Thursday, May 6, 2021

More Questions and Always….Appreciation

Here I am….posting another blog message – almost a surprise to myself. Right after telling people they could follow me on blogger and thus get notified about my messages, I find out that Feedburner – evidently the addon that enabled such – is discontinuing this service in July. And it turns out my emails, for the last few months, have been going to people’s spam folders – particularly gmail accounts. I have no progress to report on “that” Tropical Spa Retreat…or even hints. It really seems there is one reason after another to discontinue my messages. However, all I need is one good reason to make a new post. And Spirit has given the green flag yet again.

Art by Daniel Holeman
As you are aware, everything is energy. So many folks are pining for the way things were and desperately trying to go back to the “old ways”. The reality is that all those old systems were, in some way, broken or dysfunctional. Oh, they were functional for something – for getting us collectively to the point we are right now. If everything is energy, how did we get here? You can come to your own conclusions by following the energy. Follow the strongest emotions of the majority of mankind. Follow the greatest flow of money. Then, things will become clear. Thankfully, more and more are awakening to this understanding. They are consciously becoming aware of their thoughts (energy) and redirecting them in more desirable directions. Increasing numbers are spending their money more consciously - choosing to let their money speak by not investing in companies trying to “keep” the old destructive ways, and instead, supporting people, businesses and causes that are making this world a brighter place.

Speaking of the old ways, there are many old adages that aren’t particularly healthy or helpful either. Recently, on fb, I re-shared a “memory” of my kids when they were little. It was accompanied by this musing of mine, “That concept, ‘Live each day as if it were your last’ never worked for me since it was first introduced to me by a coach decades ago. I'd spend the whole day saying good-bye to my kids. Pretty sure they don't want to do THAT every day!Another frequent example is someone trying to encourage another saying there are lots of others going through the same thing as you. Or, you’re not the only one with this particular challenge. While misery loves company might work for some people, it doesn’t make me happy knowing others are sad or challenged too. If I am in a (temporary) low place, thinking someone else is feeling the same would only make things worse. My point is not to tell you which sayings or beliefs are good or bad. I am simply suggesting you reconsider doing or thinking things just because you always have done and thought that way in the past. Consciously, rethink what was previously your automatic thinking. Perhaps there are some of the “old ways” that you might benefit from letting go of or updating for who you are now. Perhaps there are even new ways you’d never considered before simply because you were too attached or stuck in old way habits.

I remember a story I heard a while back that’s a great example of

doing things a certain way just because that’s how they were always done – Grandmother’s Ham. While there are various versions, it goes something like this:
A husband and his wife were in their kitchen. The husband was sitting in the kitchen while his wife was preparing a ham for dinner. The husband watched the wife cut off about one inch from either end of the ham. He asked why she cut the end off, saying “that’s a waste of good ham!” She said “that’s the way my mom prepared the ham.” The husband asked “why did your mom cut the ends off?” The wife didn’t know. Later, the wife called her mom to find out why she cut the ends of the ham off. Her mom said “because that was the way my mom prepared ham.”

The wife’s grandma passed away several years earlier, but her Grandpa was still living. She called her Grandpa and asked “Grandpa, why did Grandma cut the ends off of the ham?” He was silent as he thought for a moment. Then he replied, “so the ham could fit in the baking pan.”


Here is a beautiful excerpt from ~ “In order to birth a new world, you as a collective human race, are dying to the old one. There will be no 'going back' to normal. There will be only 'going forward', and it is a glorious reality you are moving towards, even in spite of all the birthing contractions you continue to witness.”

Art by Daniel Holeman

What am I going to do from this point? Almost every aspect of technology is working “different” for me than it is “supposed” to....or is it? Perhaps all those “break downs” are guiding me onto new paths. Perhaps even my previous goals/visions are being re-written into something grander that even I could have imagined. I am definitely open to new possibilities. Living in trust is really second nature to me now. And I am super grateful that I always know my very next best step. No doubt when you take care of yourself, trust God ~ the Universe, and act mindfully, you will know your very next best step too!


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Whatever is going on in my life, there are always more blessings than I can count in and around me. No doubt this is true for you too if you really look. I believe an Attitudeof Gratitude is one of the simplest but most profound practices that help make this world a better place. In that spirit, please feel my deep appreciation for your presence in my life. Whether up close and personal or perhaps simply reading my writing, we each help shape each other’s lives. Together we are creating a brighter future…..a wonderful new world!