Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Journey Is The Destination!

From an outsider’s perspective, it would seem like I have gotten myself in the “same” situation time and time again - a situation where I have poured my hard work, passion, expertise, wisdom and connections into an agreement and then not been appreciated for it. Some cases exhibited not only a lack of appreciation but were almost abusive. Mind you, I check in with my Higher Guidance regularly and am never a victim. I always know the exact next step at the time that is best for me to take. There may be chaos around me and, for the most part, I am the Eye of the Storm.

If you read my previous blog post, you are probably already guessing that the double hotel thing didn’t work out as anticipated. And you’d be right. Finally after meeting with the second owner of the hotel I was staying, things became clear. I was overqualified for what they wanted there and it was never going to be what the initial owner I was dealing with dreamed it would be. Since I had signed on for a vision that was no longer viable, we amicably parted ways.

In the society of most people reading this post, the negativity is
what is focused on. And it looks like, “Whoops I’ve Done It Again!” However, more often than any less desirable condition, I am blessed with “situations” in which I experience more miraculous happenings than the average person. Basically I realize that the “Destination” is in each and every NOW moment I am in. In every NOW, I have free will to look up at the rainbow or down in the mud. In every NOW, I make a choice to have a certain experience that others may or may not be aware of just evaluating appearances from the outside. We came here into this existence to live each pregnant NOW as best and fully as we possibly can thus making each NOW the destination.

Thankfully, I was welcomed by my new friend Elizabeth who had not taken in a new tenant since I
initially visited her with the possibility of renting upon my arrival to Florida. Guess it was meant to be. She graciously received me into her beautiful home. It’s so nice to have my private space including bedroom,
hallway, bathroom (with bathtub!) and separate entrance. Of course, I have access to “common areas” like the kitchen, living room, dining area, patio and lovely yard right next to the lake. My area is decorated with shells, occasional turtles and feel good colors for me.

I now am living the excitement of my next adventure or, better stated, current adventure. It is a long shot…..odds of it coming to fruition are like that of winning the lottery – yet it is possible. I am enthusiastically living escapades that may or may not actually materialize in this life like most others
live their worries. “Civilized” people worry about getting into an accident or catching some disease or bad things happening to their loved ones or a gazillion other scenarios that never actually happen. What does happen, however, is they live like it did happen which manifests itself in stress, ulcers, migraines, cancer and more. I enjoy living my dreams daily. Some folks say I’m not being realistic or facing reality. Guess what? Our NOW reality is what each and every one of us make it by what we focus on. No thank you. I don’t want to live in their worrisome “reality”. I choose joy. I
choose magic. I choose peace. I choose happiness. 

I was going to wait to put this out until I was ready to share more about my Lottery Dream Opportunity but am being inspired to share this teaser with you NOW. 

What do YOU choose today? What do YOU choose right NOW?

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