Sunday, September 8, 2019

Angels and Villains

So many significant, moving and wonderful things are occurring in life. It is difficult to decide which would be most helpful to share and uplift. At the same time, remembering it must be kept short and sweet for folks even to have the time and energy to take it in.

A very special Lady in my life went HOME at the end of August. It felt a bit magical that I was just thinking about her strongly hours before. Even fb posted something on death with her in my mind before I heard the news. The stories of other joyful synchronicities surrounding her passing comforted and warmed my heart as it did for others close to her. Fly free Dear Angel. Thank you for your love and happiness that surrounds us......until we meet again 💜

More furbabies brightened my life that I was privileged to care for while their people traveled. They don’t warm up to everyone so I was super grateful as we got closer with each passing day…to the point they didn’t want me to leave. Notice tails a-blur in the last pic anticipating treats 😊 So blessed!

Are you the kind of person that decorates to the hilt for every holiday and special occasion? I was until I unexpectedly began my gypsea journey. If you are, Spirits of the Sea are the perfect unique trim to add to your Halloween collection. Or possibly your celebration of Dia de los Muertos. As you can see, these Ghosts of the Sea shells are each one of a kind. $2 each or 10 for a mere $10. Add a phantom presence by illuminating them from behind with tiny white lights or tea candles or display as you choose.  

While admittedly partial to Dolphins, I am not thrilled with the bad rap Sharks get. Other natural predators aren’t vilified for the way they live, so why these sea beauties? But even “villains” aren’t all evil - although it sometimes takes a master to realize such. For example, Ursula, the Sea Witch. She is self-assured and comfortable in her own skin. Although someone else played a great part in putting this hellion in her sad position, she isn’t satisfied just to stay there but takes action toward her goals. A sense of humor. outstanding voice and doing things different from the crowd also add to her admirable qualities. With Ursula in mind, we offer the Sea Witch Tiara – a thing of dark beauty.

And now, the moment you have awaited with bated breath has arrived. The Winner of the Shark Tooth Contest is (drum roll please)….Kelli Mathisen! Thank you Kelli for all your support of Gifts From the Sea and Other Treasures. We hope you enjoy your impressive fossilized shark tooth prize. Thanks also going out to everyone who participated in our contest and help us spread the word about Gifts From the Sea and Other Treasures!

Opposite of the mega sized tooth, we have a shark toothy tiny frame art. Occasionally, when trying something new, it doesn’t always turn out as planned. Since we feel this is slightly imperfect, here is your opportunity to snatch this treasure up at a sharp discount. Usually our tiny frame art singles are surprisingly only $15. Get this tiny framed tooth shark for a mere $10 plus s+h.

Thank you, dear reader, for being one of the bright angels in my life. It is an incredible journey of ups and downs made more joyful by the energy you impart. Let’s overcome the villains in our lives by noticing the angels around us including the ones we ourselves ARE!