Monday, April 18, 2016

Have Courage and Be Kind

Originally I entitled this blog post, “Dark Night of the Soul”. As time went by, and I slowly began to reclaim my power, I shifted my focus more on one of the phrases that helped me make it through. “Have Courage and Be Kind” might be recognized by other fairy tale aficionados. Fairy tales have been key in my life since, at very young age, I laid eager little hands on my first enchanted book. A myriad of reasons drew me into the world of fantasy. One might observe that fairy tales have as much dark in them as light. Hmmm…..that is
kind of like life. There is Light and Dark all around. We choose which to focus on and also which we wish to create more of – either consciously or unconsciously. Magic also drew me into tales lending to elements most everyday people don’t believe in, much less access. For me, there was more truth and joy in the enchanting stories I got lost in than what people presented as truth. Interestingly, many of the things that folks attributed to vivid imaginations are being “proved” today by “modern” science and countless people sharing their own experiences. Still, for those of us with “unusual” awareness, science can be painfully slow.

So……how many times is it necessary for this human to experience a “Dark Night of the Soul” until a full awakening? Perhaps the answer is in the question. As many times as it takes until a full awakening. If you are interested in looking in to this experience further, Gregg Prescott presents an interesting article "What to Remember When Facing the Dark Night of the Soul"

Encountering the snow and cold as you read in my previous post LET IT GO wasn’t the only experience I totally wasn’t anticipating…..

While I thought I was also past this, some small part of me must have still been exuding somewhat of a victim vibe. As many of you know, the energies we put out are matched with those that share resonance. So, inevitably, I managed unwittingly to attract someone who would accommodate my subconscious victim call. This was no Beauty and the Beast story as I had no clue of what I was about
to encounter. Feeling a false sense of safety, I confided my private information and some very deep things including personal woundings from my past, to that individual, allowing myself to be extremely vulnerable. Instead of protecting that trust, the truth of what I shared was completely twisted and used repeatedly as ammunition against me. Over the months, I had semi-consciously permitted myself to be weakened both physically and emotionally. Thoughts of Prince Hans and King Stefan swirl through my mind repeatedly....

Somehow, I have attracted this Jekyll and Hyde situation a number of times in my life. So, whatever it is in me that was calling that, I am so ready to release it. Like the feelings that no longer served me in my previous blog post, it’s time to Let It Go!

Hear Elsa’s voice in Frozen singing determined…. “Funny how some distance makes everything seem small. And the things that bothered me can’t get to me at all. Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know…….” What was I concealing? I was beginning to conceal my magnificence. In the process, I had to a certain extent not feel to have any sense that any of this was alright at all. Constantly second guessing myself, I was getting to the point I no longer even trusted my own intuition. Finally, I was able to make some distance from this dark situation physically.
It took weeks of cocooning in safe loving refuges to put the necessary distance emotionally and spiritually though. I am starting to feel more like my authentic magnificent self every day and can, once again, courageously declare….. “You have no power over me!” Yet one more situation transcended by the Light!

Are you living in your magnificent authenticity? Are the people surrounding you supportive and reflective of your own bright light? Are you being who you truly are or someone you feel you need to be for others? As someone able to see many angles of this human existence, perhaps I can guide you to a higher, more genuine way of living. If this stirs something deep inside you, with hopes of more fulfilling possibilities, perhaps Wellness Coaching via Phone is for you. If so, I look forward to your email and would be honored to serve you.

I have now reached the place again of clarity and remembrance of contracts made before arriving on planet earth. In this knowing, I am extremely grateful for all who have played their unique parts so perfectly thus far in my life.
Walking through both the Dark and Light has enabled me to reach a more profound level of BEING than ever. The world continues to brightly transform through the eyes and heart of deep compassion and loving kindness. A huge thank you especially to all you Earth Angels who have lovingly supported me through this experience. Waves of appreciation, also, to all my Mermaid, Dolphin and Fairy Friends.