Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tropical Update

Hola Mi Amigos! Thanks for taking the time to care and check in on the evolution of a dream or, better stated, a calling. Some of you know I have been patiently (ok, not always so patiently) walking through the doors of my life as they present. Many of them make no more sense to me than they do to you. I just trust the Universe to guide me one day at a time – sometimes one moment at a time.

Thanks again to the kindness of earth angels, I was able to take another exploratory adventure in Panama. As with most adventures, it was wrought with the gamut of emotions, ups and downs. The number of possibilities ran as high as the emotions. At the moment I am playing with research about sustainable living – off the grid. Any tips or resources in this area are appreciated. Also, if anyone is interested in donating a Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish Language course, my arms are open to receive it J After 3 years, I’d still not do very well on the street and you can only imagine how I’d do by boat!

Those who know me on a personal level remember to shoot me and e-mail and let me know you saw this news tidbit.

Until next time, wishing you the best…..Hasta Luego ~ Michelle