Monday, June 7, 2010

My Beach!

The next door has indeed opened! While it is not yet “the” Spa Retreat, I ran through it as soon as it opened. I’d been looking for a house-sitting since making the decision to return to FL from CA in January. Had not seen anything or gotten any leads until May 24. A friend sent me a lead in Englewood. While I was a little unsure of the distance – note: my primary mode of transportation is my bicycle since I gave my car to my daughter in October not imagining I’d be needing one now – I felt I wanted to take some action in manifesting a shift. The gal was wonderful and her place lovely. I’m sure I was meant to meet her as she turned out to be quite an angel for me in kindness and referrals. Not 10 minutes after I arrived back to the place I was staying, my wonderful former husband called asking if I was interested in a situation on Casey Key. Casey Key? Duh, no brainer. It is my number one preferred location in FL!

Friends of ours, Ben and Rachel, own a darling little place on Casey Key called Harbor Lights Beach Resort. They were looking for someone to assist in caretaking the place. Yeah – I am now that someone and I get a room in exchange. I am literally across the street from my beach! The dock out back is on the intracoastal waterway. Amazing the size of some of the boats coming through there. Magnificent sunrises and sunsets grace the sky for me almost daily. Turtle season is here again so it’s fun to see where the mommy sea turtles (250-300 lbs) have crawled up and left their nests. Have seen numerous familiar dolphin friends and am so blessed to be engulfed in their powerful energy again! You’d love it here. If considering a trip to Florida in this area, check out .
Thank you Ben and Rachel. Thank you Lee. Thank you Universe for turning my baby steps into something huge. I knew this would be a magical birthday for me!

Constant Motions is a very personable fitness studio nearby where I used to teach when I lived in the area before. They’ve welcomed me again and I am thrilled to begin teaching classes there soon. Look them up . If you are local or visiting, contact me about how you can enhance your wellness with me there.

Stay tuned, the Spa Retreat may be starting sooner than later on a tiny scale…..