Friday, October 2, 2015

Things Are Not Always As They Seem!

My next grand adventure was precipitated by the fact I needed to be out of my apartment at the hotel (where I was previously staying) for a few hours due to pest control activity. So I embarked on one of my favorite occupations….moseying along Casey Key musing and reminiscing. In an almost trance-like state, I was about to turn on Blackburn Point to exit the Key when I saw the sign. “Open House”! On North Casey Key? Yes! So I continued north until I came upon “The Property”.

It was a magnificent 8.8 acre sanctuary with a few humble but cozy structures upon it. Definitely one of a kind – super unique to the area. It stretched from its 400 foot private beach to the intracoastal including a totally private lagoon. The agents inside welcomed me and loved my “picture” I painted for them of the spiritual retreat center. Walking the property felt so peaceful….almost sacred. As I approached the lagoon, a manatee suddenly surfaced forcefully expelling air as if in greeting. Since the agent with me hadn’t seen it, I requested an encore of the sizeable but gentle beast. He
immediately obliged then moved on. I envisioned all the different activities and uses of the various areas for people to come for personal transformation in serene nature. In presenting my vision, I immediately made it known that I personally did not have the means to purchase the property…..a mere 15 million. However, if everything lined up logically, I could recruit investors. A couple days later I get a phone call to meet with the listing agent. Delighted, I returned and learned more about the property. Reiterating my position regarding the finances and my wish to respect everyone’s time, I said one of the first things we need to determine before spending a lot of time and energy in this pursuit was if we could get it zoned for the intended use. The listing agent got in touch with the architect and got the ball rolling to find the answer. In the meantime, he said I was welcome to visit the property anytime and, if I wanted to access the buildings, to contact one of the other agents and she’d meet me to unlock them.

One day I visited the property with a potential investor. We took our sweet time exploring including going to the beach past the rocks were it opened up for miles. As we were walking, I got a very clear message in my head, “my car is being towed”. Not wanting to fuel that thought with energy or alarm my companion, I continued strolling back at the same speed. Sure enough, when we returned, the car was not there. Without going into all the details, things had lined up like the perfect storm for the incident to have happened. While this event surely was what most people would label “bad”, I was truly provided for every step of the sometimes inconvenient way. In the process of this incident, I realized there was way more to the story other than all 4 out of state sibling owners had decided this was a good time in the market to sell the place. 

A couple days later, on another investor friend’s advice, I visited the county clerk’s computer to peruse the public records. All sorts of sensational details revealed themselves to me in the process. The owner who paid my car’s “bail” had initiated legal action against his 3 siblings resulting in a court order to sell the place. So everyone didn’t really want to sell this history rich property that had been in the family at least 70 years. Now, even if the price was 2 million dollars, I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want to take a property from someone who didn’t want to offer it…..that’s just bad karma.

In addition to dreaming, I was also frequenting the property which, at the time I was referring to as The Sanctuary, to see how things and people around were “normally” - not on their best behavior. I didn’t give the whole juicy scoop about the towing incident but it revealed quite a bit about how people were around there normally. Another thing I discovered a couple days later was the tide. The water came up so high that I could not easily navigate the rocks to get to the open beach. Being closed in on that little beach…..well, now even 8.8 acres felt a little claustrophobic. I do realize $15,000,000 is a drop in the bucket for a few folks reading my blog. For me, it’s a lot of money – particularly when I would be potentially the steward of other peoples’ money being invested. I wanted to familiarize myself with the property and possibilities from all angles. 

Clearly, the towing incident and the high tides, which coincided at a similar time, showed me that it was time to wrap up this possibility. It was also an oddly wrapped powerful gift saving me much time, money and energy on something not meant to be. Looking back on the weeks I was there, I was living the dream. Being there daily, once or two times, I got to witness nature at different times of the day. Everywhere I’d look was postcard worthy. I was experiencing the retreat as if it were currently in existence!

So here’s echoing my previous post. I continue living my dreams as most live their worries. Years ago, I used to be a little disappointed when things didn’t happen as I imagined they could. Now, it’s like reading a book or watching a movie with an ending not so desired. One might think, “I’d had written that differently”, and then simply move on with their life. So that’s where I am, calling out to the Universe a confident “Next!”

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