Wednesday, November 28, 2018

My Gypsea Life

Often the word “gypsy” conjures up images of colorfully clad nomads dancing to lively music, reading futures and possibly even conning money from unsuspecting people. Some gypsies may do that but it’s just too much of a generalization for the various kinds of nomads out there today. Most people can’t fathom how I live. When someone has a house, a job, a car, a smartphone……it’s hard to compute peoples’ lives who do not. No complaint, just wanting to clarify as I’ve had many "situations" with folks due to misunderstandings regarding their expectations…in a “normal” world.

As a Gypsea (not a typo but a spelling I have adopted for obvious reasons), I don’t know how long I will be in a particular area. And, even though I may know people there, I don’t always announce myself as I am unable to meet with everyone. Sometimes people find out I’m in town, or was in town, and get offended because we didn’t get together. What they don't realize is I am busy helping wherever I am, busy figuring out what’s next in my unpredictable life, busy working on maintaining my own life-balance. If we are meant to meet in person, it will, and does, flow peacefully.

Being more technologically challenged than most, I do the best I can at staying connected. Surprising to many, I could easily be a recluse but, for now, it feels appropriate for me to keep in touch via human words.

I am generally not tethered to technology, like the masses, and email is currently my best means of communication. Unlike others on facebook (and other social media platforms), my goal is not to get my numbers of friends high just for a massive number but to have quality connections. Interestingly, I had almost 20 facebook friends who transitioned to their next life. I kept them in my friend list for years as it almost felt blasphemous to “unfriend” them. The realization came that it was time to let go. I thought of every one of them tenderly having a beautiful few moments of communion with each as I removed the earthly fb link I had with them that we both no longer need. They will always remain in my heart.

Since I don’t have a smartphone, certain interactions people want me to have with them are not possible such as Instagram, snapchat, whatsapp and the like. Many earth angels have offered to provide me a smartphone – some even with service! It is my choice, at this time, not to have one thank you 😊

From a social media standpoint, facebook has been the easiest for me to connect with people although it has acquired quite a few not so helpful features. I used to get email notifications every time someone commented within the parameters I created in my settings. The messages were all spelled out in the email – meaning I could read them offline as I am not always on the internet like most. I could even compose an email offline to that person if a response was fitting which I could do a quick email send/receive if I only had brief internet access. The most challenging fb issue being that now I have to log onto Messenger to read the messages that used to be complete in my email. To add insult to injury, when I click the link from the email about a new message in Messenger, it doesn’t even show up so I have to open a complete new window anyway to read it.

Occasionally, I post to linkedin, pinterest, twitter and G+ but it is humanly impossible for me to thoughtfully keep up with any of those. Probably the main reason I post to those platforms is to share things for my friends that I think would be valuable to and appreciated by others.

A fairly new social media platform, MeWe, appears to show promise. There are no ads and they seem to respect members' privacy much more. Click here if you wish to check it out or join me there.

The concept of freely giving is something I have shared about in many of my previous blog posts – one being ALOHA Land 
Consider a new way of living - Free World One. I hope someday you'll join us. Then the world will live as ONE!!

Another giving/exchange platform I’d like to see grow is Simbi - mentioned also in past blog I AM HOME.

With any format, whether email or any social platforms, it is not predictable as to if I am in a position to respond. This could be hours, days, weeks or months depending on living conditions, time, and technology availability.

The way I see it; True Friends are a special breed. They understand life varies for infinite reasons on all sides. They are the ones that could go for months, years or even a lifetime without apparent contact. Then, when we do communicate again, we simply pick up where we left off…..

Sometimes Gypseas do sell things…especially with an ocean flair! Are you looking for a one of a kind holiday gift? Something for your favorite Mermaid/Merman? Something for yourself? You might be able to cover one or all bases at Gifts From The Sea and Other Treasures,  a Mother – Daughter (ad)venture.

Thank you all for BEing in my life. Together, with all our differences and similarities, we make this world a brighter place!!