Sunday, November 9, 2014

The “T” Word

After my daughter’s wedding in August, I had no clue what was next. I was totally operating on what a Soul Sister and I refer to as the “T” word. Friends of my blog know I have referred to this before….T standing for Trust. For the most part, I am becoming somewhat of a master in knowing what step I should take next and trusting in the Universe that step is always in the perfect direction. The perfect direction, that is, for my highest good and that of all I encounter. It may not always
appear that way to my human self or others but sometimes God operates in mysterious ways. During this time, I got to see a few wonderful friends and previous clients as well. I was blessed to enjoy time with my family too. Among other joys, this was the greatest Halloween for me with my precious
kids since they were young. Even I dressed up for the occasion as tenacious Princess Leia – perfectly outfitted by my daughter down to the cinnamon bun wig and attending my son’s pumpkin carving and Halloween parties.

Among the situations I encountered, writing came up in a number of ways for me. The future will show if I am to pursue any of them. Travel writing may be one avenue for me. I would like to develop my blog a bit more as well. In the past I have put it out there, but am doing so again as it keeps showing up. I am looking for someone with excellent web design skills who will help me put together a blog similar to my friend Nora, The Professional Hobo , whom I admire greatly for many reasons. I am great at writing content but don’t have the time or desire to do the design or other techy stuff required for this to be successful. While I do enjoy and will continue to provide services and goods in trade, this kind of website would enable me to make some money for the needs I have in this life that still require it. This evolved tech expert would be willing to donate, trade or generously discount his/her work if interested. Any leads toward this end are greatly appreciated.

Speaking about God/Goddess operating in mysterious ways…..I have been researching numerous locations in different countries for various prospects over a decade now. My inspired Tropical Dolphin Retreat pushed me to start looking for appropriate locations, possible opportunities for me to partner or learn what I’d need to proceed or places to care-take to assist me in such. It is just wild that, after all these years and research, I’d just now come across 2 websites (that have been around for years) that would initiate the next chapter of my journey – and . Within weeks, I found the websites, joined and, with the aid of my Angels, was off to my next destination. Here’s a tease about where that is…..a snippet of what my current host posted on one of the sites: Beachfront hotel in need of 2 to 4 helpers to cook, wait tables and maintain the restaurant, clean guest rooms, clean up beachfront and hotel grounds, water plants, tend to the bar, check guests in and out, etc. We also have 13 hectares about 45 minutes away by car that we are turning into a permaculture food forest and we need workers to help with planting, water and energy systems, and the construction of housing on the property.

So here I swing in a tasseled hammock, palm fronds waving in the salty breeze above me, listening to
the constant lullaby of the sea……
Life is but a dream and Trust sure helps to make it a delightful one!