Saturday, May 20, 2017


If you’ve been reading my musings for any amount of time, you already know I don’t fit into the “average person” mold. And if you didn’t realize that already, this post will wipe away any shadow of a doubt.

Many people close to me have been aware for some time now that I had been homesick. Immediately this concept would conjure up many “normal” ideas considering my unique circumstances. However, unless you know me more intimately, you wouldn’t realize the place or state I longed for was not even on this beautiful Planet. For decades of this human experience, I have caught glimpses – snippets of places I was before this lifetime. While some of those experiences were in physical places, many reflected a state of Be-ing….connectedness to All that Is. Often, as I noticed so many things “here” that weren’t to my particular liking, I’d long for the pure bliss of Home.

The closest physical feeling of Home in this world was back in 2005. It was my first time stepping foot on Casey Key in Florida. Suddenly I was in this vortex of energy……same place different time. I don’t know if I was a Native American Indian living there prior or such. But, in that moment, I knew what the rest of the Key looked like even though, as my current self, I’d not been there before. There was only pristine land undiminished by houses and humans dominating great areas as today. I don’t even know what it was called then but definitely not Casey Key. It felt so comfortable, so right and even an exhilarating sense of, “I’m Back!” No wonder the magnetic pull over and over all these years since.

This past April brought another breakthrough, an a-ha moment…..Satori. I’ll rewind a bit to convey the bigger picture. For years, I have been living mostly by trade and have been part of a quickly growing wave across the globe of exchanging goods and services again instead of money. While money may be a more convenient medium of exchange for most folks, many are now experiencing the benefits of a more personal exchange.

As time goes on, I make more and more friends who also wish to live increasingly by trade or giving freely. One of these friends stands out as a great pioneer in this movement, Colin Turner. He has authored 2 books in promotion of such. F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man is a fictional portrayal of how Iceland took the lead in a free world way of community living and giving. His second is Into The Open Economy: How Everything You Know About The World Is About To Change The description: A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY? No longer a futurist utopian dream, a money-free world of true abundance, peace and fulfilment is attainable today. Find out why we need it, how it will work, why it will work, and how we get there. This book is your bite-size guide to the Open Economy. Colin has further walked his talk by laying the groundwork for a virtual community where goods and services can be exchanged FREELY! It will be functional and ready to use this summer. In the meantime, you can register today to be part of this kinship FREEWORLDER

While being a part of heralding the exciting Freeworlder campaign, I was introduced to
another trade community, SIMBI. The main difference between the two is that Freeworlder is just that, where folks give freely what they have and wish to share. Simbi is people trading in a symbiotic relationship. The unit of exchange is called a simbi which is whatever each individual deems it is worth. In addition, there is the opportunity to directly trade for goods/services as opposed to paying or being paid in simbi. Occasionally you can also find people “paying it forward”. Since this group was already active, I opted to join back in February. For the most part, I’ve have excellent dealings and exchanges with individuals there and encourage you to check it out if you find this concept intriguing.

It was due to one of these bright interactions this blog post came to be. A sweet gal, Windi Braden, took me up on my “service” as I invite people to travel virtually with me via my blog. So I decided to check out her profile. No surprise we have quite a bit in common from a spiritual and idealistic standpoint. Among her various other services, Windi offered “Ask An Intuitive”. Over the past few decades I have had a number of varied “readings”. These ran the gamut of being totally off from my reality, to information I was already completely aware of, to obviously bogus, to being so general they could apply to anyone. At that point, I didn’t have much faith in “readings” for me although I knew numerous individuals could intuit things….and quite well. Since the message came to me so many times to get a reading from Windi, I finally allowed myself to go for it. At worst, it would be entertaining. When I received her written reading, tears and goosebumps (aka truthbumps) punctuated the information over and over as I resonated deeply with so many aspects of the message. It wasn’t just one powerful part but many different portions that rang intensely true.

So back to the title of this post, “I AM HOME”. Remember all the homesickness? Almost instantaneously as I absorbed Windi’s wisdom a transformation occurred….or rather, a deep remembering. My peace intensified with the knowing, I AM HOME. Not I am in a location that is home but it is a state of Be-ing that I AM - akin to saying I AM LOVE. Some of you reading this are ready for that feeling to dawn upon YOU Now. No words can adequately express this realization, the Knowing, the Peace. It would be a great honor for me to help trigger even the slightest stirrings of this awareness for you now. If you care to pursue this more, feel free to email me

I must share with you that Windi, from a human
standpoint, knew very little about me and had only read a fraction of my blog at that time. Among other revelations, she stated that I am being called to the Hawaiian Islands and it would behoove me to look for a work trade there. I am to be refueled by Pele and immerse myself in the Mother’s waters…with the dolphins too of course! And, after that, possibly the South Pacific. I've visited Hawaii about six times. Although I experienced magnificent splendor, I thought I was complete with Hawaii/Lemuria. However, as I took in her words, this directive rang true for me. So I sent a message to about 40 of my Hawaii connections. A few warm leads are bubbling but nothing certain yet.
If you have any ideas/suggestions for me regarding finding a work exchange, I’d love to hear. I’m open to any island that would be a win win for all involved. Preferably I am interested in a place where I can walk/bike to a beach. There are numerous ways I can assist including fitness consulting, spiritual guidance, pregnant/new mama helper, childcare, hospitality and more.

Aloha and Mahalo!