Wednesday, August 28, 2013


For years I have been remembering my spiritual powers more and more as well as invited situations in which I may continue to grow.  In the past I was a master of communication.  My phone calls and e-mails were answered, for the most part, within 24 hours.  In the event I couldn’t, I left a message stating such and had auto responders giving people a heads up.  Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments where acknowledged in a timely manner with cards, e-notes and gifts.  Through my company, Universal Wellness (previously known as Fit Bodies), I sent out regular newsletters and e-mail updates.   I checked in on “my people” regularly, tooted my horn and marketed my business offerings at dozens of meetings every month as well as expanding my network through charity and community service.  I lectured, presented and taught various health related classes.

As the years continued, my “previous life” has gradually been dismantled.  The first dramatic change took place in 2006 when I moved to Florida.  I let go of my in person) personal training business which previously made up the majority of my California “practice”.  In Florida, I continued Telephone Wellness Coaching, teaching group exercise classes and offering the nutritional support system I feel good about, Juice Plus.  The next significant shift happened in 2009 when my marriage, my house and my car removed themselves from my existence.  I was headed for a new life in Panama which would obviously drastically reduce my communication abilities.  In 2010, it became clear that my anticipated plans in Panama weren’t “panning” out and my gypsy journey was in full swing.  My life can be viewed in 2 ways….I am officially homeless OR everywhere I go is my home.  I prefer the latter.

I believed I would have by now a Spa Retreat by the Sea….a refreshing location the people could come for respite from their daily routines and for inspiring renewal.  Whether or not that location will appear in this existence of mine, I am now not sure.  It appears that I am the traveling retreat experience now.  I am taking the respite and renewal in very untraditional ways to the people I encounter in my travels.  Sometimes they are aware of it and sometimes not.  This is definitely not a traditionally “paid” job.  My pay is in the beauty of nature, my adventurous experiences and the kindness of the people in my path.  It has definitely been a humbling experience for me, so used to paying my way the usual way, to be supported by others who see the benefit of what I am doing.  Again, I acknowledge each and every one of my benefactors, from my family and friends to strangers on the street.  While still humbling, it is an exquisite delight to be able to see the light in people in ways I personally have not before.  The farther I get off the beaten path, the more I remember, the more I know!

Speaking of off the beaten path and lack of
communication….recently I had the longest experience of such which I take as an official transition the next level of my life.  I was in Panama for almost 2 months.  Due to computer issues, I was without communication for almost the entire time.  It felt like a mixed blessing.  Part of me kept trying to figure out how to get connected to technology to keep up with my communication.  The other part of me delighted in the whole new world of attention to the necessities of the moment and full appreciation of the Nature I was in.  This took my living in the moment to an even higher level.

Now, in this moment, I am not even able to offer my 6 week Telephone Wellness Coaching as I don’t know if I will be in an area at an appointed time with the ability of connecting by phone.  I still do occasional coaching sessions under the guise of “catching up” but not many formal scheduled coaching calls.  The only thing I am promoting in exchange money is Juice Plus and the Tower Garden.  These things are handled by others mostly so I feel sure my clients will get excellent service whether I am available or not.
I have officially come to the conclusion I will never completely catch up – something I learned when I tried to wade through something like 3000 emails and continue taking care of my task at hand.  My current mission has me on my toes almost 24/7.  It is a challenge, a pleasure and a amazing dance ever spiraling me to higher and higher levels of existence and awareness.  I welcome and greet anyone on this journey with me.  Yes, you know full well who you are…whether we communicate in the physical (phone, email etc) or via telepathy….we are the change we wish to see in this world!  Thank you for all your gifts and energy you bring to this magnificent banquet of life!