Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Que Sera Sera

Whatever will be, will be…. While the future is not always ours to see, we do have a lot of impact on what “will be” and on what we focus on.

The butterfly said to the sun, “They can’t stop talking about my transformation. I can only do it once in my lifetime. If only they knew, they can do it at any time and in countless ways.” ~Dodinsky~ I got this loving reminder from one of my beautiful SeaStars, Tania Marie’s blog http://taniamarieartist.wordpress.com/author/taniamarieartist/ . I do not know exactly what is in the future but I can make infinite choices in my NOW! So I am choosing to focus on as much beauty and delight in every moment…. Hearing the roar of ocean waves, inhaling the delicate scent of jasmine, allowing my heart to be melted by a baby’s smile, savoring the taste of rich, dark chocolate, being rushed by a new puppy wiggling up for some love, witnessing a glorious multi-colored sunset
over the sea….. In my world, like perhaps yours, many challenges arise. Situations abound that aren’t my preference and the unknowns of the future can take up precious space in my awareness. It is at those times I make a conscious choice to transform myself by shifting my attention to what delights me and what I am grateful for.

“Que sera, sera” also reflects my grasp of the Spanish language…Somewhat improper. A few folks may notice that the phrase and title of the popular 1956 song are not grammatically correct in Spanish, Italian or French. Years ago I started learning Spanish with a recorded program only to be told by a Spanish speaking individual that no one really speaks “like that”. I have found, first hand, while Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica and other countries all speak “Spanish”, they do not all speak the same language – so much so that “Spanish” speaking people from different countries don’t always understand each other! While I still play with a little Spanish here and there, I have postponed any more serious learning until it looks like I may be in a certain Spanish speaking country for an extended period of time. And why do I even bring this up? Because that particular song inspired this blog and almost all the places I have been guided to (aside from Florida and Hawaii) have been Spanish language countries. I still have a sense there will be a Spanish influence in my future and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

My recent travels have taken me to Ventura County, CA.

So many gifts were bestowed on me both directly and indirectly by my gracious hosts in Ventura. I was blessed with much quiet time which always helps me renew and remember powerfully. Since the beach was close by, I indulged daily – sometimes twice a day. While my dolphin friends seemed to hide from me most of my stay, they certainly made it up to me with a grand finale the day I left…putting on quite a show and interacting with me for over an hour. Of course, my interaction was from the shore as this is still California (and I wasn’t wearing a wetsuit). It was, however, unseasonably warm in general for the area while I was there which made it perfect most of the time for me. As with everywhere I go, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with several people in remarkable ways confirming the
“rightness” of where I was….when I was. I put myself in line for “whatever will be…..”. I aligned my choices with the infinite possibilities of the future to have the beautiful, touching, fun and surprising outcomes that I was fortunate to experience. Because of my choices, I was able to assist and contribute in so many ways I thoroughly enjoyed. Yet all this unfolded a little at a time. I didn’t know much in advance how anything would look. That’s how I go with the part– “the future’s not ours to see”.

I invite you to join me in dancing in the NOW, enjoying the moment as best as we possibly can and align ourselves with the outcomes we desire each and every moment! I am currently aligning myself with my next tropical journey
and, in the meantime, focus on all my blessings in the now. If you think you are ready for a bit of a shift in your life and would like some “out of the box” guidance, I am currently available for Telephone Wellness Coaching. This is a limited time offer (not like the hyped invented limited time offers to manipulate you into taking immediate action – it’s just the way it is) as my travels do not always accommodate the necessary communication. My commitment to you as a guide is paramount and you will get phenomenal results when we work/play together. For more details go to http://www.universalwellness.us/services/index.asp

I can never express my appreciation enough in words but my heart does an excellent job of swimming in gratitude for all of you, my supporters and Angels!!
Enjoy your journey this moment today and make the best of…whatever will be.