Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blog Taking A Hiatus

Greetings Dear Family and Friends!

Time and space are whirling and continuing to fly by at rapid speeds. Life is happening in ways that make no sense to some (including me at times)! Of course our Higher Selves always have a clue and just dance along the magical mystery journey. Because of this, I have been guided to take a hiatus from announcing my journey’s breaking news to the world for a “time”. If you haven't got all the juice up to now, I invite you to investigate earlier blog entries for your entertainment and possible upliftment.

I am still offering Telephone Wellness Coaching. If you life seems to be deviating from all you have previously know and would like some guidance moving through the changes gracefully, this might be for you!

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If you know me personally and would like to check in, I welcome your e-mail to catch up

While I may appear quiet for a while, be assured I carry you all in my heart and have a delightful exchange with you daily. Words are not adequate to express my appreciation for all your love and support! See you in the etheric realms for a while……..

Namaste ~ Michelle