!  Sure enough, within days I was off on my next adventure.

Many would say the Bahamas trip was yet another failed journey as I started out thinking one thing would happen which then turned into something else…..just like my “move” to Panama in 2009 and many other “changed” adventures.  The Universe/My Higher Self/God (or however you choose to address the Creative Source) always is there guiding me.  I feel so blessed!  I have had people say, “I’m sorry that your Bahamas trip didn’t work out”.  While I appreciate their caring for me, I must say I’m not sorry.  Yes, I was excited about that trip and I am just as thrilled to be on the “trip” I find myself on right now.  I always know what step is best for me to take in my Now moment as long as I am tuned in.  This makes life so much more simple and peaceful no matter how chaotic and dramatic it may seem on the outside.  And while it appears that I keep switching paths, it is indeed the same perfect journey with the constant I can always count on being change.  This is the same with you.  How accepting are you of change?  How open are you to growth?  Like you I have intentions and ideas.  I put them out there and declare…… “This or something better for the highest good of all”.  Talk about winning all the time!  WhooHoo!

Now it appears that I have much traveling ahead of me.  When I am in the United States I am available for Personal Transformational Wellness Telephone Coaching on a very limited basis.  If you are interested, mention you read this here and I will email more details as soon as I am technologically able.

If anyone is ready for a total lifestyle change and is interested in possibly relocating to a tropical area to participate in manifesting the Spa Retreat, please let me know as well.  If you do not already have my email, please visit my website and contact me through there.
And now I again bask in Gratitude for each and every one of you.  Thank you for  all the ways you contribute to me.  I grow stronger every moment and happily swirl the good vibes back to you!